The night of the riot

The night of the riot

A lot of the events of Monday the 8th August and Tuesday the 9th August 2011 have become blurred in my memory because it was a confusing night and because 5 years have past since that one intense, frantic night. Everyone else remembers that weekend and the weeks after because of the London riots that spread across the country… I don’t.

The events of the 8th August 2011 actually began the week before when I’d taken part in a threesome with my fuckbuddy Lucian and a friend of his called Mark. Lucian is a mixed race boy a couple of years older than me, I met him round the estate. Mark is a black boy who I only ever saw when Lucian was there. I’d said I wanted a threesome with black guys and Lucian made it happen. On the 8th August, I’d agreed to go one step further and have a foursome with Lucian, Mark and another black guy they knew. I had Monday and Tuesday off work so Lucian had picked me up around the corner from home on the pretext that I was staying with a girlfriend that night. He drove me from Essex into Hackney. The night before they’d been some trouble in nearby Tottenham but I hadn’t really been paying attention to the news and didn’t really know about it at that point.

We got to the place, it was in a big tower block and the lift was out. I’d worn a simple black dress over some nice lingerie – nothing too expensive that might get ruined – and some high heels. The lift was broken so I had to take the heels off to climb the stairs – thankfully the flat was on the 10th floor not the 20th.

My heart was racing by the time we reached the right floor and not just because of all the steps I’d climbed. We took a moment to catch our breath then Lucian held my hand and let me to the flat at the far end of the landing. It was around 4pm and from here you could see out across the city. The door to the flat was open and Lucian ushered me in first with a whispered reminder to remember what he’d told me earlier. What he’d told me is that the third guy is a decent bloke but that he doesn’t like being disrespected. He was in a gang I’d been told and he was a “serious player”. His name was, “Shank”, Lucian said his real name was Darren but that nobody called him that.

I walked in, Lucian guiding me from behind. Mark was sat in a armchair, “hi,” I waved to him. Another guy was sat on the sofa to Mark’s left, his feet on the sofa as he leaned against the sofa’s arm smoking a spliff. I guessed Shank was in his middle 20s, he was very muscular and was wearing jeans and a white vest. He had some tattoos on his arms though I couldn’t say what they were of. “Hi,” I said again waving at him this time. He took a long drag on the spliff, his eyes roamed my body and I felt like a stupid white girl standing their waving like an idiot. “Damn that’s sexy,” he said to the other two about me. I waited while Shank took another long drag on the spliff. “Go lock the door and bring the key here,” Shank told one of the others. Then to me, “come here sexy, let me look at you.” His voice was soft, but definitely not friendly. His eyes fixed on me when he spoke and as I walked toward him, they bore into me like a demon’s drills searching out my soul. There was something very menacing about him. I stepped closer. “Turn round, baby”. I turned to face the opposite wall. “Keep going,” he instructed. I slowly twirled on the spot as a man I’d never met before inspected me like I was something he was considering buying. Mark reappeared and handed a set of keys to Shank as I twirled.

I felt hands on my hips from behind before I had a chance to see Shank move. I could feel him pressing into me. His mouth found my neck, kissing and sucking at me while he ran his hands down my thighs then back up my waist and around my back. He found the zip at the back of my dress, pulled it all the way down then turned me to face him. He sat back down, “take it off baby.”
“Sure,” I muttered as I slide my arms out of the dress and let it drop to the floor.
“Mmmm that’s good now let’s see what you got,” Shank unfastened his jeans pulled them down just enough to free a very big black cock; he sat, reclined, gesturing me toward his cock. I have to admit to mixed feelings when he did that. He was arrogant, he took for granted that I was going to jump on his cock just because he told me to and part of me was annoyed at the thought. On the other hand, I’d agreed to come here for sex so maybe he was right to expect me to jump on him.

“Well?” He asked. Obviously I’d hesitated too long.
“Emmy,” Lucian hissed at me from behind. I swallowed my pride and lowered myself to my knees like a supplicant kneeling to her rightful Master. I kept going down until my nose and lips felt the warm skin of his cock. I licked the whole length of his shaft and was rewarded by the sight of the already big dick twitch as it grew some more. I took him in my hands then went to work on him. From Shank came a deep, throaty growl of pleasure.”Mmmm, that’s it.” He watched me work on his dick for a few minutes then lent forward, unhooked my bra and pulled it off me.

