Double climax

Double climax

We should have left 20 minutes ago and I know I’m already in trouble. I’m nearly ready, I’ve showered, washed and dried my hair. My make up is done, my hair is ready. I’m stood in David’s bedroom looking at myself in the mirror.

My hair looks bright and super-blonde today. I’ve not done anything fancy just tied it back in a pony tail. Even if I say so myself, I’m looking very pretty. My make up is good, I particularly love my bright red lipstick and the light dusting of glitter on my boobs is twinkling under the bedroom lights. I’ve chosen a sexy matching set from Victoria’s Secret to go under my dress tonight and a tall layered metal choker around my throat. The bra is holding my ample boobs up high creating an impressive cleavage – looking down pretty much all I can see is boobs! My belly is bare, flat and toned. Around my hips the suspender belt holds up my black silk stockings. My freshly depilated pussy is frames perfectly by the black silk all around it. I just need to put my knickers, dress and shoes on then I’m ready.

But I can’t finish.

I carry my dress and knickers down the stairs, leaving them on the banister at the bottom. My heart is racing as I step lightly toward the living room where David is waiting for me. I know I’m going to be in trouble, he hates being late and I’m always making him late. I think how stupid I’m being as I approach the door and an image flashes of me bent over the dining table being spanked through my mind. That last happened only a few day ago and my bum only stopped aching from it this morning – I know that no matter what happens now I’m going to be back over that table pretty soon as I might as well get what I want.

David is getting up from the sofa as I step into the living room. His face is a picture, part fury that I’m still not ready, part lust at the sight of his 17 year old girlfriend barely dressed and clearly horny.

“For fucks sake, why aren’t you ready?” He’s clearly playing it cool.
“I need some help,”I say trying my best to be coy and sound innocent. “I can’t get this dry,” I guide his hand between my legs and push his finger into myself. “I think I need an injection to sort me out.”
“I think you need another spanking,” he sounds slightly annoyed, like a teacher talking to one of the girls in his class but I notice his fingers slip slightly further into me rather than pulling away. I’m gazing up at him, my most innocent face still in place. David’s hand glides across my shoulder, to the back of my neck then takes hold of my pony tail then yanks my head back. I don’t resist – I know better than to resist. I look up at the ceiling above me while David kisses my neck and fingers my pussy.

“Why shouldn’t I spank you right now?” He demands releasing my hair.
“Mmm, it’s not my fault,” I’m trying to sound sexy. “I just need a good hard fucking before we go out.”
“I’ll think about it,” he says stepping back and undoing his trousers. I’m not stupid, I know how to take a hint and in a moment I’m on my knees pulling his trousers and boxers off him.

Even though I’ve seen it, sucked it and fucked it hundreds of times I still marvel at the size of David’s cock every time I see it. It’s kinda semi-erect already but it needs CPR. I take hold of that heavy length of man hose in one hand, lifting it up to my face. I slip it into my mouth, taking it all the way til I feel his balls on my chin. It’s definitely not hard yet – no way I could do that if it were hard. It’s growing in my mouth quickly. I love feeling a cock grow hard in my mouth, feels weird and sexy knowing I’m the one making that happen. A few minutes of gentle sucking, stroking, kissing and licking is all it takes to transform the trouser snake from something I can pop in my mouth to a monster to scare little virgin girls, which is exactly what it did when I was a virgin and first saw it!

“Stand up, baby.”
Mmm he only uses ‘baby’ when he’s pleased with me. I must be doing something right. “Was I good?” I ask. “Am I getting spanked or fucked?”
“Fucked… like the little slut you are.” I giggled at that. “I’ll save the spanking for morning.” I didn’t giggle at that – I know he is serious. “Where do you want it?”
“The chair,” I say guiding him over to the arm chair in the corner of the room.

I throw a couple of cushions on the chair to support my back then sit down, bum at the edge of the chair, feet on the seat and legs spread as wide as possible. David kneels in front of me, slips two fingers into me and then lowers his mouth to my pussy. I’m moaning and groaning as he eats me; running my fingers through his hair and gazing down at him as he expertly turns my fit, healthy teenage body into a sweating, shaking thing.

He isn’t down there long but its enough to turn me from horny to desperate. I don’t want his cock any more… I NEED it! I’m so close to cumming when David stops eating me. I think that was deliberate. My suspicions are confirmed when I try to slip my hand between my legs to get there but he blocks me, knocking my hand away to deny me the orgasm he knows my body is craving.

