It all started the night before it really started. I’d been out clubbing with friends. I’d lost them somewhere along the line and found a guy. I’d gone home with him and we fucked in his flat before falling asleep. At least, I assume we fucked – I don’t actually remember.

The next morning – the morning my story really begins – we fucked again. I don’t remember the actual sex then either but I do remember that we’d not long finished fucking when my phone rang as I laid on his bed. I glanced at who was calling: “Daddy”. Tapping the call answer button I whispered into the phone, “hello Daddy.”
“Where’s my baby girl at?” A strong deep voice demanded from the handset.
“With someone,” I whispered glancing at the bedroom door.
“Baby girl been fucking ain’t you?”
“Uh-hu,” I answered.
“Damn slut.” I didn’t answer. “Get yo ass over here bitch, Daddy gonna teach his lil ho what a real man fucks like.”
“I can’t…”
“Bitch you better be here now or your ass in trouble.”

I thought about my options for a second. I mean, he couldn’t force me or anything – he didn’t even know my address let alone where I was that minute. But being talked to like that, having a man demand I come to him, well that shit just turns me on. I made up my mind, “okay, I’ll be there but it might take a while. Not sure I have any money or where I am exactly.”
“Get in a cab baby girl, I’ll pay when you here.”

I hung up, feeling horny for what was come already, I hopped off the bed putting my foot on two used condoms – proof that we had fucked the night before even if I couldn’t remember it.

The bedroom door opened just as I was pulling my knickers on. Darren… or Dean… maybe David… definitely something with a D or maybe it was Gavin. I don’t know – not sure I knew his name then – but whoever he was he was walking into the bedroom stark naked and with a pretty impressive hard on pointing ahead of him like a compass needle guiding his way.

“I have to go,” I told him.
“Not yet,” he replied. “I haven’t finished with you yet.” In the time it took him to say those words he’d crossed the bedroom to face me. One hand had taken hold of the back of my neck while the other stroked my cheek. His face was pressed close to mine, “not yet,” he said. “Don’t go yet,” he kissed me. I could smell the stale alcohol from the night before on him. I hadn’t noticed it earlier.
“I have to go,” I repeated as his lips kissed my face. Suddenly I was falling backwards on to the bed. I landed gently on the soft mattress with Darren (or was it Sean) on top of me. I wriggled under him. Pushed at him. But I was trapped there, on leg hanging off the bed the rest of my body pinned down. His dick was rubbing against me now through my knickers. I quite like a dry hump and I have to admit this did feel good.

I gave him one last big push but he didn’t seem to notice, instead he reached between us and with a rough yank pulled my knickers down and off. Clearly, I wasn’t going anywhere. I knew at that moment that I was going to get fucked; it was going to happen and there was nothing I could do to stop it. I resigned myself to going along with it as the quickest way to get out of there.

“Ok, okay,” I told him. “But I have to go after okay?”
“Sure babe,” he said still kissing my face. I looked up to my left for the box of condoms on the bedside table. I felt his dick pressing between my legs. “Condom!” I said startled. “Put a condom on,” I demanded as he pressed his dick into me. He made a noise that sounded like a no – or maybe he was pretending he hadn’t heard, either way a second later he was inside me. I struggled and wriggled but I still wasn’t going anywhere. So, I relaxed instead. Laying back and grunting as he fucked me. I have to admit his dick did feel good but I didn’t cum. He did, I felt his dick and balls throb and pulsate as he spewed his jizz deep into my body. Afterwards he stayed inside me a few minutes still kissing my face and lips. I waited patiently for a bit. “Get off me now,” I said when I was finally fed up of waiting. He obliged, rolling over and off of me. I slipped into my bra and knickers then pulled my dress on, grabbed my bag and headed out.
“Bye,” he called as I left. I slammed the door in reply.

Outside the flat I found myself pretty close to the centre of Romford – that’s the town I’d been out in the night before – I was a bit surprised as the cab journey had felt like it took hours last night, maybe I was just really drunk. My Daddy lived in a big house on the otherwise of town. I started walking towards the town centre to get my bearings then headed toward Daddy’s house feeling very conspicuous dressed up in a tight black dress with big heels and a tiny bag in the middle of the day. Everyone knew I was doing the walk of shame… tho I doubt anyone realised quite how shameful my walk that morning really was.

I reached Daddy’s house about 40 minutes after Darren (or maybe it was Steve) had forced himself on me. I was feeling pretty good, Darren was forgotten besides the pussy full of unwanted cum that was now leaking uncomfortably into my knickers. Still the sun was shining, the day was young and I was about to play.

