I was reminded of this story yesterday while chatting to somebody on Twitter. It happened around 10 years ago when I was 16 years old.

I’d been seeing David for a couple of month and was really enjoying being with him despite the age gap… or maybe because of it – if you haven’t read a post about him before then I’ll explain that I was 16 while he was in his early 30s.

The plan had been for me to go to his place after school, which I’d done even though he’d messaged me saying he was running late and wouldn’t be home for a while. I didn’t mind much since it was a nice sunny day so I was feeling good and I really wanted to see him so a little wait didn’t bother me much. I picked up a large coffee from Starbucks on the way to his place content to sit on the step and wait for him. I arrived and just tried my luck with the side gate, which was unlocked – usually David kept it padlocked but he must have forgotten to lock it up. I closed the gate behind myself and headed into the garden.

David had a nice outdoor set, a couple of arm chairs, a sofa and a table. Perfect for me to work at so I sat down to revise for my exams. I don’t know how long I’d been working in the sunshine but I was getting through everything and so focused I didn’t even notice the door to the house open. “Hey,” David said making me jump out of my skin. He laughed, “how did you not notice me?” He asked.
“How long have you been there?” I shrugged
“Few minutes. You look good,” he said sitting next to me. I turned to kiss him hello. He wanted more than a peck. Fine by me, our tongues met, my hands slide around his head pulling him towards me. My glasses came off my face making me giggle as we broke away briefly for me to throw the specs on the table among the jumble of books and folders I’d spread out.

“You really do look good, Emmy.” David told me as our lips locked again. He stroked my back through my school shirt. Even then I knew I turned him on and I loved feeling the lust of this sexy grown man oozing from every pour of his body as he struggled to control himself. I was just beginning to work out then that my school uniform turned him on even more. I don’t think I’d realised it then but he loved to feel my body through my uniform as if the material of a school uniform was impregnated with some special chemical that makes female flesh feel that much better through it. I remember my hands were around his neck and head, putting his mouth to mine.

I really wanted him by then and it was obvious that he wanted me too. “Let’s go inside,” I suggested.
“It’s nice here,” he retorted burying his face in my neck.
“People can see us.”
“No they can’t, besides nobody’s watching.”
“I’m going in.”
“Nah,” he said producing a pair of handcuffs from his pocket. “Do you want me to tie you to the chair?” I shook my head defeated and hornier than ever at my submission to his will.

Within a few minutes my knickers had joined my glasses on the table and David’s face was buried in my pussy. I remember watching him nervously, refusing to react as first my pussy lips were spread then a fat finger slide inside me soon to be joined by a second. I held my composure as I was gently finger-fucked but a whimper escaped my mouth as his tongue found my clit. I watched him until his free hand pressed into the mound above my pussy pulling the hood clear and completely exposing my clit to his mouth. I remember closing my eyes and biting down on my lower lip as David ate me in the sunshine in full view of anyone who cared to peer over their garden fence. It was a picture that David would later describe in detail as we relived our fun in the sun.

I was hot and sweaty in my school shirt, skirt, knee high socks and boring clunky school shoes with the sun shining down right on me. I remember the sweat around my collar and thinking that I must stink, but David didn’t seem to mind so I put it out of mind. He ate me for ages until I was on the verge of cumming. I was so close. “Don’t stop,” I begged, mumbling my plea over and over. He just grinned, his mouth glistening with my juices.

My pussy felt cool now his face wasn’t pressing into me. The muscles inside me were twitching and throbbing still on the verge of orgasm, another ten seconds maybe and I’d have cum. I sat with my feet on the edge of the sofa feeling cheated and watching David as he dropped his suit jacked on one of the other chairs then slowly unbuttoned his trousers and took them off.

God I wanted him sooo badly.

I tried my best to look sexy rather than disappointed that I wasn’t currently recovering from a mind-shattering orgasm. I don’t know if I succeeded, I suspect that most 16 year old’s sexy faces aren’t up to much. David didn’t complain.

Learning forward, I pulled his boxers down just enough to free him. Oh my God, what a dick that was! I wanted it so bad but it still scared me: 9.5 inches of hard man-meat that was as thick as my wrist. I knew from experience that it could fit inside me but looking at it I still struggled to believe it was possible.

David reached out his hand, finding my throat he took a firm grip making me lift my head to look at him as he pushed me down on my back along the sofa. Still holding my throat tight he found my pussy and pressed himself into me. I’d stopped twitching down there but as soon as he began sliding into me I knew I was still close.

We were in my favourite position of all time – me laying on my back, him standing over me holding my legs in the air while leaning forwards towards me. Almost all guys get deep in that position but with a guy as big as David is every thrust is a cervix tickler.

Being impaled on something so big isn’t exactly easy, especially when you’re still small yourself, and I was definitely making a lot of noise despite his hand clamped on my throat. Pretty soon my neck was released but that hand clamped my mouth instead trying to keep me quiet. I don’t know if it worked, I still felt pretty loud but as I came I just didn’t care who heard me.

I remember that orgasm being so intense the whole world went black and silent – I probably just closed my eyes – as I came. He came inside me as I was cumming, which just made the whole thing even more intense for me. When it was over, I lay there my whole body throbbing, unable to move for what felt like an eternity.

An hour later when I had to go home I was still feeling the effects of that orgasm. Even at bed time I still felt elated, relaxed and contented. I floated through the rest of the day and slept like a baby.


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