Alone together

Lots of people react in horror at the sight of a public display of affection. But, for more there’s little else so exciting as being so absorbed in yourself and another person that you forget the rest of the world around you. I love watching couples getting steamy in public – seeing how into one another they are is both sweet and a turn on.

I’ve been involved in a few myself – quelle surprise – from the cinema heavy petting that only ends when the lights come up and the ushers ush you out to more grown up PDAs. I’m going to talk about two of them now.

The first was crazy exciting though I doubt many people who saw it would have known they were witnessing an extremely intimate moment. It happened when I was with David. I’ve loved sex toys since I first realised what fun a cucumber could be and David shared my love of them. Our latest acquisition was a pair of vibrating love eggs – for those who don’t know, these are the sort of things that you insert into yourself then sit back and enjoy. You can mix things up by having one inside you and the other in your knickers pressing onto your clit if you like too – sometimes awkward to keep in position but I find it works well for me – very tight cycling shorts are recommended if your knickers allow the egg to move out of position too much. These eggs were remote controlled! So, I could wear them and David could control them… just the way he liked things. They had a few settings and once on would stay on until David turned them off, this also meant I couldn’t go far from him if I didn’t want to be reduced to a dribbling wreck on the floor!

I wore them out on a shopping trip to one of those massive out of town shopping centres. We stopped for a drink and I sat cradling my hot chocolate in Starbucks while David ramped up the vibrations between my legs. He didn’t let it go to far and turned me off before I didn’t anything stupid, like having a loud screaming orgasm in the middle of a coffee shop.

As we walked around the shop I was seriously turned on (and more than a little scared) knowing that I could get a powerful blast on my clit at any moment without warning. BTW we did this a few times and one of David’s favourite tricks was to turn me on while I was talking to somebody – I noticed it was usually if I was talking to a hot girl!

This time though, we sat on some seats in the middle of the shopping centre. There were thousands of people walking past us – huge groups thronged the mall constantly paying little attention to the various people sitting on the benches. David had been slowly turning my eggs up and by now I was struggling to ignore the effect they were having. If I had been able to, I’d have torn my clothes off and begged him to fuck me right there and then, but there are laws against that sadly. Instead, I sat down with David next to me. I asked him to stop it – told him it was getting too intense. He told me “no”. Told me I had to hold on, enjoy it, take it. By this point in our relationship he was definitely in charge; I’d learned that disobedience led to punishment and I was in no mood to be disciplined so I kept quiet and accepted he wasn’t going to let me stop the eggs any time soon.

I kissed him, passionate and deep like we were going to fuck. I wanted to fuck so badly. I had to stop kissing him, it was making my ordeal worse. I knew what was coming… I was!

I pressed my face into his chest; David’s arms encircled me, hugging me tight to him. I wanted to scream loudly, wanted to go wild but I bit my lip. Pressed my face into David’s chest and felt my whole body shake uncontrollably as those unyielding love eggs vibrated me into a long powerful orgasm that filled every part of my body and mind. The pleasure was passing and the eggs felt too intense, I wanted them to stop but I couldn’t stop them myself and I didn’t trust myself to be able to speak normally if I tried so I kept my face buried and hoped he’d take pity and stop it. He didn’t. My back was aching so I shifted position and as I did the egg in my knickers moved. I came a second time, by now I felt like I was crying. I knew all the people were around me; part of me didn’t care at all but part of me guessed that they all guessed what was happening. David turned the eggs off and I was able to take back control of my body. I kissed him. I wanted to be angry that he’d done this to me in public but I wasn’t. I just wanted him to fuck me.

The second PDA I wanted to tell you about happened in a swimming pool with a guy I saw briefly after David and I split up – we were fuck buddies and close friends at the time. His name was Kris.

We’d met up for sex at his place. The sex was good though not memorable enough for me to be able to give you any details. It was a nice day and we didn’t want to finish our time together just yet. One of us came up with the idea of swimming – he was a member of a club near by that had a pool. We swung by my house to pick up a bikini and then headed to the pool.

We made use of the family changing room to change together then ran out to the pool. Once in there, we played around splashing each other and doing very little in the way of actual swimming. Kris cornered me in the deep end, we kissed and I felt his hand slip into my bikini bottoms then into me. We looked into each others eyes while he finger fucked me and I pretended to be a good girl. He stopped before I came but it felt so good. The pool wasn’t busy but there were others about and doing something so intimate in such a public place felt so good.

We swam around for a while longer and kissed some more. I took great delight in the obvious excitement one of our snogging session caused one elderly man. Being watched, knowing others are there but not caring a bit because you’re so wrapped up in this other person is so exciting and special.

BTW I did something afterwards that is worth a mention. Back in the changing cubicle, Kris wanted to fuck. I said no – I wasn’t in the mood for getting banged against a flimsy changing room cubicle wall and there was no way I was laying down on the disgusting disease ridden floors that these places have. I agreed to give him a blow job instead, so I got on my knees and began sucking away on his hard black cock.

Kris is the kinda guy who doesn’t feel the need to grab a girls head and force his cock down her throat. He’s the sort who knows that you know how to suck a dick and trusts that you’ll make it good. I did my best; I could sense he was getting close to cumming when he tells me he wants to cum on my boobs. “Are you sure?” I asked pausing mid-BJ. He was sure and I figured why not let him? He’d been very attentive to my needs today.

I knelt back, holding my boobs in my hands and pushing them together while he stood over me jerking off. I watched that black dick; God it looked so fucking good. The tip glistening with my spit and his pre-cum made me wish I’d let him fuck me after all.

He came, the first shot sprayed a long way and a little landed on my cheek, the rest falling in a neat line down my throat to my boobs. After that he pumped out in heavy creamy white dollops that fell, rather than spurted, onto my boobs. A little pool of cum had formed in my cleavage. I allowed him to wipe the last of his cum onto my boobs and couldn’t help but laugh at the sticky mess that was now my chest.

I gently massaged his cum into my chest while he watched, regaining his breath. When I finished my boobs felt cold as his cum dried on them. I wiped my hands on my tummy then put my bra on. “You not gonna clean it off?” Kris asked.
“Nope, I’m going to have you on me for the rest of the day,” I told him.


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