My first: fucking


I was a good girl at school. I studied hard, paid attention in class, did my homework and stayed out of trouble. I was never the brightest in the room but my grades were okay. Until I was 15 and a bit when I really started to become interested in boys. I didn’t do much about it but they were definitely a distraction. I don’t mean the boys in my classroom – they were mostly sweaty, unattractive beasts with horrible little wispy moustaches. It was the idea of boys that distracted me. Even that changed not long after I turned 16 because then I met David; then the distraction was no longer abstract, it was real and, as I sat in what should have been an interesting English lesson, it was texting me.

I felt my phone vibrate on my leg – I’d worked out that when I wore tight skirts, I could slip the phone just under the hem of my skirt to hold it on my leg so that way it wouldn’t make too much noise when it vibrated and the teachers wouldn’t spot it. I waited for my moment, pulled it out just far enough to see the screen then looked down when teacher was distracted.

“Wear something sexy x,” David had text me.
“K xx,” I text back quickly. We’d arranged that I would go to his house that night after he got home from work. I wouldn’t be staying over yet. My parents had come to terms with their 16 year old daughter dating a man in his early 30’s, but they weren’t ready to let me spend the night, not that it stopped us doing anything. I was excitedly looking forward to my visit so much so that I barely concentrated on what the teacher was saying and I still had hours to go before the day ended.

Double science was the last lesson of the day. I managed to get a pass to head to the toilet at 2pm, an hour and a half before school finished. The corridors were empty, ours was the only class in the science block so far as I could tell. I fished around in my bag as I walked til I found my phone, pulling it out when I got in to the toilets; I was alone, just as I’d hoped. Quickly I aimed the phone at my reflection and snapped a photo of myself. Putting the phone on the worktop by a sink I pulled the buttons on my blue blouse open, pushed the material aside and snapped a picture of myself in my bra with a serious expression on my face. Phone down again. I pulled my blazer and blouse off dropping them on my bag before unhooking and removing my bra. At this point, my heart was racing like crazy. I was excited and terrified at once knowing that somebody might come in at any moment.¬† Snatching my phone up, I popped one hand on my hip, blew a kiss to myself in the mirror and snapped a topless selfie. The risk of being caught was definitely exciting me so I took a few more selfies in different posts. My favourite was me sucking on my forefinger staring intensely at myself in the mirror – I loved that photo, so sad I don’t have it any more.

I was sure I heard a nose from outside so I grabbed my bag, mentally praising myself for dropping my clothes on top of my bag, and locked myself in a cubicle. I sat down still topless and sent David a text, “Thought you might like these xxx”. Then followed it with all my selfies, starting with fully clothed and ending with my favourite-intense-finger-sucking-photo.

I was definitely horny as I reluctantly put my clothes back on and headed back to class. Re-entering the room and walking past everyone to my seat at the front of the class I felt like everyone was staring at me, as if they all knew what I’d just done. They weren’t of course, but I loved the feeling of those eyes on me as I walked past them all. I have to admit that I didn’t really fancy any of my classmates then but I knew more than one wanted me and I enjoyed being the object of their fantasies… although knowing what I do now about teenage boys I expect they all wanted all of the girls in class all of the time.

School finally finished and I could stop pretending to care about weak and strong nuclear bonds and start enjoying the thought of the bonds I fully expected to be put in later that evening.

My brother was off playing football with his friends so I was home alone trying on a few outfits. Mini skirts were teamed with boob tubes for that “complete fucking slut” look. I rejected them as being less sexy and more whoreish. I tried some dresses on and rejected the flowery ones for being too cute while the tight plain ones were out for not showing enough boob, or enough leg and in one case not enough of either – I threw that one out there and then. Finally, I had the perfect outfit.

Leaving the house, I slipped my stockinged feet into a pair of cute black heels and stepped out into the street. A short walk, a short bus ride then another walk and I was at David’s open front door, he must have just arrived home. I knocked and stepped inside. He emerged from the kitchen still wearing his suit and shoes. God he looked so good in a suit. “Hey babe,” he greeted me. “Close the door.”
“Hi,” I said quietly, the nerves in my tummy making me push the door harder than intended, slamming it shut with a bang.
“I loved your pics,” David told me, stroking my cheek and leaning down to kiss me. “You nearly got me in trouble though, I was in a meeting when they popped up on my phone. Everyone wanted to know why my phone was going crazy.”
“Sorry, I didn’t think.”
“It’s fine.” He assured me kissing my lips. “I was hoping you’d wear the uniform to be honest. You looked so sexy,” David whispered dragging the so out to emphasis how much he’d enjoyed the photos. “I bet you loved taking them.”
“Yeah,” I said. The nerves were terrible today and seeing him in that suit had taken my breath away and with it ability to form a coherent sentence. “I want you,” I said surprising myself as much as it pleased David.
“Don’t worry, you’re gonna get me.” I knew that anyway but hearing him promise it out loud made my knees go weak. “Let’s get that coat off.”

