Marbella Threesome

Marbella Threesome

When I was 20 my family and I went on holiday to Spain. There was me, obviously, my little brother, our mum and dad. We also took a friend of my brother and our cousin, Danni – we’ve always been really close friends.

We stayed in a nice hotel in Marbella – it was hot, the sun seemed to shine all day long and we had two weeks in one of the nicest hotels I’ve ever seen. The event I want to talk about today happened during the second week (I think) of the holiday. Mum and dad had taken my brother and his friend to some kids park they wanted to go to. It wasn’t mine or Danni’s thing so we stayed in the hotel planning to enjoy the pools and spa there.

Around midday I was laying alone in the sauna enjoying the hot wood on my skin and the all over sweat that comes from being in that very dry heat. The door opened; I heard it, my eyes were closed. I didn’t look up but I was aware people had come in. I heard some male voices speaking French. “Elle est mignonne,” I thought I heard someone whisper. I opened an eye slightly and peeped through my eyelashes to see who was there. I recognised some boys from a football team who had been staying in the hotel. I’d seen them around the hotel but hadn’t spoken to them. I opened my eyes and glanced over at the boys, “hey,” I said pretending I hadn’t noticed them come in.

There were three boys taking up seats on the benches to my right. I was laid out on the top bench, they were seated two on the top and one on the middle of the three tiers of benches. One guy was black the others I guessed were mixed race. They were all about 18-19 years old and let’s just say of their bodies that they looked like boys who take their sport seriously. One of the guys, the black one whose name was Leo, began chatting to me. He quickly picked up on my accent and asked if I spoke French? I told him I’m sorry I don’t – I do, although not brilliantly. We talked about where we are from and what we do. They were all from Marseilles in France and play for a local team. The others joined in with the conversation, although their English wasn’t very good and one of the guys had to have most of what he said translated for me. I managed to avoid laughing when I heard him tell his friend, “C’est une salope chaude,” or “she’s a hot slut” (or maybe hot bitch). I asked what he said and Leo smoothly told me he thought I was pretty. “Merci,” I told him. After that the boy who called me a hot slut got up and left, he said good bye in English. The conversation continued with the others, although I was getting a little hot in that sauna.

I asked the boys if their girlfriends were with them – they both claimed to be single. They asked about my boyfriend and I told them, truthfully, that I was also single. The conversation slowly became more raunchy until Leo’s friend, a guy called Luca, asked if I’d been with a black guy. “No,” I lied trying to sound shy but interested.
“Would you like to?” Leo responded instantly.
“Yes,” I nodded.
“Come to our room now then sexy Emily,” Leo suggested.
“Both of you? I’m not…”
“Oui, why not. With him you are trying the dark chocolate et avec moi you are having the light chocolate,” Luca interrupted.

Bathrobes can hide anything… or not!

I knew Danni was out there somewhere and I didn’t want her to see me so Luca fetched us some robes while I waited with Leo. I had sat up now and let him touch my face while he told me how beautiful he thought I am. I was flattered. Luca arrived and I donned the robe, pulled the hood up and followed them through the men’s changing room so I wouldn’t bump into Danni and have to explain why I was rushing off with tw strange men. I felt nervous but so excited going through the door. I caught a glimpse of a huge guy I’d spotted in the pool earlier but in my rush to keep my head hidden from view I missed seeing anything interesting. In a moment we were through the doors and back out into the hotel. I followed them a short way through the hotel in my bare feet to their room. My room was on the top floor with an amazing view of the sea, it was also a long way away from the spa. I was pleased to find their room was much closer and on the ground floor like the spa.

Leo opened the door and let me inside. The room was big with three beds in it and a tiled area through the huge glass doors that made up the wall of the far end of the room. I dropped my robe to the floor then turned to face Leo and Luca. I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror and was quite pleased with what I saw. I suit a tan I decided at that moment and I knew I had no tan lines at all after Danni and I found a nude beach. I was barefooted and wearing a pink and white dotted bikini. I let the guys come for me, I didn’t know what to expect – was I going to be thrown on the bed and fucked like the slut their friend had called me earlier? Would they be kind and gentle? I didn’t know but my heart was pounding in my chest and I couldn’t wait to find out.

