Sunday’s have to be one of the most boring days in the week. The shops shut earlier, nothing is happening – they’re just dull. This Sunday I spent most of the day in bed and it was much better than usual.

We spent the morning painting our spare room (I say ours, we live together but its his house and I stay rent free ’cause he loves me) a cute shade of light pink. I’m not so keen on doing the dirty stuff like sanding walls or whatever but I quite like putting paint on things – something relaxing about focusing on the paint brush, making sure you get a neat line, or using a roller on a big wall and watching as it changes colour.

Totes me in our spare room… definitely not a mock up

The first time we painted a room I had to pick some old clothes to wear that I didn’t mind being ruined, but I couldn’t do that to any of my clothes. After half an hour the only things I was willing to part with was some old bras and knickers, so I wore them. Now whenever I do anything messy I just wear a old bra and knickers! This goes down very well with Richard who seems to find it both amusing and sexy.

So, on Sunday, we painted the spare room walls and finished about lunch time. I wandered down the hallway to grab a towel and head to the shower to clean the paint splashes off. Richard followed. His hands held my waist while his lips kissed my cheek then gentle sucked on my neck.

“Mmmm, what are you up to?” I asked. I could already feel his erection pressing into my back and his hands had began roaming over me. “Hey, I’m all dirty,” I said in protest.
“Oh yes you are,” he replied. “You’re filthy!” I giggled and slipped my hand between us so I could rub his hard cock through his shorts.
“What’s this then?” I asked. No reply but he let me turn around then I immediately felt my bra being unhooked and I wriggled free of it.

“Get on the bed,” his voice was full of authority.
“I’ll get paint on it,” I complained.
“Do as you’re told.” A hand around my throat held me in place for a moment while the other delivered two hard stinging smacks to my bum as punishment for my protest.
“Ouch… I’ll be good,” I promised as I crawled on to our bed and laid down on my back. Richard pulled his t-shirt over his head; I bit my lip with desire while I watched – I’ve always found his naked torso a big turn on. He climbed onto the bed and lay next to me, slipping his left arm under my head while stroking my bare breasts with the other. We kissed, his hand stroked gently down my body. From my boob, skirting my tummy as he traced the line of my ribs then over my belly and down between my legs. He kept outside my knickers at first, rubbing me through them. I could feel they were quickly being soaked as my pussy became desperate to feel the touch of his bare skin on it and in it.

While he touched me we kissed, stopping occasionally to look in each others eyes. I slipped one hand inside his shorts and pants til I found his dick. It was already wet with pre-cum when I took hold of it and stroked my hand up and down the length of his shaft. I must have tugged a little too hard because he suddenly pulled my hand out of his shorts and said, “no”. I was made to roll my hips towards him to expose my bum cheek which received another two hard smacks.

I accepted my punishment, like I always do, even when I’m not sure what I’ve done wrong. Richard didn’t dwell on it, we kissed again and his hand was back between my legs. This time a finger slipped around the elastic of my knickers and rubbed against me. Another finger joined it and they prised my lips apart before sliding inside me. When they emerged a moment or so later they swept up over my clit and rubbed it gently for a few minutes until I knew I was ready for more.

“Fuck me,” I whispered.
“Please,” I begged. Richard kissed me to shut me up while his fingers kept teasing me and pleasing me.

A few minutes later and he moved on top of me. I lifted my bum as his hands hooked my knickers and pulled them from me. He kissed me again. By now I wanted him so badly I would have promised anything and begged shamelessly for it. But I still wasn’t getting what I wanted. His kissed moved over my chin, down my neck and paused at my boobs. Tenderly kissing and licking around them before sucking my nipples into his mouth one at a time. He moved south again, I knew now what he was planning and I wanted to push his head down but I knew that would just earn me more smacks and delay me getting what I wanted even longer. His kisses crossed my tummy, pausing at my belly button then moved down again. The tension was unbearable.

Finally he was between my legs but he moved away again, up my legs nuzzling along my flesh before returning. Kissing and sucking at the tender skin just an inch from my clit I knew he was about to get there. I was so tense I could have screamed. He moved. I felt his breath on my wet pussy then his lips met my flesh… an inch on the other side of my clit! I muttered something like, “Oh God” in frustration as his kisses caressed their way up my other inner thigh. My eyes were closed and I waited for him to make his slow way back down my thigh but instead he was suddenly there – his tongue made me jump when it slide between my pussy lips and ran up the length of my pussy until it re-emerged and began lapping at my clit. I felt like crying – it felt too good and I remember squealing loudly.