“You a real cock sucker”

I worked hard, using every trick I knew to get Shank off but by the time my usually indefatigable jaw began to ache he was no nearer cumming than he had been when I started. A few minutes more and Shank took hold of my hair, pulled my head gentle back and extracted himself from me. “You like sucking cock don’t ya?” I nodded, I don’t think I spoke. “Yeah you a real cock sucker. You go suck my boys off now, cock sucker.” I’d been so focused on Shank that I’d completely forgotten anybody else was in the room. They were both nearby, Mark was already getting his cock out of his jeans so I crawled over to him and started sucking. He was a pretty good size too though neither he nor Lucian were anything compared to Shank. I took his cock in my mouth; Mark remained standing. He put his hands on my head, controlling my movements as I sucked his dick. Mark lacked the staying power of Shank because within a few minutes I was gulping down my first serving of cum for the day. Lucian had come and sat down on the sofa pretty much right next to me so I only had to turn to get his cock in my mouth. As I sucked his dick somebody came up behind me. I didn’t know who it was but he reached around and slipped his fingers into my knickers and then into me. He played with my pussy and fingered my clit so well it was hard to concentrate on blowing Lucian, but I managed it and in no time I had swallowed the day’s second load of cum.

Now it was my turn, I was lifted from behind, spun and deposited on the sofa next to Lucian. Shank was between my legs eating my pussy frantically as if he were a starving man come face to face with his first meal in weeks. Whereas I’d failed him, he delivered and I was soon cumming while he ate me.

Shank made me cum easily

I sat back recovering my breath and senses. I watched Shank produce a coin from his pocket and toss it high in the air. He caught it and challenged Mark to call heads or tails. “Heads,” Mark chose. It was tails. I wasn’t sure what the game was until Shank turned to Lucian, “you can call but you gonna be ready if you win?” I realised they were flipping a coin to decide who got to fuck me first. I have to admit that having three guys gambling over the right to screw me was at once demeaning and hugely exciting. Lucian was still sat next to me, I held his hand and looked at him. He didn’t look back at me as he said, “you go first. I’ll flip for second though.” Shank flipped the coin twice more and both times Mark won. It was decided then. I was to be fucked by Shank, Mark and then Lucian. I had been given no say in the decision at all. I was fine with that.

Shank spoke to me but I can’t remember what he said now. He took position between my legs and pushed himself into me. “Condom,” I shouted trying to push him back.
“Maybe next time,” he laughed and slammed the whole length of that big black cock into my pussy hard enough to knock the air out of me in a loud grunt. I kept pushing at his shoulders for a few moments more but it was no good and I’m not even sure if Shank noticed; he didn’t budge and I couldn’t escape. He fucked me for a long time while the other two watched; occasionally a hand would squeeze a boob or slip into my mouth as I gasped for air. I came on Shank’s big cock twice before he finally had enough and began cumming deep inside my pussy. I imagined all that cum being blasted deep into me, searching for a egg to fertilise. I wondered for a few moments it one of these three would be the father of my first child – how would I know whose it was? I played with the fantasy of being impregnated when Mark came to take his turn. I was on birth control and deep down I hoped it worked.

I managed to get off the sofa before Mark could climb on me. “Fuck me from behind,” I asked. He nodded and I turned away from him, kneeling on the sofa with my head over the back rest. He entered me. It was difficult to feel him after Shank’s big prick had been in me but Mark seemed happy and he too came inside me. Finally, it was Lucian’s turn. He took me from behind as well but as he fucked me a black dick appeared in front of me. It wasn’t fully erect but it wasn’t far off. I opened my mouth and allowed it to slip inside. I could taste myself on it and as I sucked it got bigger until it was fully erect. I glanced up now and saw it belonged to Mark. I was amazed – he’d only finished fucking me a few minutes before and now here he was hard and ready for more. He and Lucian continued spit roasting me until Lucian came. A moment later Mark came in my mouth.

I waited expecting Shank to appear and fuck me but nothing and after a couple of moments I let myself fall back on to the sofa and lay there gathering my thoughts and breath. I noticed the clock on the wall said 4.45pm. I’d been there 45 minutes and had been fucked by three men and already had six loads of cum inside me, although even now I could feel that the cum in my pussy would be making a reappearance soon.

I took my first shower of the night – there were to be several showers that evening.

