Chained, whipped and fucked

Chained, whipped and fucked

My heart was racing, nervous sweat poured from every pore of my body as the whip cracked loudly around me so close I felt the air rushing away from it. I flinched every time I heard the whoosh and crack wondering if this was the moment the whip would hit me.

I didn’t run. I couldn’t. Soft leather cuffs encircled my wrists, held in place by padlocks and a length of chain kept my arms stretched high above my head. Metal ankle cuffs secured my feet to the floor through a long chain and a hoop on the concrete floor.

Whoooosh. CRACK.

This time I felt the tip of the whip brush gently over my tummy and I backed away as far as my bonds allowed me. “You felt it that time, right?” He asked, a hand stroking my tummy where the whip and brushed. He was so close I could feel His breath on my face but the blindfold He made me wear prevented me seeing anything but darkness. I nodded in reply. He stroked my chin, my lips and over the big ball gag that kept me silent but for muffled cries and moans and groans. His hand withdrew and I wondered when the first blow from the whip would come.

He had kept me chained to the floor in our rented country house for an hour while He prepared the barn. The bonds kept me from standing but he’d left me something to look at.

The whip.

It was curled up, it looked evil laying there just out of reach. All black with a thick handle that must have been nearly a foot long. I guessed the rest of the whip was 4 or 5 feet long. I knew He planned to use this on me. I knew I couldn’t stop it happening. I knew I longed to feel the sting this whip would bring. I knew I was terrified of that sting.

4 or 5 feet of sheer terror

Eventually, I had been marched out to the empty barn, naked but for the leather cuffs locked to my wrists and the ball gag in my mouth. I hadn’t resisted as the single link between my cuffs was connected to the longer chain that dangled from a pulley in the beams of the barn and my arms were hoisted skywards. I had vaguely noticed the metal O-ring attached to the concrete floor when I came in. Now He locked my ankles into the cold metal ankle cuffs and, I guessed, ran the chain through the O-ring. I couldn’t see him do it as my own boobs blocked my view but I knew He had chained me to that O-ring – even if I somehow got my arms free I’d still be chained to the floor! I had no plans to escape but knowing it was impossible still turned me on as I stood and waited, helpless before Him. Last He took away my sight with a blindfold that blocked all light completely. My world was reduced to the sounds around me, the touch of anything He allowed to touch me and the taste of my gag.

He’d begun walking around me, talking to me. He told me how good I looked. How badly He wanted me. I heard the shutter of His camera as he passed around me. He touched me, gently at first but then he touches became slaps and then spanks. Soon I could hear the the distinctive swish of a cane being thrashed through the air. He touched it to my skin, rubbing its length across my belly then dragging the tip from my chin, down my throat, between my boobs and over my belly then a sharp crack as the cane struck down across the front of my thighs. The next moment I felt the cane rubbed across my bum then a loud swish followed by a crack that pushed me forward. A moment later the pain erupted in my backside just in time for me to receive the second blow exactly where the first had landed. By the time the cane struck me the sixth time my backside felt like somebody had held a long thing red hot poker across my flesh.

He held me from behind, kissing my neck and squeezing my breast uncomfortably hard while His other hand slipped between my legs and gently parted my lips as His fingers entered me.

The gentle (and I have to admit very pleasurable) fingering didn’t last long. I heard Him walk away and close the door. I felt even more scared knowing I was alone in that barn, naked and bound. I heard Him return a few minutes later. He talked to me as He came in so I knew it was Him.

Whoosh. CRACK.

That was the first time I heard the whoosh and crack of the whip. I knew instantly what it was. I wanted to say, “no” and beg Him not to use that thing on me but I was gagged and helpless. Sitting in the house it was scary, but a fun scary. Like watching a scary movie, you let yourself be scared but you know that Freddie or Jason is never coming for you. Only now, the whip was here, being cracked around me and I had no way of escaping it.

The burning in my bum was out of my mind now – the pain He’d already given me was nothing compared to what was coming I was sure of it and my terror wiped out every other feeling in my body.