“Après vous,” said Leo as he took a seat. Luca came to me. His robe was also on the floor. Luca held my waist and kissed my lips. Gently, lips closed. I parted my lips and felt my lower lip being pulled between his for a moment. It felt sensuous and sexy. A moment later his tongue was in my mouth playing with mine. I stroked his back and waist, feeling the muscles rippling under his skin as his arms moved up my back then down to my bum.

I swear his lips never left mine but I felt a tugging on my bikini bottoms and suddenly the bow at each side was undone and Luca had pulled my bikini bottoms off me. I have no idea how he did it without looking but I wasn’t complaining. Quickly the string fastening my bikini top was undone leaving me naked in the bedroom of two strange men. Luca’s hands cupped my breasts then one slid down my tummy and between my legs. We stopped kissing, I looked him in the eye as his hand found my bald pussy then his finger slipped inside me. I looked over at Leo who smiled at me, clearly enjoying seeing his friend with the salope Anglais.

Sucking black cock

Luca’s finger felt good but I need to assert a little control. I kissed his chest, kissing down his chest over his ribs and tummy. As I got lower I took hold of his swimming shorts and pulled them down. By the time I was on my knees I was straining to get his shorts over his hard cock. In the end, I put a hand inside to pull it free. His cock was out for barely a moment before it found my mouth. I looked up at him from my knees as I guided his milk chocolate-coloured dick between my lips and into my mouth. As I began my best sucking, licking, tossing technique, I noticed Leo stand and walk behind me. I concentrated on Luca for the minute. He was stood up right, looking down at me. His hands on his hips like some all conquering hero accepting tribute from his defeated foe. God the French can be arrogant, even when their dicks are between English teeth they somehow manage to stand like victorious warriors. Leo was behind me now. I first felt his dick on the back of my head. Before I could respond, his hot smooth shaft was sliding down my bare back until he was knelt behind me, so close his cock pressed against my back. He brushed my hair behind my ear and kissed my neck and shoulder. At the same time his hands found my breasts. I ignored him and kept concentrating on the blow job I was giving to my magnificent milk chocolate victor. Concentrating wasn’t easy though, Leo’s hands stoked my body until one found its way between my legs. I spread my knees and felt his fingers cross my bare, shaven flesh to the lips of my now very wet pussy. Leo spread my pussy lips and slipped a finger between them. Just a tiny way inside me, just enough to enter me but no more. He rubbed me like that for a moment while his kissed on my neck moved over my shoulder and back again. I put all my attention into the blow job but I’m terrible at anything when something nice is happening down there. Leo found my clit and rubbed it just the way I like it – it was perfect, every movement he made felt like heaven. I held on long enough to feel a hand on my head and the welcome taste of hot cum pumping into my mouth. I swallowed everything he gave me then turned myself over completely to Leo’s ministrations. It didn’t take long before I came right there on my knees in the middle of their bedroom. Leo was talking to me, softly, whispering in my ear, as I came – I can’t remember what he said but it was about what he was going to do to me.

Leo lifted me easily to my feet and guided me to the nearest bed. I sat on the edge waiting eagerly while he found a condom and put it on. I was glad he remembered – there was no chance of me remembering. He came to me, for an instant his dick was level with my face. The image of it stuck in my mind ever since. His dick, like the rest of his skin, was dark black – the very darkest kind of black you see. The condom gave him a sheen that looked good. He bulged with veins giving it a look similar to a body builder at full strain. I don’t know how big it was but it looked big enough for me. I wanted that dick. Luckily for me, Leo wanted to give it to me.

He pushed me backwards, I lay on my back with my knees raised. Leo roughly pushed them apart and climbed between them. He was telling me how beautiful and sexy he thought I was and how badly he wanted to have me. I nodded up at him and whispered, “do it… have me… I’m yours. Fuck me, Monsieur.” I felt him against my pussy lips then he was inside me. In one thrust his dark black cock was buried deep in my tanned white belly. He fucked hard and fast. I tried wrapping my legs around his waist to try to soften the blows but he moved so fast I struggled to do it. He couldn’t have liked it because he caught my ankles and hoisted them in the air. He was now standing on the floor, pushing my legs toward my best and fucking me as hard as he could manage – and let me tell you, when a 19 year old works out a lot and has enough stamina to play football to a professional level the hardest he can manage is very hard and goes on a long time. My boobs began to hurt and I had to hold them still to stop them being detached from my chest – or so it felt anyway.