Cum face

I’d been keen to fuck a few minutes before but now I was more than happy to lay back and enjoy being eaten out. Richard pressed his fingers just below my belly pulling my skin back and exposing my clit to his tongue. I felt his fingers on the other hand slip inside me, gently exploring me like they were searching for something and they found it. A loud gasp cried out from my throat taking me by surprise as his fingers stroked over and then pressed against that perfect spot inside my pussy. Richard’s tongue didn’t stop working but he knew what he’d found because inside me his fingers were now rubbing against my G-spot. I played with my boobs, squeezing then and pulling on my nipples – somewhere at the back of my mind I knew at the time I was being rough with myself but, like a voice being drowned out by the loud music of a nightclub, I barely felt it over the loud sensations Richard was giving me.

I knew I was going to cum, it was inevitable. I came easily – no great cliff of tension to be climbed, to edge to get off. This was like a rocket launch. Richard just had to press the right buttons to set me off and he did – in fact I think he found some extra buttons too. I went from “ohh this is nice” to “OMFG” so quickly that even I’m not sure how I got there. It was amazing though; a whole body orgasm. Every muscle tensed for lift off then exploded, showering my brain in hot fiery sparks of climax.

Richard didn’t stop – he kept working me like nothing was happening. I told him he could stop: nothing. I tried to push his head away: he carried on but now he held my hands tightly against my belly in one of his big strong paws. His tongue on my pussy was too intense and I briefly struggled to get free but it was useless. He didn’t let up his assault on my pussy – fingers inside, tongue outside. “No, no, no, no,” I muttered through gritted teeth but then everything changed. I was still too sensitive but I could feel a second orgasm approaching. This one got me every bit as strong as the first then everything went a bit hazy.

Richard stopped now. He was on top of me again, kissing me. I kissed his wet mouth back not caring even a little that I was tasting myself on his lips. I felt weak, physically and mentally. I barely even noticed my hands being guided above my head and I put up no resistance as my wrists were locked securely to the headboard. I tested my bonds and found them just as secure as always – I like being tied up and we have to keep the restraints somewhere so Richard just leaves them behind the headboard and now my wrists were locked into the cold metal cuffs and the chain linking them was hooked around the bed post holding me down on the bed.

Handcuffs are what bed frames were made for

His head disappeared from sight for a moment then he reappeared holding a toy. My magic wand. A smooth sleek sex toy with a rounded head thats only purpose is to deliver pleasure to me at 5,000RPM. Richard showed it to me then placed it between my legs and switched it on. I was a little more relaxed now and very willing to feel this toy working on me. It felt good at first touch but when Richard found the perfect spot it was amazing. Bound to the bed, looking at him, kissing him and all the time having this incredible toy buzzing between my legs meant I really didn’t have long to wait before orgasm number 3 was on me.

I’d lost track of time by now and I was tired, exhausted even. There was one more toy I wanted to try. I begged again for Richard to fuck me. This time he didn’t tease me. He climbed back between my legs. I felt the heat of his dick before it touched me. He was inside me. I sighed with satisfaction – I thought at the time that cumming three times was nice but feeling him enter me, fill me with his big hard cock was the one thing I’d wanted all afternoon. Almost immediately I was panting and gasping. My pussy had been finger fucked, massaged by his tongue and worked hard by the magic wand; his cock was fresh. It slammed into me over and over again. I lifted my hips to let him get as deep as he could but I couldn’t match his thrusts. I strained at my bonds and struggled to fuck him back but I could barely cope with the ferocity of the fucking he had unleashed on me. I came hard as he fucked me. My pussy gripped his cock tight as I came but it didn’t slow him or stop him – he kept thrusting, pounding, fucking me. He was kissing my face though I wasn’t really responding. I wasn’t a participant in this fuck any more, I was an object being fucked, I no longer had the energy to be a person so I just took what he gave me. I lost track of time so can’t say if the sex lasted 1 minute or 30 minutes but I eventually felt him cum. It was enough for me and orgasm number 5 swept through me.

When it was over, Richard lay next to me cuddling me. I was mumbling about how many time he made me cum though I’m not sure I was making sense. His hands were rubbing my tummy, squeezing my boobs and occasionally slipping down to the wet mess that he’d made of my pussy.

I didn’t have the energy to move, just laying there looking out was enough for me – I wondered if this is how a baby views the world, helpless, not interacting just seeing? I didn’t complain when he left the room with a towel heading for a shower and leaving me tied to the bed to await his return.


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