House party

House party

I’ve not posted in ages. I have a few works in progress that I’ve left for about 3 months each so I’m going to write a very quick one now.

Over Christmas I went to a party at a friend’s house. She lives with her boyfriend in a nice house. It got me thinking about when we were teenagers and we’d go to parties. Back then they were usually in somebody’s parents house and it reminded me of one nearly forgotten long ago party at a guy’s mum’s house. I can’t even remember the name of the guy who threw the party any more though I can still picture his face.. or at least I can picture a face that I think is his – David. I think his name was David; it doesn’t matter. He’s not important to the story.

At this point I was about 18. I’d split up with David (not the party thrower but my boyfriend – or ex-boyfriend – David) and was seeing another guy called Aaron. It wasn’t exactly a deep relationship with Aaron. I think we lasted about a fortnight though that weekend was probably the height of the relationship.

I met my friends and had a few drinks while getting ready to go to the party. I was pretty tipsy by the time I arrived at the party so most of the night is a bit of a blur. We got there. We’d taken a bottle of wine each and David (the party thrower not my ex) had laid on some food and drinks. There was music, a bit of dancing, chatting and flirting. David’s parents weren’t there (neither David the party thrower’s parents nor David the ex-boyfriend’s parents in case you were wondering).

My friend and long term fuckbuddy, Danny, was there. He’d shown up with his girlfriend who was pretty drunk. I remember saying “hi” to them and chatting but she was becoming oblivious.

I headed off.

A while late Danny was at my side as I helped myself to some of the free drink. His arms slide around my waist and his lips kissed my neck, nuzzling in til I giggled and pushed him off. “I need a fuck,” he whispered in my ear.
“You’ve got a girlfriend for that,” I told him – only later did it occur to me that I had a boyfriend too.
“I. Want. You.” He dipped a finger in the vodka and coke I’d just poured myself and pressed it to my lips, which I parted and sucked his finger dry without thinking. I let him guide me by the hand away from the others and upstairs. We found a bedroom that looked like it belonged to a youngish girl. We kissed, our hands clutching at each others clothing; him pulled my skirt up and my knickers down, me undoing his jeans and pulling them and his boxers down. We looked around the room for a place to fuck – there was a small desk that looked too fragile otherwise it was the bed or the floor.

“Get on the bed,” he ordered. I was stroking his cock as he spoke, enjoying the warm smooth skin along its shaft interrupted by the bobbles of his veins bulging along that hard fat cock. I remembered his girlfriend – what did she look like? I couldn’t remember. “Put a condom on,” I demanded.
“Why?” He asked surprised. “We fucked before,” he said.
“And you been fucking that skank down there,” I said. I went on to say something about her being a diseased chav or him getting us both pregnant at the same time but I can’t remember what I said or even if I just thought it. Either way he fished a condom out of his wallet and handed it to me. I unwrapped it, knelt down and rolled it down his cock. It tasted rubbery. In my mind I know that because I put it on with my mouth though since I’ve never been able to do that sober I doubt it happened. More likely I couldn’t resist licking his latex covered dick.

I sat up onto the edge of the bed. “On all fours,” Danny ordered. I obeyed, turning away from him and crawling onto the bed so my feet and bum were just over the edge. Danny pulled my skirt over my back and a moment later I felt his hard cock slide into me. It never feels as good with a condom but it was good all the same. He fucked me from behind like that for ages, holding my hips and pulling me backwards onto his dick. I didn’t want to make a noise so I was sucking my thumb and enjoying the fucking he was giving me.

I was about ready to switch positions when I heard a grunting and felt his thrusts change in a way that told me he was about to cum inside me. Or rather inside the condom inside me. I did my best to enjoy the last few seconds before he pulled out and collapsed on the bed next to me apparently pleased with his night’s work. I laid down next to him – I’d enjoyed it but I hadn’t cum. The condom was still on his dick. The end now stretched out and full of cum. I helped take it off him then held the condom, squeezing and pondering at the cum inside. It seemed amazing to me then (and it still does now) that this little packet of white, creamy looking goo could impregnate me and every girl at the party if only it could be got into them in just the right way.

“Drink it, baby.” His voice was a dreamy whisper and I wonder whether he really expected me to do it. I did though. I held both ends and tipped it up letting the cum pour into my mouth. I swallowed it quickly then gave him his condom back as I stood up. I don’t know why but I felt kind of triumphant for having eaten the cum out of that condom.

We left the room shortly after. As I came down the stairs I heard Aaron’s voice at the bottom – he must have come to pick me up. I met him at the bottom of the stairs and kissed him, the taste of Danny’s cum still fresh in my mouth. I glanced around but Danny wasn’t behind me – he appeared a few minutes later and afterwards told me he’d hidden so we wouldn’t be seen coming down together.

Aaron and I stayed for a couple of drinks then we left together for his place.

Back at Aaron’s place I stripped nude – I was desperate to finish what Danny hadn’t been able to. I wanted to cum. I don’t remember if it was me or just a coincidence but Aaron fucked me in exactly the same position Danny had. Only Aaron lasted long enough to switch positions giving me the chance to ride him before finishing up in my all time favourite of me on my back on the bed and him standing up pushing my legs back as he pounds himself into my body.

I was already screaming with orgasmic pleasure as I rode him. By the time he finished I was a throbbing, cumming wreck of a human being barely aware of anything beyond my own orgasms.

It was a good night.