After that events are a little muddled up in my memory. I had sex with all three boys together and individually throughout the night. At some point, one of them decided my bum was now open for business and before too long they’d all taken a turn – funnily enough they all remembered the condoms when putting their dicks up my arse!

Three guys, one girl: trust me life is tough!

At one point I experienced the most physically challenging sex of my life. I was riding somebody on the sofa, I’m pretty sure it was Shank, when a dick appeared behind the backrest. I went for it and began sucking as I fucked. Then I felt hands on my hips. I thought nothing of it until I felt a dick pushing into my bum. I tried to wriggle free of them all but whoever I was riding held me in place and the guy who had been in my mouth held my head and told me to relax – I’m pretty sure that was Lucian. I did my best to relax as my bum and pussy were fucked simultaneously. Lucian put his cock back in my mouth and so that’s how I came to be fucked in all three holes at the same time. I can’t tell you who came first but I knew they all came. The two below came inside me while Lucia blew his load in my face and over my hair – that I remember clearly!

It’s tough being fucked by three men all at once. Having a dick up my bum has always been ok if something that needs a little preparation but when there’s another guy fucking my pussy too it gets a bit filling, if I can put it that way. I’d never thought about being penetrated in my pussy and bum at the same time much in my life but I’d always had an image of two guys fucking in time, so one pulls out as the other pushes in. It’s not like that at all. Sure there are times when that happens but just as often they’ll both push their dicks into you at the same moment or both pull out in unison. Both give you a feeling that there’s not enough space inside you for them both to be in there. Your heart races and you hold your breath trying to handle it… at least you do if there’s not also a third guy holding your head and pushing a dick into your mouth at the same time. Then you’re in a whole other world of struggling to cope!

A riot broke out in the streets below us

While we’d been fucking a riot had broken out in the streets below us. We could hear the sirens screaming about, shop alarms going off as the shops were looted. Helicopters filled the sky and from the balcony you could see fires taking hold. We watched from the balcony, I was completely naked and it felt good to be outside high up without any clothes. The boys were drinking beers. Lucian had brought some wine for me but I didn’t fancy any at that point so I stuck with water. I remember thinking as I leaned against the balcony that between them these three guys had fucked me about 15 times. That was at around 10pm. I don’t know how I got to that figure but I remember being pretty sure at the time.

“When’d you last shower?” Shank asked me.
“Er… about 8, I think.”
“Go take a shower now while we’re havin’ a break,” he ordered.
“But I’m watching…” I began saying.
“Bitch, go!” A hard smack landed on my bum and Shank forcefully pushed me back into the flat. I felt like a little girl being ordered to wash by her parents and though I wanted to resist I didn’t.

I finished showering, did my best to dry myself with the now quite wet towels. From my bag I fished out some clear lube. I was feeling a little sore and even though they were on a break it was pretty obvious with what was happening outside that I wasn’t leaving this flat for a while. I squirted a lot of lube onto my fingers then inserted them into myself ensuring the lube coated me as much as possible. I did the same on my bum; I hate putting my own fingers up there but I couldn’t see a choice. I was amazed at how easy it was to get two fingers up there – they guys were obviously having an effect on my body. I washed my hands.

Feeling clean and well oiled, I wandered naked back into the living area of the flat. Shank was in there, bear chested but wearing jobbing bottoms. I could see the other two out on the balcony, the door was closed between us now and they were looking over the edge. Shank took my arm and guided me toward another door I’d not been through yet. It was a small box bedroom, painted pink with a small curtainless window looking out towards another tower block. There was a bed in the corner near the window that was made up with pink My Little Pony sheets. A white wardrobe and set of drawers faced the bed, each made girly with the addition of pink butterfly wing handles.

