Pre-first date nerve

Pre-first date nerve

So this is the story of the hour before my first date with my boyfriend, Richard.  We’ve been together a little while now and it all started with a blind date.  But this isn’t the story of that date; this is the story of how I got ready for it.

The story really starts at a party about a month before that first date and about three weeks before I ever heard of Richard.  I was at a party – I say I was “at” a party, in fact the party was at my house.  It was for my brother who had just turned 16, there was music and booze and lots of his friends, a few of mine and if our parents were there they were keeping  a low profile.  I’m not going to go into tedious detail but one of my bro’s friends is called Troy.  He’s pretty cute, nice, friendly, flirty and had fancied me since he was about 9.  At some point during the party Troy and I hooked up – no sex (sorry), we just kissed and had a feel of each other.  I may have given him a handjob – I was drunk, I don’t remember but it kinda feels like something I did.

Fast forward to the big night.  I’d seen Richard about – he’s the kind of guy I quite like.  Bit older than me, good looking, likes a laugh.  A friend set us up on a date and tonight was the big night.  I hadn’t been on a proper date for a looong time – I’d met guys for sex, obviously, and picked up guys and all that but I’d not been on a proper date that might actually lead to a second proper date.

A couple of hours before the date my hair was washed, I was showered, everything was shaved (and I do mean everything… well not my head that would be stupid) and I had time to kill.  The nerves were kicking in.  My brother’s noisy mates playing video games in his room didn’t help either.

My bedroom door was open a crack and Troy happened to walk past.  Slowly.  Looking through the crack.  “Hi,” I called to him.  He pushed the door open and put his head around, “hey Emmy, what you doing?”  He was staring at me.  I laughed realising he was embarrassed I was just in a bathrobe.  “I’m getting ready to go out, obviously,” I told him.
“Mmm, well you look ready to me.”
“Do I now?”  I asked standing and slinking my way across the room to him.  “Would you take me out like this then?”  I pulled him into my bedroom as I spoke and closed the door behind him.  Even though he was only 15 (or maybe 16) he was already taller than me – I’m short okay – I pressed myself against him and kissed him.  I don’t know when I decided I was going to have sex with him but that was the moment I think he knew it.

He kissed me back and put his arms around me.  I could tell he was nervous.  A quick tug on my bathrobe’s cord and a shrug left me naked and him open mouthed in awe – now you experience a guy looking at you like that and tell me it’s not just about the most powerful and sexy feeling you can have!

Now he didn’t waste any time his hands were all over me, exploring my body as if it might be taken away from him at any moment.  Troy’s hands only left my body when I pulled his tshirt over his head and when he had to free his legs from the jeans I’d pulled down.

Troy was already hard, I thought about sucking him but I wanted him inside me.  I wanted a fuck to calm my nerves.  I pushed my brother’s naked friend onto my bed and climbed on him, bending down to kiss him.  I found his dick and gently rubbed it against against me. It felt sooo good.  “Fuck me,” I demanded.
“Have you got a condom?”  He asked.  I did but I didn’t want to waste any time – I wanted him right now.  “No, it’s okay though I’m on the pill.”  It wasn’t a lie, I was a slut not a dumb slut, I went to the doctor to get the injection – I liked fucking and I have a nice body that I didn’t want ruined by a baby just yet.

Troy was mumbling something about getting a condom.  The noise of the game from my brother’s bedroom was loud and annoying and reminded me that sooner or later one of them would come looking for Troy.  No time to waste.

“No condoms,” I told Troy firmly.  “Just fuck me.”  He shut up and we kissed again.  I knelt up, reached under me and found his dick.  Wiggling my hips, I guided his cock to my pussy then gently pressed myself down onto it feeling him enter me.  I let go and kept sliding down that hot hard pole til I was sitting across his skinny hips with him fully inside me.  He was grinning up at me.  Rocking my hips and arching my back I used his cock to pleasure myself.  Normally, I’m all about turning the guy on but that time I didn’t give a fuck about him, I just wanted to get off on a dick.  I found the perfect position then bounced up and down on his shaft enjoying him inside me and loving the control of being on top of a boy who just seemed pleased to be there.

I remember looking at his body as I rode his cock.  He was cute but skinny.  Much skinner than I’d imagined he would be.  Sure you could see his muscles and his abs but it was because he had no meat on him not because he worked out.  I hadn’t really looked at his dick before I jumped on it but now he was inside me it felt okay – a decent size and I’m pretty sure it had a slight curve that just hit the good spot as I bounced on it.

His hands were on my boobs pulling me down to him.  I obliged and bent down to kiss him, resting my hands on his chest.  God that felt good.  We kissed and he began thrusting up into me as I rocked my hips.  I couldn’t make a noise and alert my brother and his mates or our parents, but I’m no good at being quiet.  I kissed him to keep myself quiet but that wasn’t working.  I buried my face into his shoulder, suppressing my cries with this side of his neck.  He kept thrusting and I felt like I was in a rocket with the power building, I could feel the power increasing with every thrust and every rock of my hips.  My muscles were tightening in my belly and I lifted up to get comfortable.

His face was contorted and red, his eyes closed – I knew he could feel the build up too and was just as close to lift off as me.  Biting my lip I forced my body to contain all that power just a little longer, just another moment but with every passing second more of my mind yelled at me to let go; stop resisting.

A scream sounded somewhere, I wasn’t sure where.  Then panting and gasping for air.  The rocket blasted off spreading hot contractions of pleasure from my pussy into my belly, down my now shaking legs and through my entire body.  My mind went numb for a few seconds as I came.  It was so intense my brain was throbbing in my head.  The intense release passed and my mind returned to the world.  I kept rocking mindlessly, watching Troy’s face.  He hadn’t cum yet but he was close.  He grunted, pulled on my hips and thrust himself up into me as hard as he could over and over then he paused with his dick as deep as it would go and I felt him cum in me.  I kept rocking my hips as he relaxed and started up his thrusting although now much more gently while he drained all of his baby juice into me.

“Fuck that was good,” I panted as I lay next to him.  He kissed me but didn’t reply, I could see he wasn’t quite recovered.  I recognised that feeling, my own body felt heavy now all the tension was gone.

He asked if it was okay.  I laughed.  He seemed upset.  “It was amazing,” I reassured Troy. “You were really good, couldn’t you tell?”  He blushed and I realised something I should have thought about before.  “Was that your first time?”  He nodded and I thought to myself that if he could make me cum that hard on his first time then what would he be like when he’s got some experience?  I told him that and he seemed pleased.

I didn’t think it at the time, probably because I was a self-centred bitch, but later I felt guilty about fucking Troy.  My first time was with a guy I loved so much at the time and I think that’s good.  I still feel sorry for taking his virginity just to give myself a release before the main event.  We did talk about it some time later and he promises me I have nothing to feel guilty about.  Even so…

I showered again when Troy left – I couldn’t very well go on a date with some other guy’s cum leaking into my knickers could I?  The date was good, he was a gentleman and though I wore my sexiest underwear he didn’t get to see them that night – not because of me but because he was too nice a guy to bang me on the first date (his words sometime later).

We’re still together now and, although he knows most of the stuff I got up to before I met him, he doesn’t know about Troy.