The promise

The promise

I have mentioned Danny before he was a sweet guy and a fuckbuddy. Danny was always lovely to me but he did have a bit of a temper, the sort of temper that could land you in trouble and it did.

I don’t know exactly what happened but Danny lost his temper with his girlfriend at the time. Next thing we know he’d been arrested and they were saying he raped her and beat her up. I didn’t know her well and he’d only been with her a month or so. Someone showed me a picture of her after the fight and she was a mess. Danny was put in prison. He said he didn’t do it but the jury convicted him of ABH tho they said he didn’t do the rape.

I visited Danny in prison. He was depressed. I promised him when he came out he could do whatever liked to me – for 24 hours I was to be his. We kept in touch through letters. He was sentenced to five years but because he did some time in prison waiting for his trial and they let you out early he got out after about two years. We exchanged letters in the run up to his release – he was expecting me to make good on my promise. I hadn’t forgotten about it and tbh the idea of meeting a guy fresh from prison was kind of a turn on.

His parents sorted out a flat for him and he text me the address to come over the day after his release. The final line of his text message said, “dress like a slut x”. I tried on some different outfits, short skits, tiny tops, big heels but I couldn’t decide. After an hour I had a brainwave.

We agreed to meet at 6pm, I got there on the dot.

I could tell when he opened the door that Danny was less than impressed with the coat I was wearing. That was okay – that was my brainwave. Standing on his doorstep, I handed him my bag and unfastened my coat then took it off and handed that to him. “Do you like my outfit?” I asked feeling the cold air on my naked body. Now he was impressed. He let me in and I caught a glimpse of myself in his hall mirror – I felt sexy standing there naked except for my strappy heels

I hadn’t seen Danny properly for years. He’d grown – he seemed taller than I remembered but it was his muscles, he later told me he’d spent most of his time in the gym working out. I didn’t have time to admire his new physique because he was all over me in seconds. I guess not being able to get near a woman for over two years affects a guy.

I can’t even tell you what happened next because it was all so fast. I arrived and within no more than two minutes he was inside me pounding away like a jackhammer demolishing building. We started against the wall – I think that’s where he first entered me. But by the time we finished I was on my back on the hallway floor. It didn’t last long before I could feel him cumming inside me. He knelt up still between my legs puffing from exerting himself. He looked down on me, I looked up at him, licking my lips in a bid to look sexy. His dick glistened right above my belly. I felt a drip of warm cum land on me. I turned around, laying on my front close to the floor so I could take his cock in my mouth and suck it clean. Danny groaned – I remember clearly that noise of pleasure I managed to such from his spent dick. After he said he was sorry it wasn’t long – I told him, “it’s fine. Besides you still own me for 23 hours and 40 minutes,” I checked the wall clock. He perked up at the sound of that.

He showed me around and got us both some wine. In the living room I sat on his lap while he told me about prison and his hands explored my body. Prison sounded horrible and I could tell he was angry and frustrated by the experience. I kissed his hands, remembering the damage they had done to that other girl, and I told him he could do anything he liked to me. He smiled at that and told me he’d got so fed up of being put in handcuffs in prison he dreamt of chaining someone else up. I nodded and told him to chain me up. A few minutes later my wrists were locked behind my back in the cold embrace of steel handcuffs. I knelt down and began trying to free Danny’s cock with my teeth. He helped and pretty soon I was sucking on his hard cock. His hands held my head in place, preventing escape even if I’d wanted it. Gradually, his hands took control of my movements making me take him a little deeper than before. I relaxed and let him control me. It took a huge amount of effort not to resist as his cock touched the back of my throat again and again. I looked up at him as my face was pressed into his groin, his dick at the back of my throat choking me. He held me there until I was spluttering on the end of his cock. He relented and backed off for a moment. Just a moment, enough for me to see a look of glee on his face, then I was choking on his cock again. Another brief moment to catch my breath then I was forced back on his dick. This went on two or three times until I felt like I was going to throw up. Each time he pushed me on I’d try to swallow his cock but that’s never been a great skill of mine and I was in too much of a state now.

Eventually he pulled me off and didn’t choke me again. Instead I felt myself being dragged by the hair to his sofa. Around the back of it and then pushed over it so I was bent down, being held in place by a hand on the back of my neck. I felt my legs being kicked, I knew what he wanted. I complied and spread them wide, resting my hips on the back of the chair. He was in me again, fucking me from behind. He lasted longer this time – much longer. I wasn’t choking any more that was the main thing tho I knew when he finished he’d expect me back on his cock – I just hoped he’d be too soft to choke me then.

He was holding me by the hips now, no longer forcing my head down. It made breathing a little easier. I lifted myself up a little but each time I did he told me to stay down and yanked the chain between my wrists in the air, forcing my shoulders down again. I waited while he fucked me. He’d been rough with me but his still felt good inside me. The longer it went on the more I knew I was going to cum from this aggressive fuck he was giving me. He held my hips, pulling me toward him as he thrust into me. I felt him cum – I came a moment later and suddenly the choking, the discomfort was worth it.

Sure enough when he finished he pulled me up by my hair and pushed my head down to his cock, which I obediently sucked.

Afterwards he took me to his bedroom and we lay on the bed facing each other kissing and him cuddling me like lovers, although I was still handcuffed. We talked a little between kisses. Eventually I plucked up the courage to ask him whether he had raped that girl. He held me tight by the throat looking at my face. Instead of answering he told me he was sorry for being so rough with me. I reassured him it was okay – I’d promised I was his for 24 hours and he hadn’t done anything to me that hadn’t happened before. He still held my throat and looked at me. After a moment, I asked again about the rape. This time he did answer – he told me she’d been a little bitch who wouldn’t put out when he wanted her so he fucked her anyway then he beat her up when she struggled. I could feel his dick as he told me, it was hard again and pressing into me. He asked if I wanted to fuck again. I asked if I had a choice. “Not much,” he replied.

He sat on the edge of the bed and helped me lower myself on his cock. It felt like I rode that dick for an hour. I kept thinking about how I was tied up, riding the cock of a man who raped the last girl he fucked and then beat her. I thought about how he’d told me I had no choice but to fuck him now and how I’d promised to be his slave. I looked at the clock – still 20 hours of servitude to go. I looked at him with all this going around my mind and I came. When I finished he laid me on the bed, bum to the edge, him standing on the floor with both my legs on his chest. He pushed my knees back to my shoulders and buried himself so deep inside me that, even though I knew it to be impossible, I felt sure he was going to hit my lungs. In this position I was as helpless as when I’d been bent over the sofa but I was much more comfortable. I came at least twice in that position before he took his turn.

We laid on the bed after again. I felt a mess now. He’d fucked me three time, cum inside me every time. I needed a shower. I asked for one. He told me to wait a little longer. I obeyed.

Eventually he led me to his shower, uncuffed me and let me clean up.

The rest of the night continued pretty much along the same lines. He’d be tender one minute then angry and aggressive the next. I spent most of the time in handcuffs and I don’t think we slept more than an hour the whole time. I couldn’t tell you how many times we had sex but by the time my freedom returned at 6pm I was exhausted, aching and ready to go home.

My great plan of showing up naked but for a coat didn’t seem so great now I had to take the bus home in just a coat – I hadn’t thought to bring anything to wear. When I got home, I slept like the dead.

A week later, I met Richard and have never slept with Danny again.