Sorry in advance, but this is a long one.

Positivity is important in life. It’s even more important when you’re a slut because people get really down on the slutlife – unless you’re a boy slut (sorry, I know I didn’t really need to say more than “boy” there) and then they’re all like, “you go, bro!” But, as a normal slut (a girl slut… or just a slut) people are always on your case telling you to be careful, you’ll get raped, you’ll be murdered… chill bitches  – I’m looking to get fucked how’s anybody gonna rape me? And whose gonna murder me?? Most guys I’ve been with ain’t got the energy to wipe their own dicks clean after they finished fucking much less the energy to kill me and dispose of my body!

Anyway, a slut has to recognise the impact of a positive outlook if she’s going to remain sane (and dedicated to the slut cause). With that fact in mind, I have in the past embarked on “Yes Days”. I think these are meant for kids where the parents says “yes” to everything: “can we go to the zoo?” YES. “Can I stroke that doggy?” YES “Can I suck that black man’s dick?” YE…. er hang on (maybe it was just me asking if I could do that as a kid?) But, somewhere along the line I got it in my head that saying “yes” to any idea that didn’t look likely to end in my immediate death was a good thing and so I did it.

Before I go on, I should say that Yes Days (and alcohol) are my excuse for a lot of behaviour my mummy wouldn’t be proud of so just let me have this one.

This particular Yes Day was a warm sunny early summers day. Not a cloud in the sky, warm but not oppressively hot. I can’t remember where I’d been but as we join the action I’m walking along the street past the local court house (I get to all the classy places). A small group of black guys are hanging about outside, a couple wolf whistle me and one of the guys shouts something – I didn’t get what but it seemed appreciative. It’s kind of embarassing having guys call to you in the street but its nice to know men find me attractive too.

I smile and keep walking. The calling continues and I realise one of the guys is following me up the road. I stop to talk with him – he wants my number. It’s a Yes Day so I have no choice but to say “yes”… told you it’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it. I should hang with him for a while he tells me, fuck it I think. I’m not doing anything important so why not.

He leads me back to his friends – there’s 2 of them though there were more a minute ago. I discover my guy is called Wolf, while his friends are Screw (because he screws people over, not because he’s good in bed – I checked) and Bale (because he deals cannabis in big quantities, like a hay bale). I have to admit all three are pretty hot but Wolf is the hottest even though nobody will tell me why he’s called Wolf. They’re there because one of Bale’s friends is in court. We talk for a few minutes during which Wolf stands very close to me and by the time the other two go in leaving us alone his arm is around my waist.

I remember him saying something to me but I can’t remember what it was. Whatever he said, he followed it with a kiss before I had a chance to reply. “You like black guys don’t ya?” He asks.
“Yes,” I nod then we kiss again.
“Let’s go somewhere quiet.”
“Where you thinking of?” I ask.
“I gotta place not far… like two minutes walk.”

I allowed Wolf to take my hand and lead me across the road and down the street. A few moments later we arrived at a block of flats and he led me inside. “Why do they call you ‘Wolf’ then,” I asked as we waited for the lift to arrive.
“Why you wanna know?”
“I just do.” The lift doors open and I stepped inside. Turning to face Wolf, I found myself looking at the tip of a large knife and instinctively backed away until I was pressed against the wall of the lift. Wolf advanced holding the knife toward me.
“They call me ‘Wolf’ ‘cos when I go robbing I stalk my prey, hunt dem, an den I corner dem.” He looked terrifying now. At least 6 feet of strong black muscle trapped with me inside a small locked box, even without a knife I knew there was no way I could fight him. Wolf’s face looked angry, aggressive – like he was about to strike.
“Are you robbing me?” I tried to keep my voice cool and calm but I don’t think it worked.
“Nope,” his expression changed and he was all smiles again. “I was jus’ showin’ you why dey call me ‘Wolf’,” he explained.

The knife was still pointing at me and my heart was still racing. I felt myself shake a little. I wanted him so badly right then – am I the only one turned on by fear and domination? He took my head in both of his, the knife pressed against my skull and I could feel the cold metal on my temple. He kissed me. The doors opened and he guided me out onto a balcony. We were on the very top floor of the building, everything below looked small and distant. Wolf nudged me along the balcony towards the very far end flat. As I walked I couldn’t help but think how easy it would be for a strong man to tip someone smaller and weaker over that balcony. Wolf kept a tight grip on my arm.