Sometimes you’re just gonna cum over and over again

I came. Once. Twice. Maybe even three times.

I didn’t think it would end, but it did. He shouted loud as he came. It was a triumphant yell of joy and release. I lay there whimpering as he drove his final thrusts into me. After he stood between my legs, still holding my ankles, looking like a God. This French warrior really had defeated the English.

I needed to rest, get my breath back, let me insides get back to feeling a little more normal. I wanted to lay back and closed my eyes. But, I saw Luca. Hard. Sheafed in latex. Coming for me.

“Non, non. Please, une minute s’il vous plait,” I begged as he took Leo’s position between my legs. I tried feebly to close my legs and role away but Luca already had hold of my calves and easily held me in place. My pussy felt cold now as the air came into contact with the mess of juices between my legs. I almost jumped out of my skin as Luca’s dick slide into me. Thank God I was still wet enough. I felt so tender down there, so used that ever touch seemed amplified out of all proportion. There was nothing I could do. Luca was inside me, fucking me. Leo had chosen to stand to fuck but Luca climbed on top of me. He let my legs free and I managed to wrap them around his waist.

I wasn’t sure how to feel at first, I’d said no and asked for time but Luca was inside me anyway and Leo clearly wasn’t interested in helping me. I debated with myself whether I was being raped but that the question seemed to bother Luca. He fucked me and kissed me. He was talking to me, saying nice things. If I was being raped it was certainly quite a pleasant raping. I relaxed and felt the tension drain out of my body. It wasn’t so bad. I had said no but it was okay. He wasn’t as big as Leo; that made it easier. I don’t know if he was longer or it was just the position we were in but he began banging into my cervix. I always find that an odd feeling. It kinda feels like it should hurt but it’s nice too. For me it makes everything tingle around it – all over my belly I get a tingly feeling like pins and needles but more pleasant.

I was into it now, rocking my hips and giving back to him as good as I got. We were having sex. Leo had just fucked me – with my legs pressed to my chest I’d been pretty much pinned down, all I was able to do was take what he gave me but now with Luca I could move and join in the sex.

It felt good, really good. Different to Leo. I was a participant now not merely an object being used. I wanted to cum. I could feel it but it was out of reach. Like a ship on the horizon I could see it there but I just couldn’t reach it. I was kissing Luca’s neck, sucking his flesh into my mouth and rubbing it against my teeth as I sucked it. I was marking him and it felt good. I finished and kissed him, the slobber from sucking on his neck was all over my face. His hand was in my hair, he pinned my head to the bed and kissed me. Driving his tongue into my mouth as he drove his cock into my pussy. I felt him cum. I was so close myself, I wanted to scream in frustration. I just couldn’t get there. Then he was out and rolled off me onto the bed. I lay there a moment staring up wondering if Leo was about to jump back on me.

Luca kissed my face as he lay next to me. I didn’t respond. He whispered how good it felt to fuck me. I murmured something in reply then sat up. Leo was sat back in his chair, naked stroking a big hard on. “Have you had enough?” I asked.
“Non, but I have no more condoms,” he replied. I walked over to him. My legs felt heavy, unused to walking after the time they’d spent in the air. I leaned forward, holding the chair behind him for support in one hand. I kissed his lips and told him I wanted more. My free hand was wrapped around his cock, stroking it up and down as we kissed. He said nothing. I positioned myself over his dick, close enough I could feel the heat from it on my pussy lips. “Non, ce n’est pas sûr sans préservatif,” he said. I dropped down and impaled myself on his hard black cock. “Oui. Juste me baiser,” I told him. If he was surprised by my sudden foray into French he didn’t show it. He held my hips for a moment as I rode his cock to please myself. He seemed to be deciding whether to stop me or go with it. He decided my wet pussy was too good to deny himself and he joined in with gusto, thrusting himself up into me as I rocked my hips and rode him. I was still so close to cumming… so close. I cheated, slipped my hand between my legs and gave my still very sensitive clit a gentle rub until I was cumming. I came on his cock, which seems to drive him on more. God it felt good to be riding bare back again, so much better knowing that there is nothing between him and me.

