Danny’s summons

Danny’s summons

Danny’s message came in, “you free?” it asked. I was in class but that didn’t count in our agreement as a reason to turn the other down. Our agreement was simple. If either of us called on the other we had to answer the call unless we were with somebody else. We’d agreed college didn’t count – well Danny had agreed mostly because he’d dropped out and I couldn’t be bothered arguing.

I texted him back, “in class but sure.” I wanted him to know I was ditching college for him. “Get here quick,” he text. “Sure” I replied.

Class ended 5 minutes later so I waited til the end then gathered my things, said bye to the guy I sat next to who I knew had a big crush on me, and walked straight out of college the short distance into town where Danny lived.

I got to Danny’s place, found the door open so let myself inside closing the door behind me. “Hello, I’m here.” I called into the apparently empty flat. I called again, this time he answered telling me to “come here”. His voice was coming from the bedroom toward the back of the flat. I followed the sound and found him in his bedroom fiddling with something. He turned to face me, came over and immediately began undoing my jeans. We kissed as I allowed my jeans and knickers to be pulled down then I kicked my trainers off and stepped out of them leaving me in only my socks from the waist down. I had my arms half raised expecting him to pull my top over my head but instead one hand circled my back pulling us together while his other hand found its way between my legs. His fingers began exploring me, searching for my clit I’m sure. He sort of found it – whatever he was rubbing felt quite nice anyway. I let him finger me while I concentrated on kissing him. I’m no philematophile but I do find kissing a turn on. I wrapped my arms around his neck, holding him tight as our tongues explored each other. With each kiss I was more turned on and Danny’s fingers between my legs felt better and better.

His fingering felt good but I was never going to get off like this. “Go down on me,” I struggled to say between kisses. He’d got me worked up and I really wanted to cum. Danny began pushing me backwards. His flat was small the bedroom door and kitchen were next to each other with their doors at 90 degrees to one another. We turned and I shuffled backwards into the kitchen kissing Danny the whole way and his fingers inside me.

“What do you want?” He asked in a deep sexy voice. He was playing a game with me, I knew it. He wanted to hear me say what I wanted, maybe even beg for it. I didn’t care, I was so worked up now I’d have thrown myself to my knees and begged like a puppy if it got me the orgasm my body craved. “I want you to go down on me,” I said softly in a sweet little girl voice.
“Really?” He asked innocently.
“Mmm yeah… eat me,” Danny took hold of my arm and made as if he was about to eat it. “My pussy, baby… don’t be mean.” My little girl voice working over time now. “Please eat my pussy… please.” He had me begging now and maybe I should have found it humiliating but I didn’t.
“Ok, just for you because you’re such a dirty slut.” I didn’t argue. I knew I was a slut and I knew boys like telling girls that they’re sluts so I just kept quiet, if him calling me.

Danny helped me hop on to the kitchen worktop where I perched on the corner of two surfaces. To my left sat the sink, surprisingly clean I remember noticing. To my right the other worktop ran the length of the kitchen, broken only by the hob in the middle of the worktop. I sat with my legs spread wide on each worktop. Danny was still kissing me and now my legs were spread wide I could feel the cool air on my hot bald wet pussy. His fingers were still inside me, deeper now. I leaned back on my elbows when Danny finally started making his way downstairs. He spent a few moments kissing my tummy and thighs; teasing me. He knew I wanted his tongue inside me but he also knew that teasing me would only make it better for me in the long run… not that I particularly appreciate being teased at the time.

Danny’s left arm was wrapped around my right thigh, his hand on my tummy. He pressed down below my naval and above the mound of my pussy opening me up and exposing my clit. His tongue found my clit like a heat seeking missile finds it’s target. Like a missile his tongue brought with it an explosion; unlike a missile it was an explosion of pleasure that I found hard to handle in the first moments. I quickly sorted myself out though, finding myself enjoying his tongue far more in my pussy than I had in my mouth. I remember clearly that he started by flicking my clit with the tip of his tongue while he pulled the hood off my clit with one hand and spread my lips with the other.

It was intense.

He kept it up until I was clenching my fists and grunting loudly as I neared climax. I felt myself holding my breath and tried to control my breathing. It was no good because the flicking of my clit was too much and I came. I wanted to lay back and enjoy it but Danny appeared pulling me up so he could kiss me. His face was covered in my mess and I could taste myself on him but I didn’t care. I wasn’t with it; I was still coming down from that climax. He let me go, I laid myself back letting my head rest on an uncomfortably warm pipe. I didn’t care about that either.

Danny was between my legs again, his fingers pulling my lips apart again. His tongue on my clit again. He was lapping at me this time. Not the hard flicking with the tip of his tongue. Now I felt the softer flat top of his tongue caress me. He’d already eaten me but I was more than happy to let him feast some more if that’s what he wanted to do. My mind wandered to my friends at college who would be in class right now while I was enjoying myself – I’d get the class notes later; did I feel guilty for enjoying myself while my friends worked? Not even a little bit.

I was becoming aware that I was very wet now – it felt like a puddle was forming on the hard worktop by my bum. It brought me back to reality where I realised Danny had made good work while I’d been daydreaming. I left my day dream and slipped straight into a second orgasm. The first was intense, strong and all consuming. This second one was more mellow and relaxed. It seemed like it would last forever. It lasted longer than I could cope though and pretty soon I was pushing Danny away from me. He resisted at first but eventually allowed me some respite from his tongue.

“No, wait.” I demanded as I felt his cock rub against my pussy. “Give me a minute.” I tried pushing him away from me but Danny simply took hold of my wrists and pinned them to the worktop as he drove himself into my body. I heard him let out an animal-like grunt of satisfaction as my pussy swallowed up his rock hard cock. We fucked on the worktop, my resistance gone.

It didn’t take long for my over-sensitive pussy to give me my third orgasm of the afternoon. Just as it died out another one started – I don’t know if that counts as four or if it was just the third climax getting a second wind but however you count it I was left very happy.

As number 4 (or orgasm 3b if you prefer) died down I felt a sense of floating in the air watching us fuck. I couldn’t help but giggle as Danny fucked himself into me over and over again. His face set so serious with concentration that my giggle turned into laughter that only stopped when a big strong hand clamped around my throat and squeezed hard. For a moment he squeezed so hard I couldn’t breath. His grip loosened leaving me gasping for air. His hand stayed at my throat as he grunted, thrust and fucked himself into my body. I felt him driving deeper and harder. His cock throbbed inside me as his grip tightened again. I felt him cumming and that was enough to give me orgasm number five, a small little climax that lasted only the time it took Danny to empty his balls into me but it left me feeling relaxed and contented.

“Can I take a shower?” I asked – I’d been eaten twice, fucked, cum in and had enjoyed four or five orgasm;, my knicker area was a bit of a state to say the least.
“Nah you gotta get gone before my girl gets here,” Danny replied.
“Since when did you have a girlfriend?” I asked.
“Long time – it don’t matter. I still fuck your dumb ass tho don’t worry.”

I pulled on my knickers, jeans and shoes, kissed Danny goodbye then started on the walk back to college. For the rest of the day a sticky mess of bodily fluids seemed to collect in my knickers as a sort of chastisement for skipping my class.

It was worth it though.