Inside, the flat smelt of cannabis and cigarette smoke. It was clean but untidy like a party had been held in the otherwise well kept flat. Wolf pulls his white vest top over his head and throws it somewhere on the floor. I have to admit feeling a little worried at this point about my own body. I could see his abs and his muscles clearly through his skin in comparison I felt like a pudgy sack of potatoes, albeit one with two big watermelon boobs to distract attention from everything else.

“What do you need that for?” I asked gesturing to the knife that was still in his hand.
“Nuttin’,” he replied reaching his arm over my shoulder and taking a firm grip on the back of my neck. “I jus’ like to feels it is all.” As he spoke the cold sharp point touched my throat and was then dragged down my chest until it was pulling at the material of my dress between my cleavage. I was scared but I felt like I could trust Wolf. I didn’t resist. Instead I reached behind myself and unzipped my dress allowing Wolf’s knife and gravity to strip me of it.

Now my hands reached out for his jeans and pulled them open easily. I began to kneel down but the point of the knife pressed into me harder making me stop for a moment. A second later it was gone and I knelt down in front of this man I’d known about half an hour and who now had a knife pressing into me. As I tugged his boxers down the knife slipped under the bra strap on my shoulder and, with a ping, the strap was cut – fuck that’s a sharp knife I remember thinking. I decided it was better not to complain about my underwear being destroyed.

His boxers caught on his dick, which gave a gratifying bounce when it finally escaped his boxers. It was big. Not the biggest ever but a very decent size. I looked up at him while he cut through the remaining strap of my bra and I wrapped my fingers around that erect black dick. I could feel the heat from it. It felt heavy in my hands; reminding me of those old fashioned truncheons police used to carry.

Wolf’s big black hand reached down, pushing my now destroyed bra from my boobs he took hold of my right boob in his left hand and began kneading it like dough. His right hand held my head, pushing my mouth towards his cock. I opened wide and guided that big black cock into my mouth.

Normally when faced with a dick that needs sucking I take my time, I work on it carefully and thoroughly. I like to spend some time working around his dick, maybe spending sometime on his balls then licking at his shaft until he really wants to put it in me before I shove his dick to the back of my throat. Experience tells me that a lot of guys are like toddlers – they can’t wait for intense pleasure later when they can have instant gratification now. Wolf is one of the toddlers and my face was forced down on his cock.


I gave his dick a good sucking while he worked trying to get my boob to just the right consistency for rolling out with his kneading technique. His hand stayed glued to my head preventing any hope of escaping his cock before he was finished. His hips were swaying back and forth now. I know he was enjoying it but at the same time because I couldn’t move back far it meant having his dick uncomfortably far back in my mouth. His hand was no longer on my boobs and I was vaguely aware of the click of a camera. I glanced up and saw a phone being held over my head snapping pictures of me. The clicking stopped and I guessed I was being filmed. I didn’t mind – a lot of guys reach for their phone to snap pictures when they think you’re too engrossed in their cock to notice!

Wolf gently, almost lovingly, stroked the hair from my face and away from my eyes. It felt sweet even though I knew he was only doing it so he could film his dick disappearing into my mouth better. He wasn’t holding on tight any more and I was happy to oblige him. I looked at the camera while sucking him, slipping out til just the very tip of his dick was between my lips and letting his camera see my tongue flicking across his head. I kept looking in to the lens while I sucked as much cock into my mouth as would fit. Once I thought he had enough I went back to trying to make him cum. Using my hands I stroked his dick at the same time my tongue lapped at his cock while my mouth sucked him into its wet warmth. It worked because sometime after my jaw started aching I was gulping down hot lashings of fresh cum direct from the source.

Wolf collapsed on the nearest sofa looking quite pleased with himself. He pulled me onto his lap; I knelt across him, my thighs wide apart and my pussy protected by just the thin material of my cotton panties. I kissed his face while his hands lazily explored my breasts, tummy, hips and bum. I tried to kiss his mouth but he turned away – I guess he didn’t want to taste his own cum on me. Eventually he gave in and met my mouth with his, sucking on my lower lip between kisses and sending his tongue out to explore my mouth.