I walked up the drive, knocked on the door and waiting. Daddy opened it after a few minutes, a wad of bank notes in his hand. “Hey baby girl, where’s the cab?”
“I walked, Daddy.”
“That why you late is it baby girl?” I nodded. “Or you waste some of Daddy’s time playing with that boy Daddy told you to leave?” I felt my cheeks blush as I shook my head. “Damn girl you is a slut,” he said reaching around and spanking me hard on the bum twice in full view of anyone who happened to be looking.

Stepping inside the house, Daddy closed the door behind us. “Go to your bedroom baby girl, shower and get changed.”
“Yes, Daddy.”

I climbed the stairs, making my way to one of the bedrooms at the back of the house on the third floor. He called it “my” bedroom though I’d never slept there and the room had clearly existed for longer than the few months I’d known Daddy. I wondered how many other girls had used this room – I wonder if he still has it?

“My” bedroom was exactly how you’d expect an adult man with no kids to decorate a bedroom for your young teenage girl. Bubblegum pink walls with posters of pop stars (though all young female pop stars in hardly any clothing – no heartthrobs for Daddy’s baby girl), a wardrobe, a bed and a make up table. Daddy lived alone in a very big house, I don’t know what he worked as but clearly he had no money problems. The bed had been made up with white bed covers adorned with cutesy pictures of unicorns and fairies. A few teddies sat on the pillows, no doubt scarred by all things done and girls they’d seen pass through this room. The wardrobe was full of “kids” clothes – by which I mean very skimpy brightly coloured adult clothes in small sizes. The makeup table had a sea of expensive products to choose from.

There were some clothes on the bed, which I assumed were ones he’d left out for me to wear. I didn’t look at them, instead I slipped out of my dress and cum soiled underwear, making a point to fold up my mucky knickers and hide them in my bag. I took a quick shower then headed back to my room to get dressed.

Daddy was already in there, sitting at the make up table playing a game on his phone. “You made me wait a long time for you,” he said.
“I’m sorry Daddy. I couldn’t get away,” I told him.
“From the guy you were with?”
“Yes Daddy.”
“Did he hurt you?” I didn’t answer. “Does Daddy need to pay him a visit?” I looked up as Daddy stood. He was very serious. I could see rage in his eyes, his fists were clenched and the sleeves of his shirt strained to contain his flexed muscles.
“No, it’s fine, Daddy.” I told him. “It’s my fault, I’m sorry I was late… please can I make it up to you?” I walked softly towards him, swaying my hips beneath the soft pink towel I had wrapped tight around my naked body.

I could see Daddy was still angry but he said nothing more on the subject contenting himself by pulling the towel from my chest and dropping it on the floor he said, “I think you’re a very bad girl.”
“You make men lose their control when you’re around, don’t you?”
“Maybe,” I said as coyly as I could while standing on tiptoes to kiss Daddy’s lips. His smooth shaved cheek was sexy and soft as I brushed my lips over it kissing the black flesh. I felt his strong muscular chest through the expensive cotton shirt he was wearing, longing to pull his shirt open and press my naked pale breasts against his dark skin. One hand stroked my back while the other had found my breast and was gently fondling it.
“Yeah baby girl definitely has an affect on men now she’s getting all big,” Daddy whispered.
“You know it, Daddy.” I replied still kissing his lips.
“Looks like Daddy’s gonna have to remind you that you still just my lil baby girl.”
“I’ll always be your baby girl, Daddy.” But, even as I spoke Daddy was taking off his belt. I wasn’t surprised; I knew being late would earn me a punishment – it’s all part of the game.

Daddy took the pillows from the bed scattering the shell-shocked teddies on the floor. He put the pillows carefully on the middle of the bed. This wasn’t my first time and I didn’t need telling what to do. I climbed on top of them, laying my hips over the pillows so that my bum was raised above the rest of my body. I turned my head to face Daddy, sucking my thumb as I watched him. I knew that sort of thing drove him crazy, which is exactly why I did it!

“I sorry baby girl but you know you bring this on yourself!”
“Yes, Daddy.” I nodded in answer.

He gathered his belt up into a loop being careful to keep the buckle in his hand. I watched his hand rise up to the ceiling past his shoulder. Daddy’s house had high ceilings, which was lucky because Daddy himself was around 6’5″ tall and built like a boxer. The belt flew forwards and down with an almighty force. I heard the smack of leather on flesh before I felt the pain. It wasn’t ever so bad, not like being hit with a cane and nowhere near the agony of a paddling, but it did hurt. The second, third, fourth, fifth and six blows rained down on my defenceless backside in quick succession. All the time I whimpered under the savage force of the beating Daddy was delivering. I’m not much of a crier but I allowed tears to well up in my eyes and did my best to will them out by sobbing as I lay there sucking my thumb and knowing that Daddy would be loving my hurt little girl routine. He picked me up and held me in his arms. “Thank you, Daddy.” I whispered between sobs. Daddy wiped my tears, kissed me gently on the face while reminding me my pain was my own fault for keeping Daddy waiting. I’d quickly found Daddy’s cock through his trousers which I stroked as he lectured and comforted me. He was hard; I could feel the material straining to hold his engorged cock in place.

