I was brought up by parents who were not impressed by the idea of interracial sex – I’ve never been sure whether this was a general thing or just that they didn’t like the idea of their only daughter being impaled on a blackman’s shaft though they never objected when my brother brought home a dusky girl.

I don’t want to sound like some kind of mad racist but the idea of a black boy doing anything with me grossed me out completely… until one day when it didn’t!  I don’t know what changed or why but I was suddenly interested in the idea of being with a black man.

I’d always steered clear of the interracial section of porn sites (not that I was ever a regular porn addict), preferring more normal things like dwarf porn (haha I’m kidding… aren’t I?) but I found myself curious and one day when I was alone in David’s home office I couldn’t resist clicking on a link and from that moment I knew I had to find a black dick.  This was awkward since I was 16 years old and seeing David at the time – I’m not sure of the dates but I think we’d been together about three months and I’d given him my virginity about two months earlier.  We were very much loved up but I just really really wanted to find out what a black cock would be like.

I remember getting more and more wound up as the days dragged by and even though David was fucking me multiple times a day I still wanted more.

After a few days I hit upon a plan – it made me a little scared but then the whole idea of going with a black man scared me.  I had a friend at school called Abuubakar – we called him Baks – he was Somalian, boisterous and usually up for fun.  He was 18 already in Year 13, the final year of 6th form; I knew he fancied me and he was black.

We were both studying psychology, although he was obviously in a different class, but we got talking and I suggested we study together at my house.  My parents would be out all night at one of my dad’s work parties, my brother was staying at a friends and David was away for the week on business, so it was the perfect chance.

I love sexy red lingerie

Baks walked back with me after school, we got in and I made us drinks and told him to relax.  There was some talk about school and some studying.  After half an hour I excused myself saying I had to run upstairs for something.  I was so nervous – even thinking about it now has set my heart racing just like it did back then – I got into my bedroom and pulled my clothes off.  I’d decided the night before to put on some sexy underwear, so I did.  Red lacy bra, matching red suspender belt and black stockings (never could find red ones) then put my matching red knickers on over the top of the stockings.  BTW that’s an important tip if you plan on wearing lingerie and having a man take your panties off – put them on last so he doesn’t need to fiddle with your stockings midway through.  David had taught me a lot already!!

I checked myself out in the mirror and, to be honest, I had second thoughts – what if he hated it?  Did I look too slutty?  Maybe I wasn’t slutty enough.  I was sooo nervous.

“Baks,” I called out.  I was so nervous I doubted he could have heard so I tried again, “Baks”.
He heard me, “you okay?” He asked.
“Come up here, I want to show you something.”

I heard his footsteps on the stairs, “in here,” I said as he reached the top.  At the top of our stairs you were facing a room that led on to my bedroom – it was a weird layout but he came in and saw me.  His jaw nearly hit the floor.  I took his hands in mine and gently led him through the room and into my bedroom where I closed the door.

“I’ve had enough studying for today,” I whispered in my best sexy voice.
“You’ve got a boyfriend,” Baks stammered.  He’d never struck me as the sort of guy who’d be bothered by that.
“So?”  I cooed biting my lip and trying to look and sound alluring.  “He’s away.  You’re here.  And,” I paused to give him a smile but then found myself on tip toes reaching my mouth up to kiss his lips.  “I want you so bad,” I finished.

He didn’t need to be told a second time.  He stooped down to kiss me, one hand on my back the other quickly found its way inside the cup of my bra to my breast while I stroked his dick to life through his jeans.  It turned out Baks was a quick worker – before I knew it my bra was on the floor, his top was off and I was fumbling with his jeans.  I undid them and helped pull them and his boxers down leaving him naked and me in just stockings, suspender belt & knickers.

We laid on my bed, a small group of teddy bears watched us play with each others bodies.  I spotted one bear that David had given me – I threw that across the room, feeling a little guilty as I did.

Two of Baks fingers were inside me – he had big fingers.  It felt good and I was so wet by this point.  He slipped my knickers off and climbed between my legs.  I remember looking down the length of my body and seeing his hard black cock between my legs.  It looked good though it was nowhere near as big as David’s dick.  I was thinking about it and, just in time, realised he was about to put that thing inside me.  “Condom,” I said reaching into my bedside draw and pulling one out.  My mum had bought them for me when I turned 16 and she’d given me the talk about being safe and careful with boys.  David refused to wear one when he fucked me so they’d remained unused.  Baks wasn’t happy either, “do I have to?” He asked sulkily.  He was leaning over me, his knees between my legs pressing my thighs apart, his hands either side of my head and his face directly above mine – I was his now anyway, I could say what I liked but there was nothing I could do to physically stop him now.  I nodded to say, “yes,” but at that moment he rubbed his cock against me.  Gently over my lips and pressed it more or less into my clit.  It felt good and I couldn’t help closing my eyes, biting my lip and murmuring.  “Are you sure?” He asked doing it again.
“Yes,” I said but I didn’t even sound convinced to myself.