“Whose room is this?” I asked as Shank closed the door behind us. “Why do they call you Shank?” I asked trying to get him to speak. Alone in this small cell-like room Shank was scary. I don’t think I’d seen him smile since I arrived and the others treated him like he was special, important, dangerous. His hands touched my body, one rested gently on my throat the other held my right boob. “Why’d you care, bitch?” He asked, almost snarling, his face just a few inches from mine. For the first time that night I felt frightened of him and in an instant I realised that the other two were frightened of Shank too – if he hurt me I didn’t think they’d rescue me. “Just curious,” I told him softly, deliberately not meeting his gaze.
“Look at me,” he snarled again tightening his grip on my throat just enough to get my attention. I looked into his eyes. He stared back at me through half-closed but alert dark brown eyes that conveyed a steely determination. His piercing stare cut through me as if he could read my mind just by looking into my eyes; he seemed even more frightening. “Dey call me Shank ’cause when I gets crossed I shank da mother fucker.” I must have been looking blank because next he said, “you know what shank means?” I shook my head, I had no clue. It felt like something I should know but at that moment my mind was blank. Shank’s fingers squeezed my throat a little tighter prompting me to say, “no.. no I don’t”. For the first time since I met him, Shank laughed
“Bitch, you are so fucking white! It means I stabbed dem.”
“Oh right,” I didn’t know what to say; he was still laughing at me.
“Get on the bed.” I did as I was told, laying on my back. “On all fours, bitch so I can fuck you like a bitch.” I obeyed, pointing my bum toward him and crawling backward to the edge of the bed keeping my legs apart the whole way. He took my thighs in his hands, positioning me just right. “Head down, bitch.” His voice was calm, soft almost, authoritative. I couldn’t imagine a world where I wouldn’t do as he told me right away. I put my head on the bed and tried to look behind me but my own thighs were in the way. I could see black hands holding them but that’s about it.

I felt Shank’s cock against my pussy; a moment later he was inside me. A hard powerful thrust took him deep into my pussy and made me so grateful for the lube I’d used earlier. He grunted with exertion as if he were expending every drop of energy with every thrust. His hips hit my bum with such force that I was being thrown forward every time he drove himself into me and I struggled to stay in place. My insides tingled in a weird mix of pain and pleasure that I’ve never completely decided whether I like or not as his cock hit my cervix hard over and over again. I lent forward to stop him going so deep and was rewarded as the tingling became more bearable. Shank wasn’t amused. A series of hard blows rained down on my backside accompanied by angry demands for me to backup on him. I tried, I really did try, but I just couldn’t do it even with my backside being turned into a bruised mess. An extra hard thrust sent me lurching forward then I felt Shank go deeper into me again as he leaned over me. I looked back as best I could but I really couldn’t turn enough to see what he was up to. Then my wrists were grabbed by two strong black hands and my arms were pulled behind me and back towards my feet. I started to lift my upper body in response only for my arms to be jerked toward the ceiling and my face buried in the pink Pony bedcover. He was fucking me again now that big black cock thrusting into me, pounding my cervix again until pins and needles extended through the whole of my lower body. My arms hurt being held like this and I wished I’d just backed up when he’d told me to. I struggled to breath with my head being pushed hard down into the covers.

The turtle position

I was raped once and that experience was far gentler than what Shank was putting me through now. I managed to turn my head and gulp air into my lungs as he used me mercilessly for his own entertainment; I was nothing next to the satisfaction of his own pleasure.

It felt as though I was held in that position for ages but I don’t know how long it was. Long enough to make my arms ache the following day! Eventually, he folded my arms across my back and held them in one hand. This was comfortable enough and breathing was no longer a problem. I was still held firmly in place, unable to get away, but it was at least bearable. The fucking seemed to continue for ages until at last I felt his cock throbbing inside me and another serious of hard slaps rained down on my bum, this time accompanied by loud shouting of a many enjoying a peak of pleasure. It seemed like for every moment of his pleasure Shank was determined to make me feel an equal amount of pain – all I can say is that from how much his spanking hurt me he must have enjoyed himself a lot!!

He was spent and I was allowed to collapse on the bed. I tried lifting myself up but my arms felt weak so I just lay there panting for breath. Much to my surprise, Shank lay down next to me and took me in his arms. He kissed me and told me I was a good girl, “for a white bitch,” were his exact words. His voice was much softer than I’d have guessed he was capable of as he asked whether I’d enjoyed that fuck. I was surprised he could believe I actually enjoyed being treated like that. To be honest though I felt scared of him so I nodded and whispered, “yes.” I didn’t want to upset him. We lay there for a while kissing, occasionally he’d kiss my boobs and at one point I lay very still trying not to grimace as he sucked and bit my neck until I knew I’d be bruised there for a week. I didn’t like it but for the moment I was his and I knew I had to accept whatever he chose to do to me so I didn’t complain even though I was already trying to figure out how I would explain it to my parents and everyone at work.