David makes a slightly odd sight as he stands up, naked from the waste down but for his socks and wearing a smart shirt and smart jacket from the waist up. I only have a moment to enjoy the peculiarity of his attire for almost instantly he is lowering himself back down onto the sofa and on top of me. He takes my ankles in his hands, lifting them in the air and pushing them back until I feel like a piece of paper with a secret note on it, all folder up and ready to be sent.

I love being in this position. I love watching him as he moves. I love feeling exposed and helpless. Better yet, I love having a clear view of what is happening. I look down, my pussy is there: bald, glistening with my own juices. His dick moving closer and closer. Just a millimetre now. I can feel its heat on my wet pussy. I feel it touch me and see it disappear into my body. Now I see only David’s face as I instinctively throw my head back as if my body is trying to straighten out to take that big long thick cock. It’s filling me. In this position it feels even bigger than it is. His cock must be all the way in me now. I look down again but he’s barely even half way in. I can feel him in my stomach, so deep he’s surely going to run out of room inside me now. It doesn’t, I watch as he slowly disappears until his groin touches my pussy and I know he’s impaled me fully his his shaft. Nothing happens for a moment, I look at his face and kiss him. As we kiss the fucking begins, he pulls out until only the very head of his cock is inside me then rams all 9.5 inches back into me in a hard powerful thrust. I’m squealing and shouting nonsense as he fucks me.

It feels so good to be fucked like this, able to see as well as feel everything. We kiss passionately as our bodies buck together. Our rhythms are completely out of sync. One moment we’re both pulling out and slamming together in a move that sends tingles of pins and needles through my abdomen as he slams into my cervix. The next moment, I’m chasing his dick as he tries to withdraw all the time kissing his mouth.

I cum.

I cum hard.

In that moment, I’m so grateful that he wouldn’t let me cum earlier. This orgasm is so intense it fills every part of my body and mind. My whole world is reduced to the confines of my body as whatever chemical is responsible for pleasure floods my brain. I swear I can’t see at this point – or if I can my mind is unable to remember what it sees. The whole world is black and nothing exists beyond the tingling in every part of me and a blind, mad sense of euphoria and intense pleasure.

Light returns to my world, I can see again and I know what’s happening again. I’m still cumming but the intensity has lessened. David is still fucking me and when I glance at his face I see that he’s grinning from ear to ear – he knows exactly what he’s just done to me. There’s something in the look on his face, knowing that he’s watching me cum that intensifies that orgasm and again I’m plunged into my own little dark world of pleasure.

I emerge back into the light for the second time. David’s not grinning now. He’s looking over my head with a look of intense concentration. Without warning my head is jerked back til I’m looking at the window behind the chair. I can’t move, David must be holding my hair tight. I feel his face bury in my bosom, kissing and licking my boobs. He’s back up now, looking at me. I hold his arms and quickly he takes my hands in his, pushing them against the back of the chair by my head, my legs are trapped inside his arms, pressed against his chest.

He’s looking right at me. A savage animal look. I feel like a helpless deer trapped by a ferocious lion about to be eaten. I realise David has stopped fucking me for a moment. I watch, waiting. The fucking recommences. Much harder this time. This isn’t a fuck for me, this is now all about him – he’s pounding into me, hard and fast. My insides are taking a battering but I hold tight knowing he’s almost there.

His hand is on my chest as he slams into me so hard I’m amazed the chair hasn’t broken. Once, twice then the third time he stays deep inside me and I can feel his cock throbbing and a warmness inside me. He starts thrusting again, much more calm and gentle. I know he’s cumming inside me and it triggers another mini-orgasm. Nowhere near as intense as the first and with no double climax but I’m cumming nonetheless.

It’s all over.

I lay there spent, still panting from those intense few minutes. David is still on top of me, but holding himself up on hands and knees now, watching me, smiling. He’s clearly pleased with himself and he has every right to be. “You need to go get ready, Emmy.” He tells me.
“In a minute,” I gasp.
“Now! No more delays, get going.”

The image of myself bent over the dining room table crosses my minds eye again. I know I’ll be there in the morning and I know not to make it worse for myself. I stand up, wobbly at first and head to the bedroom to redo my make up. Picking up my dress and knickers on the way I reflect that bringing them down didn’t really help in the end.

We were 20 minutes late arriving to meet our friends, not bad I think. The next morning, before breakfast, I was bent over that dining table again taking one smack from the paddle for every minute late we’d been. Ten on each bum cheek. It hurt for days after but that first orgasm was worth every moment of my punishment.