The train ride home

The train ride home

I had been away for the weekend to the seaside with a friend and we were on our way home. It had been a good weekend: lots of sun and fun. We stayed in a little guest house on the seafront where I’m pretty sure the owners weren’t overly impressed to find themselves putting up a black boy… they were probably even less impressed that he’d brought a white teenage girl along with him. I don’t know what gave me that feeling, maybe it was the look I saw exchanged between the owner and his wife when Luke walked in. Maybe it was the way the wife gave me a look as if to ask if I was being held against my will or the way she offered me a separate room, free of charge. Still they seemed to get over it quickly and put us up in a big family room at the very top of the guesthouse, presumably they thought that would be far enough away that they wouldn’t hear the noise of anything we got up to.

Maybe at some point I’ll write about what we did do in that room but for now I’m just going to talk about the journey home.

The journey passed fairly boringly such that at a few years distance I no longer remember most of it. The bit I do remember is from somewhere just outside London through to arriving in the station.

We’d been with lots of people for most of the journey but the train cleared out and for the first time we were more or less alone sitting in a block of six seats – three seats facing another three. An old man was a row or two behind us and people were at the other end of the carriage.

Luke’s hand dropped onto my bare leg and quickly slid up my skirt. I coyly giggled and feebly pushed at his hand while simultaneously spreading my legs just enough for him to reach my pantieless crotch. “I saw you put those on,” Luke commented. “Where’d they go?”
“Here,” I replied pulling my hand from the pocket of my denim jacket and showing him the pink panties he’d seen me put on that morning. “I knew you’d like the surprise,” I told him before kissing his lips.

I spread wider and felt a finger slip inside me. “Can we fuck here?” I asked rubbing his dick through his jeans.
“We’ll see,” he replied just as his finger found my clit distracting me from the conversation. Our mouths met, lips open, tongues duelling between. I love the work of a good snog, getting just the right thing in the right situation is mind-blowing. Some guys think that just shoving their tongues to the back of my mouth is what its all about and yeah sometimes that’s hot but most of the time it’s the duel that turns me on. The advance, thrust and riposte. This was that type of snog and it drove me wild. I wanted him so badly. I felt his dick through his jeans but I wanted to hold it, to stroke it, to fuck it. I just wanted it inside me. I was fumbling with his jeans, undoing them to extract my prize but a glance back between the seats and I knew we couldn’t fuck right there – there were too many people at the back of the carriage I hadn’t noticed before and I was never exactly quiet during sex.

Luke’s dick was free of his jeans and in my hand. I remember how hot it felt, how hard yet the skin was soft. I wanted it so much but I knew it couldn’t happen there but his dick looked and felt sooooo good. I glanced around again, nobody was moving that I could see. Without thinking I ducked down taking that big black cock in my mouth. I worked that dick with my tongue and lips as well as pumping it with my hand. I used every trick I know from swirling my tongue over his head as I pulled back to squeezing it with my tongue all the while working the shaft with my hands. It seemed like Luke wasn’t going to cum at all.

Then, I felt his hands on the back of my head. He was close, I could tell. With my left hand I cupped his balls, squeezing very gently, while my right hand pumped that shaft and my mouth fucked it for all I was worth. Luke was holding my head tighter and pushing me down just a little harder making me go slower on him. I knew I was doing good. His balls seemed to tighten in my hand and a few moments later I felt his shaft throbbing just a fraction of a second before that beautiful black cock exploded in my mouth blasting the thick gooey goodness against my palate and filling my mouth.

I resisted the urge to swallow and kept a tight seal around his dick. When he finished cumming, I had to suck quite hard to keep the seal intact as I extracted myself from his dick without spilling any of his cum, but I managed it.

“Oooh baby you’re good,” he told me as I came back level with his face. I had to suppress a  grin at that but I managed it long enough to open wide and show Luke the pool of his cum in my mouth. “Oh damn bitch, you gonna swallow that for me?” I nodded, slowly closed my lips, paused, swallowed and opened wide again poking my tongue out to prove it was all gone.

We arrived at our station about two minutes later. We held hands walking along the platform and I have to admit I felt a warm glow of self-satisfaction knowing the cum I could still taste was in my belly.