Twisting free of Daddy’s embrace to kneel on the bed next to him, cuffing away the last of my tears on the backs of my hands I whispered how sorry I was again and begged him to let me make it up to him. Even as I spoke I was opening his trousers. “Ok baby girl, you be a good girl for Daddy now.” He laid back on the bed and let me pull his trousers and boxers down. Daddy has a big cock – the sort of big that really did make me feel like a little girl again. It was already so hard I could see it twitching. I blew on it gently and giggled as it jumped in the air and bounced about – I love seeing that. Smiling, my best nervous little girl who’s barely ever seen a dick in her life smile, at Daddy I took hold of it and said, “it’s so big,” I’ve said that a lot in my life but this was one of the times I really meant it.

Gently working Daddy’s big black cock in my hand a few times I lowered my head to suck it. Weirdly one of the things that stands out most about this memory is how I noticed that the very dark skin on the outside of his cock gave way to a lighter and pinker head under his foreskin – I don’t know why that stands out but it does. The other thing I noticed was how wet the head of his cock was with pre-cum, I ran my hand up the length of his shaft squeezing tightly to force it up and onto my fingers as they slid over his head. My fingers came away with a large dollop of thick sticky pre-cum, “mmm Daddy your so excited,” I informed him in my very best excited teenager voice before sucking my fingers clean.

As a real young teenager I would have just ploughed in, focused entirely on his cock, sucked the life out of the thing and counted it a job well done when he came. But somethings don’t need to be realistic; I was pretending to be an inexperienced teenager but that’s no excuse for doing a sloppy job.

I held Daddy’s cock in one hand slowly sliding my hand up and down that big thick shaft, all the time keeping my eyes locked on his face. Daddy watched me take his cock into my mouth and work my tongue around the exposed head of his dick. He groaned loudly I worked my way around and over his shaft then I closed my lips tight creating a little vacuum in my mouth as I lifted my head off his cock while pulling his foreskin down at the same time. A loud groan followed by a whispered “oh fuck yeah baby girl” told me he liked it. Inexperienced me would have been sucking furiously by now wondering how long he was going to take and whether I could stop because my jaw ached so much. Grown up me knew better than to rush this particular job. Crouching between Daddy’s legs I pulled his cock back so it pressed against my face as I slide down its impressive length. Reaching his balls I took my time playing with them: fondling, licking and sucking them til his groans of pleasure were never ending all the time keeping one hand on his shaft and gently working it as I used my mouth to work his balls.

“Suck it, baby girl,” I heard Daddy say over and over again.
“Ok Daddy,” I said recognising my cue that he was very close.

I slide my lips back over his cock taking him as deep into my mouth as I could manage. Even though I was on the verge of choking myself more than half of his cock was still outside my mouth – this was a big dick! I made sure to look him in the eye as I sucked and tossed him off until I felt him cum and I had to look away to dip my head and make sure I caught all of his cum. Daddy came for ages to the point I really didn’t think I could hold all the cum in my mouth but I managed it and was able to switch back into character as I sat up giggling and grinning to open my mouth and show him all his cum in there. I saw him nod just a little as I closed my mouth, swallowed and opened again to prove it had all gone. Daddy was very pleased with me I could see. Better still I’d given him such a strong orgasm he didn’t seem able to move. After I’d sucked the last of his cum from his cock and cleaned him up, I laid next to him, my head on his shoulder and my naked body pressed against his shirt and thigh.

“Damn yous good baby girl,” Daddy praised, kissing me on the head.
“Thank you, Daddy.” I whispered.

We lay together for five minutes or so while Daddy recovered. Eventually he shrugged me off and stood. I lay on my side, naked, watching him tuck his shirt into his trousers and fasten them up again.

“Get dressed baby girl then come find me,” Daddy ordered.

I did as I was told and found him. I spent the rest of the morning with Daddy leaving in the early afternoon in a cab Daddy called for me and with a “gift” he put in my bag next to my cum crusted knickers – a cool £1,000! I liked Daddy a lot after that.

Maybe next time I’ll tell you about what else happened.