Our kissing went on for a while, all the time my pussy was getting wetter and hotter; my mind more obsessed with having Wolf inside me and soon. He’d lasted a long time when I sucked him and I had high hopes that he’d be able to keep it up even longer now he’d cum once. I felt something pressing into me – he was hard again. I rocked my hips against his dick and felt it twitch in response and push back against me. Wolf’s hand slipped between my legs, rubbing me through my knickers briefly then I felt the material pulled away and fingers rubbing against my pussy lips. I kept kissing him while a single fat finger stroked the length of my pussy lips from back to front then slipped between them and inside me. A second finger joined it and together they slide into me until Wolf’d knuckles were pressed against my pussy lips. He finger fucked me for a while, taking his time with me – it felt really good but a couple of fingers are no substitute for the real thing.

“Fuck me,” I whispered.
“Chill bitch, I will,” Wolf laughed back. God I wanted him so fucking bad my head was spinning.
“Mmm please do it now,” I was begging like a whinny little bitch and I knew it but I didn’t care. “Please fuck me now, please.” As I spoke I was rocking my hips back and forth, trying to push his fingers deeper into me. Wolf was holding my hair and pulling my head back; his fingers were rubbing my clit now, making me feel so good. I still wanted him but I was content to submit to his timetable for a minute now. I felt his lips at my throat, through my clouded mind I knew he was sucking my neck, I knew he was marking me with a love bite I didn’t want but I couldn’t stop him – my brain just wasn’t working properly any more.

I felt his fingers leave me and pull at my knickers, tugging them aside. I felt his dick against my pussy and I lowered myself on to it. Oh my God, it felt soo fucking good. I always love that first moment of penetration as I feel myself being pushed open and his cock entering me for the first time. I sat myself down as far as my legs would allow and rocked my hips again, getting a feel for his size and enjoying the sensation of having a new dick inside me. Wolf quickly began fucking me as I rocked on him.

God it felt good. So fucking good. Too mother fucking good! I was so horny, so hot. I don’t know how long it took: seconds? Minutes? No more than minutes I’m sure.

I came.

It wasn’t one of those slow build-ups where you feel yourself getting closer and closer to the edge til one last Herculean effort pushes you over the edge into climax. This orgasm was like Wolf. It had hunted me and trapped me before I even knew it was there. It pounced on me from the shadows of my confused, overwhelmed mind turning my world into one all consuming orgasm that seemed to last forever. Even after I climaxed it seemed to linger for ages, never quite leaving, always there threatening to come back as if to finish me off.

Wolf stood up, I was barely aware of it happening til I was on my feet. He wasn’t inside me any more – I knew that because I could see his dick, but I still felt him inside me. I allowed myself to be pushed down on to the sofa with my legs spread wide while Wolf knelt between my legs. The knife had appeared again – it was against one thigh then the other. I watched my knickers cut from my body and thrown into a corner of the room. I still wore the tattered remains of my bra, which now hang around my belly. That too was cut from me.

Wolf put the knife on the table behind him then went to work eating my pussy. I’d just cum, my body was still throbbing from the orgasm and my pussy and clit were ultra sensitive. I tried to push him away but it was no use. I lay back saying “no” and pleading with him to stop. I realised he was enjoying my moans so I bit my lips and shut up. It didn’t help, he kept eating me out expertly. Two fingers were inside me gently finger-fucking me as Wolf ate me all up. My efforts to dissuade him with silence failed when I couldn’t stop myself moaning, ever louder, as he relentlessly feasted on my over-sensitive pussy. I came again, a different orgasm to the first. Not so sudden. This was more the inexorable result of his precision oral assault.


Before my second orgasm subsided, Wolf was inside me again. Fucking me. I laid awkwardly on the sofa, my upper body propped by the back support while Wolf held my legs apart, occasionally pushing them toward my body as he pounded himself into me over and over.

The phone was out again. I didn’t really want him to take pics or videos of us fucking but I really wasn’t in much of a state to object. Two powerful orgasms had reduced my resistance to around zero and the effort of arguing was beyond me now. I submitted to the camera, not posing for it, but not bothering to hide either.