Whoosh. CRACK.

This time the whip seemed to touch my boob and stroke my skin toward my face. I tensed expecting pain but nothing, just a itch where the leather whip had tickled me.

I could feel my whole body shaking. I knew it would happen at any moment and I wanted to run and hide so badly. I tugged hopefully at the chains holding my now aching arms in the air but nothing. I was trapped. A prisoner about to be whipped.

My head jerked backward as He pulled my ponytail. I felt His breath on my face again as He hissed at me, “ready?” I felt flecks of spit land on my cheek. “No,” I screamed in my mind but all my gagged mouth could do was say “Mmmpphh”. He stepped away from me. I couldn’t tell where He was. He’d been right behind me and I guessed He still was but I had no idea. The terror of not knowing when it would happen had consumed me. I was shaking and sobbing into my blindfold. My mind raced through different thoughts. I felt myself accepting that I couldn’t escape – I knew I couldn’t do anything to save myself from being whipped. In my mind I was no longer screaming “no” or dreaming of escape I was willing Him to hit me. Get it over with. “Whip me as hard as You like but please just end this suspense”.

Whoosh. CRACK.

It felt like a big man had laid both hands on my back and pushed me forward hard. Only the restraints stopped me toppling forward as the whip landed between my shoulder blades and licked down the middle of my back. The pain was immediate. It put the canning in the shade – even six of the best was nothing compared to the pain of a single lash from the whip. I don’t think I cried, or screamed or even responded. The pain was so intense that it drowned out everything else going on in my mind.

Whoosh. CRACK.

I didn’t even hear the whoosh and crack of the whip but I sure as Hell felt it land horizontally across my upper back, the tip just curling round my side and, thankfully, stopping just short of my right breast.

I was definitely reacting now. Shaking my head and making as much noise as I could so He would know I didn’t want any more. I don’t think I formed any actual words, all I managed was to cover my chin and the front of my body in my own spit. I hung forward slightly from the chain above my head and saw a puddle of spit on the floor through a crack that had appeared at the bottom of my blindfold during my struggles. At first I thought I’d pissed myself but then I noticed the trail of spit running down my chest and over my belly.

Whoosh. CRACK.

I jumped out of my skin as the whip cracked right by my head. “Stand up bitch,” He ordered. I was in more pain than I think I’d felt before but I knew to obey. I stood up straight and noticed I wasn’t shaking any more – the tension and suspense of waiting was gone. Okay it hurt like crazy but at least that meant it was nearly over. “One more,” He told me from somewhere directly in front of me. I shock my head violently hoping to get my message across that I’d had enough. It worked, “had enough have you, bitch?” He asked soothingly. I nodded. His hand held the back of my head and His lips kissed my forehead. “Whores like you don’t decide when they’ve had enough,” I didn’t quite follow His words right away but I felt a sense of dread in my stomach. “Two more, for telling Me what to do!” I would have screamed had I not been gagged. I wanted to argue to tell Him no more. I wanted to at least shake my head so He knew He wasn’t to do it. But, I didn’t. I couldn’t. I felt how He wanted me to fell. I was His girl. His possession. I nodded, accepting my fate and the extra punishment.

Whoosh. CRACK.

Like the first blow the third landed between my shoulder blades. I remember it hurt but I also remember I had almost no time to register it. I heard His footsteps and a second later the whip was moving again.

Whoosh. CRACK.

The fourth, and I prayed final lash, landed horizontally across my back. He must have been much closer than before because this lash would have knocked me off my feet if it hadn’t been for the chains. Even with the chains I struggled to stay upright and found my arms being stretched as all my weight was on my wrists as my legs gave out beneath me for a few seconds. The whip snaked across my lowers back, the end looping around my waist and snaring the flesh on my tummy. I felt the leather whip biting me as it gripped my belly; it felt like it had taken a chunk out of me.

He was in front of me now, holding me, helping me back to my feet. That last blow and hurt and I felt angry towards Him. I wanted to scream and shout and tell Him that He should have stopped when He realised I’d had enough.