I nodded, biting my lip nervously as David unbuttoned my coat, watching his face closely. “Mmm, what have we here?” He asked to himself. “Oh very nice, good fucking choice baby,” he said removing my coat and leaving me standing before him in just my stockings and heels.

A second later my back met the cold wall behind me as David buried his tongue in my mouth and his hands began to explore my body. I remember clearly one hand behind my head pulling my pony tail, forcing my face to tilt up to meet his. His other hand started stroking my cheek as we kissed but quickly slid down my neck and found my breast. Meanwhile my hands were both inside his suit jacket, my left hand on the back of his hip pulling his hips towards me, the other squashed between us stroking his manly chest. I felt his dick growing and pressing into my belly. I freed my hand from between us, and a moment later I was stroking that big, rapidly hardening, cock through his suit trousers. So absorbed feeling his cock was I that I barely noticed his hand between my legs until I felt a single finger stroke from my¬†perineum, slipping between my lips slowly across my pussy until it crossed my clit then gently slid back to my wet opening and entered me. That got my attention. I squeaked, I think that’s the best word for the noise I made, and took a few sharp breaths looking up at David as his fingered me.

God, I was so horny and suddenly I realised just how tense I’d been since I first decided to take those selfies. I put my hands on David’s shoulders while he fingered me, his face occasionally coming low enough for me to kiss him. I got close to cumming before he stopped.

“Stay,” he ordered. I just nodded while David knelt down. He lifted my leg, hooking it over his shoulder then ate me. I can’t even describe how good it felt. I didn’t last long. David quickly found the perfect rhythm, his lips, tongue and fingers all working in harmony brought me to the bring of orgasm then pushed me clean over the edge leaving me to fall into a mind-obliterating climax so strong I’ve no idea how I didn’t fall down.

I don’t remember him stopping. I do remember his fingers were still inside me as he kissed my tummy leaving a wet patch of my own juices. I half walked, was half manhandled into the living room where I found myself bent over the back of an armchair, my insides still throbbing from the orgasm David had just given me. I was just coming back to Earth when I felt a hand on my back holding me down and David’s dick between my legs rubbing against my very wet pussy. I wanted him so badly and I was as wet as I think it’s possible to get without lube, even so the moment his huge dick entered me still stretched me a little uncomfortably until I got used to having that 9.5 inch long dick that was as thick as my wrist inside me. That time though David was not going to give me time to get used to him.

This all happened maybe a month after he took my virginity and he’d always been fairly gentle with me but this was one of the first times I can remember that he fucked me and that I suddenly knew the difference between sex, making love and being fucked.

He slammed that huge dick into me mercilessly as if he had no interest in how it felt for me. He was fucking me hard, holding my hips now so he could pull me back towards him as he thrust himself into me giving extra force to each stroke. I lifted my upper body a few times and each time I was roughly pushed back down. All I could do was take what he was giving to me, gabbling insensibly as he used me.

That big dick was abusing my cervix, pummelling it from within and making my abdomen tingle with a pleasant sort of pins and needles. Suddenly, I was yanked up by my pony tail while David’s other hand pushed my back down forcing me to curve my back. That was it for me, he was hitting my g-spot now, the length of his big dick sliding across it while the tip still hammered my cervix. I came again, so hard I thought for a moment my head might explode as the tension broke, flooding my mind and body with orgasmic pleasure.

I felt David finish inside me. I could hear him grunting. Each grunt followed quickly by a pulse in his dick and, I knew although couldn’t feel, a spurt of cum onto my cervix. He stayed inside me for a few moments after, leaning forward to kiss my face.

I could feel him shrinking slightly inside me, not much he was definitely still hard but some of the girth left him. He pulled out, the sudden exit making me grunt.

We ordered pizza and watched TV, me now regretting my decision not to bring clothes to change into. We had sex once more that evening, this time me riding him on the sofa in front of a film.

At 10pm, he called me a cab and packed me off to my parents. I was home just in time for my curfew and fell asleep soon after feeling very contended.