He took both my hands and pinned them above my head in one of his.  His other hand held my face so I couldn’t look away from him.  He kissed me, his tongue in my mouth.  “No, you don’t mean it,” Baks told me.

Baks big black cock entered me unprotected.  I didn’t complain.  I’d thrown myself at him and he’d shown me he was the boss even if I was somebody else’s girl and even if this was my bedroom.  Dominant boy’s turn me on… a lot!

I was still pinned down by him but that was fine.  His free hand explored me as his hips drove his black cock deep into my pink pussy.  I’d only had sex with David before and Baks wasn’t nearly as big.  It felt a little odd that he wasn’t deeper inside me – I think I may have been moaning for him to go deeper, which was a little unfair as I do remember his balls slapping me on the bum a couple of times.  I lifted my legs around his hips and felt him slip a little deeper.  I wanted to look down and see his cock disappearing into me but I couldn’t get my arms free and anyway Baks chest was pretty much pinning my face down.

The fucking didn’t last a super long time but it was pretty good.  We came almost at the same time – in fact I think he came first and feeling him explode inside me was just enough to push me over the edge.

We lay next to each other catching our breath.  His hand stroking slowly across my boobs and belly, mine holding his still hard, but shrinking and sticky cock.

I could feel his mess inside me about to leak out.  I stood up.  It leaked out and started to run down my leg toward the top of my stocking.  “I need a shower,” I told Baks.
“‘k”, he replied not moving.
“So do you, come on.”

I had to pull him off the bed – that boy liked to sleep after fucking.  We upstairs to my parents room and into their shower room.  It’s a big wet room, a big shower head built into the ceiling that when turned on fully makes it rain across the back half of the room.  There are shower head attachments built into the wall as well.  Baks helped me out of my stockings and suspender belt.  I imagined my dad’s reaction if he came home and found me naked in his bathroom with this tall, cute, black boy.  I wondered what he’d do if he knew this naked boy had just fucked his daughter on her bed among all the teddy bears he bought when I was a child.  I locked the door.

Turning on the shower, Baks was impressed.  My parents spent a lot of money on that wet room – it’s hard not to be impressed by it the first time you see it.  I led him into the rain and giggled as we pressed our naked bodies together while he kissed.  I picked up some shower gel and rubbed it into Baks chest.  The top of my head doesn’t even come up to his shoulder so I was reaching up to rub the gel into him.  I diverted my attention south, over his belly, down the V and to his cock and balls.  His hands held my shoulders, I looked up at his face while my hands massaged the gel into his cock and I felt it grown bigger again.

Shower sex

Reaching for the nearest shower attachment, I sprayed him down taking all the bubbles from his body.  Baks was hard and wet and I was ready.  I handed him the shower hose and knelt down.  The water was still falling on us both as I took his erect cock in my mouth and began gently sucking on it.  Just the tip to begin with, while I wanked him with my right hand.  Then a little deeper.  A little deeper still, taking him as far into my mouth as I could then slipping him almost all the way out so I could gently caress the head of his cock with my tongue, swirling it around before plunging that black cock to the back of my mouth again.  I couldn’t take it all but I think I did a pretty good job. I don’t think it took me very long to get him cumming and when he did, I swallowed it all then licked his dick clean like a good girl… though I admit it was pretty easy since we were in the shower.

I stood up and Baks pushed me against the wall.  He still had the shower head in his hand, “spread your legs,” he instructed.  I obeyed.  He moved the shower head between my legs and used it to massage my clit.  It felt nice but it wasn’t great.  I tried helping him reposition it but it just wasn’t working for me.  He used his fingers instead – that felt good. Then it was Baks turn to kneel down. He ate my pussy while I stood against the wall.  The first time I’d been eaten out while standing up.  It was awkward at first but then really good.  He has a very talented tongue.  My legs were trembling, partly from holding me up but mostly because I was so close to climax that they just wanted to relax and enjoy the ride with the rest of my body.  I came and somehow managed to stay on my feet – I’ve no idea how.  I wanted to scream… I probably did, I remember spitting out some water as I came.  That position made the orgasm so intense.

I’d like to tell you that he was hard again after eating me out and that he spun me around and fucked me from behind but, sadly, that’s not what happened.  It was getting late, so we just got dry, got dressed and he went home.  I went to answer the text messages David had sent me.


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