My blindfold was removed and we looked at each other. I hoped I was conveying my anger with my eyes; He looked amused. A little fumbling behind my head and He loosened my gag enough for me to spit out the ball and let it hang loose around my neck. I hadn’t realised until that moment how much my jaw was aching. I started to tell Him off but He put a finger to my lips, “shhh”. I was instantly silent; I felt stupid but something compelled me to obey Him.

It’s so frustrating wanting to speak, wanting to make a point but being able only to wait in obedient silence like a child waiting for her father to listen to her. “I know you’re angry,” He said softly. “But, you deserved that extra lash didn’t you?”

Briefly I considered screaming “NOOOO”, instead I felt my body burning red with embarrassment as I meekly said, “yes, Sir.” I couldn’t look in His eyes any more, it felt humiliating to suppress my anger at being hurt and confess to the man who hurt me that I had deserved what He did to me.
“Look at me,” He ordered. He knew exactly what He was doing to me. Reluctantly I looked at His face then met His gaze feeling small, weak and powerless as I did. “What are you?” He demanded looking me right in the eye.
“A girl, Sir,” I replied knowing it wasn’t the answer He wanted, I felt a little defiance left in me.
“Try again,” He said squeezing my boobs uncomfortably hard in His strong hands.
“A worthless girl, Sir?” I knew this wasn’t the answer. It was my own little defiance even if it wasn’t much.
“You’re worth something – I’ll sell you to prove it if you like,” the discomfort in my boobs had turned to a minor pain now as He threatened me with sale to another Master. “Last chance… unless you want to feel the whip again!”
“I’m a slave, Sir.”
“Good girl,” He released my boobs and kissed me. I returned His kiss feeling like the imprisoned, beaten and completely owned slave I was. “Who do you belong to, slave?”
“You, Sir.” That was it, the moment I felt all my defiance end and the last embers of my anger and will to resist die.

I was His completely.

His fingers were between my legs, quickly they were inside me. It felt so good.Those hands that had caned me and whipped me were now pleasuring me. His free hand held my head still, forcing me to look into His eyes as He treated my body as if it were His own – for all intents and purposes it was His body right now. I defy any girl to look into the eyes of a man as his fingers delve deep into your bound body without feeling a deep sense of submission to him. That’s how I felt as I stood there, my hands high in the air above my head secured in place by leather cuffs and clanking chains. My feet rooted to the spot by the chains connecting me to the ring on the floor. I was helpless, defenceless, at the mercy of the man who had just whipped me and was now touching me in a way that felt sooo good.

I was His and I wanted Him.

He knew it too. His fingers left my body. He offered them to my mouth – a test of my total submission to Him. I passed His simple test as I carefully sucked my own pussy juices from His fingers.

In a single movement I barely noticed He freed His cock from His jeans. I opened my legs as far as I could then felt Him near me. His dick touched me then pushed against my pussy lips and entered me. We kissed as He entered me. I rocked my hips while He thrust up and into my body. The injuries from the canning and the whipping still throbbed but I could put them from my mind now and concentrate on Him. Standing as I was stopped Him getting as deep as normal but that’s fine with me. The unusual position had Him rubbing my clit with every movement of His dick. It felt better than I could imagine. I couldn’t kiss any more, I couldn’t concentrate; I came. My legs felt weak but I couldn’t fall anywhere. I felt Him cum inside me and it prolonged my orgasm for what seemed like hours. Even when He pulled out of me it felt like He was still inside.

I was left to hang a little longer with my blindfold and gag back in place. I didn’t mind – I don’t think I could have moved far anyway. Eventually, He returned , let me down and led me into the house my wrists still bound together in front of me.

I rested.

Later that evening, freed of all restraints, David and I snuggled up on the sofa with music playing and wine each. I had a few marks and one very angry red welt on my belly where the whip and wrapped itself around my waist. I swear that welt outlasted out relationship! We were lovers again in our rented holiday home, not slave and owner any more.

So that’s the story of the first (and God I hope the last) time I was ever whipped.