Slut tip #3

Slut tip #3

To be a good slut you don’t need to be good at sex!

Sounds like a major mistake doesn’t it? But, it’s true. A good slut is always learning, refining her art and expanding her skills but let’s be honest you’re a slut looking for a fuck. You’re not an accountant going for a job interview. You don’t need to provide a resume to prove the skills you’ve already acquired in your whorish career.

What you do need though is the willingness to provide something the guy cannot give himself. So, if you think that a sly hand job in the toilets of a club is a job well done then think again. He can (and probably does) do that for himself pretty much whenever he likes. He’s spent years perfecting his technique and he knows exactly what he likes. You’ve known him 5 minutes

He (almost certainly) can’t give himself a blow job – but you can. Even if he is flexible enough to suck his own cock he’ll probably still prefer you doing it for him. He can’t fuck himself – but you can fuck him!

So, slut tip number 3 is this: if you aspire to the slut life (and why wouldn’t you) don’t think you can cut is with a crap hand job! You can’t.