Luca was behind me again. He kissed my face and I turned to meet his mouth. He spoke to Leo, I didn’t understand what he said at the time, but now I’m sure it was, “Permettez-moi de la baise dans le cul.”
“Hold tight jolie fille,” Leo said. A moment later he stood up, with me still attached to him. We fucked with him standing up and my legs around his waist for a while – God I love a guy who can do that!! He sat on the edge of the bed and laid back pulling me forward so we could kiss. I should have known what was coming but it was too late. I was riding this strong black Frenchman feeling like I was in control and had all the power as I pushed him down and felt as though I was holding him there. I thought nothing of it as one hand held tight to the back of my head and the other pressed on my back pulling me toward him. I hadn’t realised at that moment that I wasn’t in control, I wasn’t dominant.

I was trapped.

Luca was behind me – I’d forgotten about him as soon as Leo stood up. “Faites-le , je lui ai eu ! Rapide.” Something about do it, I’ve got it, quick. I didn’t understand did Leo think I was about to cum? Suddenly, Luca touched my bum, he was rubbing something into my ass hole then a finger was in me. Oh shit. Leo wasn’t talking to me, he was telling Leo he had hold of me. I struggled and tried to pull away. “Don’t worry, jolie fille,” Leo whispered. “It will only hurt a minute.” There was no way I was escaping this, I relaxed. Relaxing is the best defence when you’ve been caught and escape is impossible.

Face you pull when you’re lovin’ it

I tucked my knees a little closer to my chest making sure Luca could get to my bum easily. He was there, pressing his cock against my hole. I felt the pressure on it growing. I did my best to relax then felt my sphincter give and Luca slide into my bum. There was a sudden surge of pain as he entered me but it went and then I felt his hips against my bum and I knew he was all the way inside. The double fucking was intense. It wasn’t my first time but it’s always intense having two men fuck you at the same time. One moment, they are in sync but the next one is slamming into you while the other is pulling out then they join up again and you feel both pulling out and both slam into you together.

It was a little more than I was expecting. My bum felt tight and I could tell from Luca’s groaning that I was tight back there. I say his groaning, in truth I could barely hear him over my own moaning – try and get butt fucked and stay quiet I dare you! Managed it? Great now try getting pussy and butt fucked by two athletes and staying quiet. Managed it? Well fuck you! – He was slapping my backside hard as he fucked me. He came after a couple of minutes and I could feel his cock throb as it deposited his cum into my butt. That throbbing does feel good in there.

A moment later Leo came inside me – that was it, I was there again for the fifth or sixth time I came on his cock. I think we were all pretty spent by the time that was over – for a moment I remembered their other friend in the sauna and that there were three beds in the room and I prayed he wasn’t going to show up and fuck me too. I don’t think I would have had the energy to resist if he had.

I collapsed on the bed, laying half on Leo between him and Luca. I could feel Leo’s sticky cock on my leg and Luca’s against my thigh. I felt like a slippery mess down there and had the presence of mind to ask Luca what he used when he fucked my butt – extra virgin olive oil was the answer, FFS the French are weird! I wondered why he even had that and what it would do to my ass but I didn’t have the energy to complain so I laid still and shut up.

A few minutes later, my energy still drained, I managed to get the will power to move. I pulled on the first robe I saw and shoved my bikini into a pocket then made the slow squelchy walk back to the spa. Danni was in the changing room looking for me. I’d been gone about an hour I reckoned. She took one look at me and knew what I’d been doing. She told me I was a slut but gave me a hug. After a shower to clean myself up – BTW it is not easy to get olive oil and cum out from deep in your ass – we dressed and headed to the bar for a drink. I told her everything – she was jealous I’m sure.