Slut tip #6

Slut tip #6

I grew up being told by teacher, parents, school nurses, magazines and God knows how many others that I shouldn’t do anything with a boy unless I wanted to do it.

Now there are times when this is good advice – your traditional slut is out having her fun with random guys. You have no connection with them so why should you do anything you don’t want to do? But, as you get on in life you may well meet a boy you want to spend more time with. He’ll be someone fun, sexy and lots of fun to play with – a boytoy. Now you want your toy to be as much fun as possible so you’ll need to keep him in good working order. This is where the “don’t do anything unless you want to” advice is unhelpful.

Looking after a boytoy isn’t all fun – it’s work too! Pretty much any job I ever heard of has bits of the job you might not like so much but they are worth it because they make the bit you do enjoy more fun… even if the only bit of your job you like is getting paid!

You like sex right? Of course you do, why else would you be a slut? You want sex to last right? Of course you do. Well, if you don’t want your boytoy to be a two pump chump you need to keep him well serviced. This means climbing on board and riding him regularly – even when you don’t always feel like it.

The best way to avoid owning a two pump chump is to keep him cumming regularly… though – and listen here because this bit is important – don’t let him cum too quickly.

Any slut can suck a dick and get a guy off in under a minute – that’s basic slut stuff. But, this is work and sometimes at work you need to do a good job! Shh don’t tell my boss I said that, he’d probably die of shock. A good job here means taking your time and not letting him cum too quickly. The longer you make him wait to cum the more he’ll thank you afterwards even if he is whining like a little bitch during it. More important than his eventual thanks are the benefits to you. If you practice my patented blow job delayed gratification technique regularly you’ll find you boytoy starts to last longer in bed meaning you have more time to enjoy yourself and, you know, actually cum yourself!!

So, my slut tip number 6 is: be a cock tease!! Being a slut is a job (ok not a hard job but it’s a job all the same), service him regularly and your boytoy will give you hours (well maybe if you’re lucky) of pleasure every time you take him out of his box for a play.