He helped me to my feet and led me outside holding my hand. Lucian was there with Mark, they’d obviously been waiting for us to emerge and the fact they’d been unwilling to come in and find us just made me think how good an idea it was to stay on Shank’s good side. “You finished with her?” Lucian asked.
“For now,” Shank answered.
“Can we take her?”

Shank pushed my hand towards Lucian and Mark, giving me to them. “Actually, I think I need a rest,” I said as I was being handed over. They all laughed and I noticed Shank looking pleased with himself as if one fuck from him had ruined me. The boys didn’t take any notice of my opinion and I was pulled toward the sofas where it was clear to me that if I didn’t bend over I’d be forced over the back of them. I knelt on the seat, leaning forward over the back of the sofa. Shank had sat himself on a high bar stool in the dining area where he was drinking a beer and watching us. Somebody entered me from behind. I guessed it was Lucian from the feel of his cock – I’d been fucked by these men so many times I was sure I could tell them apart just from the feel of their dicks. Whoever it was held me tight and fucked me hard. This position was good, his dick glided across my g-spot and I was able to reach between my legs and rub my clit as he had me. Shanks eye’s never left me and I watched him the whole time. Even when I came I kept my eyes fixed on his face, feeling his power from afar. He finished and I felt warm liquid on my back; I guessed he had cum on my back. Within 30 seconds he was replaced, I guessed by Mark and the fucking continued. Mark held my hair, forcing my head back so now I couldn’t look away from Shank even if I wanted to. I didn’t cum this time but when it was time for him to cum Mark also pulled out and plastered my back with his jizz.

After that, the night went on in a bit of a blur. I drank some wine in between being used by all three of them. The most memorable bit was at some point in the early hours being on the balcony with all three guys, taking turns blowing them as they watched the activity below.

We had food at some point, pizza, though I didn’t eat much. I was tired and just wanted to rest. My last fuck of the night was with Shank who fucked me on the carpet leaving carpet burns that I felt the next day.

At some point in the early hours the boys had enough and I was sent to sleep in the small room where Shank had half-raped me hours earlier. As I went in, the door closed behind me and I heard a key turn in a lock. I tried the handle and sure enough I was locked inside the room.

I got into bed still naked and covered in cum, sweat and bruises, where I feel asleep almost immediately. The next morning I awoke, the sun was streaming in through the small window. I felt good. Achy but good as if I’d had a hard workout at the gym. My bedroom door was still locked. I knocked but nobody came so I waited. I began to hear noises outside of people moving around and talking. I knocked again but still nobody came. I heard the front door open, voices speaking and then the front door closing.

Maybe two hours after I woke up the bedroom door was unlocked and Shank stood there in just his boxer shorts. He came inside the room, closing the door behind him. “Please can I go? I need to get home,” I said. I could see the bulge in his boxers and I knew I wasn’t leaving yet. “No,” he said. “Please just let me go.” He was pushing me back toward the bed and as my legs hit it I sat down. “Please just let me suck it,” I was begging now but my pussy and bum were sore from last night’s fun and my insides felt like I’d been fighting Lennox Lewis they were so beaten up. I reached for his dick, hoping to get it in my mouth before he could stop me but it wasn’t to be. Without speaking, Shank pushed me down on the bed and climbed between my legs, lifting them and pushing them back toward my chest until I was nearly folded in half. I didn’t resist – even if I’d been brave enough there was nothing I could do in that position with him on top of me – as he drove his cock into me; it hurt. I wasn’t wet enough and he was too big. It felt like I was being torn apart and I couldn’t help but cry out in pain, which just seemed to make him enjoy it even more. He came inside me and it was over. I was allowed to dress in the living room, while I did Shank played with my phone. He got my number from it and he put my address in his phone from ID he found in my purse. I didn’t care, I just wanted to get out of there. He gave me my things back and let me out the door.

At the end of the landing Lucian was waiting. I knew why he hadn’t stopped Shank raping me that morning – tho I have to admit at the time I didn’t think of it as rape, just something I didn’t like much. I didn’t blame him for being scared of Shank but I didn’t want to talk to him. I let him drive me home, more because I didn’t know where I was. The devastation in the area from last nights riot was unmissable. Cars were damaged and burned out, windows were smashed and shops had been looted.

In the back of my mind I knew that Shank would be calling me, it was just a matter of time. I felt the mark on my neck where he’d bitten me and wondered what he’d do to me next time. I didn’t have long to wait before I found out, but that’s another story.