“I wanna change positions,” I demanded suddenly. I’m not sure where it came from, I just knew I didn’t want to be on my back any more. Wolf obliged, standing and helping me to my feet.
“Where’du wanna go?” He asked. I looked around the room for inspiration but found none.
“I don’t want to be on my back any more,” I explained.
“‘k,” Wolf looked around too. “Come ‘ere,” he said walking toward the kitchen area.

He lifted me easily on to the work top and we kissed, our arms around each other. “Okay,” I said. “What’s the plan?” I positioned myself on the edge of the worktop, which was almost the right height for Wolf and I to become one again easily. He entered me again – that magical feeling of having a cock slide inside me was there again even if not as strong as the very first time. He felt bigger in this position, it wasn’t as easy but it felt good all the same. I could cling on to his neck as we fucked now and kissing him was much easier. I tilted my hips a little more and was rewarded by the tummy tingling sensation of him slipping deeper into me.

We fucked like that for a while. I could feel the old sensation of a climax approaching slowly. I could feel it in the distance slowly making its way to me. Although I could feel it coming anything could stop it yet – it hadn’t arrived, it wasn’t mine… yet.

“STOP,” Wolf demanded and paused mid-thrust, his cock still buried deep inside me. Looking at his face it was obvious he was close to orgasm himself. “I need to cum but not like dis,” he said. “I wanna cum deep in ya. Turn round an’ bend ova,” Wolf ordered. I knew what he meant, this felt good but finishing with something deeper, more full on was definitely a great plan.

I didn’t speak, just hopped off the worktop and spun around then bent myself flat across the kitchen worktop. Tilting my hips forward like they taught us in Pilates class, I did my best to make my pussy as easy for Wolf to access as possible. His dick found me and entered me again. One strong thrust and he was buried deep inside me, I could feel his hips against my bum and knew he much have every inch of that big black cock buried in me. He lent forward, kissed my shoulder then stood again.

Both his hands were on my hips, holding me tight, keeping my movements in time with his. I rocked back to meet each thrust into me he delivered. This was different from his style earlier. This was a businesslike fuck. Ordered. Disciplined. Each thrust was controlled but firm and strong. He ploughed into me relentlessly while I gently bucked my hips to meet each thrust. My orgasm was still there – it must have sneaked a little closer during our brief pause because I could feel it much closer now. Each movement brought it a little closer. I knew Wolf was close to, I could feel it in his movements and hear it in the animistic grunts that accompanied each thrust. We talked dirty to each other as we fucked.  Nothing amazing, just the usual nonsense people say, “fuck me harder.” “Make me your bitch.” “You love getting fucked don’t ya, white slut.” Dumb shit like that. At one point, he put his hand on the back of my neck and smacked my bum hard a few times while telling me I was a “dirty white whore only good for pleasing nigger dicks”. I actually loved that one and kept repeating that I was just that.

I felt him cum inside me. I could feel the moment his dick exploded and each pump as it spewed his cum deep into my well fucked pussy. He had stopped moving, holding himself at the peak of his thrust, his dick as deep as it would go. I kept rocking my hips and pushing back against him desperate to feel as much of that cock as I could. I came too, it was small compared to my earlier orgasms but it was there and it felt good.

As my orgasm subsided I realised for the first time that I had met a complete random on the street, gone to his place and fucked him without any protection! It simply hadn’t occurred to me before that he wasn’t wearing a condom.

When it was over, we stayed together a few minutes gathering ourselves and readying for separation. I felt him leave my but he’d made a big impression and for a while after I still felt his cock where it had been in me.

I stood up, faced Wolf and cuddled him, resting my head on his chest. I held him and he held me for a few minutes. I enjoyed our sex but I wasn’t cuddling him for closeness but because I was worn out and needed a little support to replenish my energy. I felt him kiss my head through my hair though and I admit it felt nice.

He told me he would call while I put on my dress – I didn’t bother looking for my ruined underwear. I needed a shower, and he offered to let me have one, but I felt it was time to leave that flat, to get away. The lust and adrenaline had cleared from my mind and now I found the flat slightly scary; I had the feeling bad things happened there.

I made the uncomfortable journey home unable to ignore my wet inner thighs and the cum that I knew would – and did – seep out of me and down my leg before I got home.

That wasn’t the last time I met Wolf. Maybe I’ll tell that story soon.


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