The time I fucked the bus driver

The time I fucked the bus driver

If you don’t know, Alton Towers is a theme park in England. It’s a good one, maybe the best one in the UK. I’ve been a few times but I want to tell you about one particular visit I went on when I was 18 with some friends.

We were due to spend the weekend there but I hadn’t been able to get Friday night off work so I was travelling up by coach in the evening and then meeting them on Saturday morning.

The coach was pretty empty when we left, I guess because it was an unpopular time to travel. It’s about a four hour journey from where I got on so we stopped at the motorway services someplace. I got chatting to the driver and we got coffee together – the only other people on the coach was a group of people a bit older than me and they weren’t interested in me. I discovered our driver’s name was Dave, not to be confused with my ex-boyfriend David. He was in his 40s, a little taller than me so maybe 5 foot 8 inches tall at a guess with dark hair that showed a few grey specks here and there. His accent was Scottish from some rough area by the sounds of him but he was nice all the same.

Our coffee break ended and we climbed back on the coach. I tried to read my book and listen to my iPod but I was bored. I got up and walked to the front of the coach to see if Dave would talk to me while he drove. He told me off for walking about while the coach was moving and for distracting the driver but then said I could stay if I sat on a little fold down seat by the door near to him and out of sight of the other group on the coach.

We talked for most of the rest of the journey and when he found out I wasn’t meeting my friends until the morning he invited me for a drink when we arrived. I agreed and so that’s how I ended up feeling a little tipsy in the bar of a hotel with Dave the coach driver.

The hotel I’d booked through the coach company for the night was a cheap crappy place really – it was only one night though so who cares? My room wasn’t too bad, basic but clean. I showered and changed out of the jeans and tee-shirt I’d been wearing into a cute powder blue dress that had a short skirt with four or five large pleats and a high neckline but a low back with a pair of sandals.

Love this dress

I met Dave in the bar and noticed he’d changed into jeans and a tight white tshirt that showed off a pair of muscular arms I hadn’t noticed before. The bar was nice enough but with the feel of a less salubrious Weatherspoons. It was busy, mostly with men who looked like builders in town for work. There were a few other women in there; at least one I was certain was a prostitute. Dave and I found a quiet corner of the bar to sit, drink and talk. He seemed quite taken with my new outfit. A couple of drinks later and we were a little more touchy-feely, he’d stroke my arm or I’d hold his hand as we talked. At some point his hand found its way to my knee, slowly stroking up my inner thigh but stopped just as the skirt of my dress began. I looked at his hand and without thinking just grabbed it and pushed it between my legs til his hand touched the cotton of my knickers then I let go and burst out laughing. Dave’s hand stayed between my legs for a few moments while he laughed the laugh of somebody who doesn’t quite get the joke.

We kissed – it wasn’t me kissing him or him kissing me, it was a mutual kiss. I felt for his dick, it was semi-hard under his jeans. “You want that don’t ye?” He asked, his Scottish accent taking me a moment to process. I nodded before I’d really understood what he was saying – a free slut tip for you right there, in these circumstances it’s always best to just say, “yes”.

“Come on lass,” Dave said taking my hand as he stood and leading me out of the bar without waiting for an answer. I just had time to pick up the latest of the double Bacardi and cokes that Dave had insisted on buying me before I was dragged away from the table.

“My room’s just here,” I said pulling the key from my bag. Dave didn’t reply, he stood behind me holding my hips and kissing my neck while I fumbled to open the door. Inside the room, Dave held me tight from behind with one arm across my chest while he still kissed my neck. His other hand reached between my legs, beneath my skirt to rub my pussy through my knickers. I didn’t move, holding still for a moment to enjoy the feeling of being held and touched. He released his hold and I turned to face him. Dave took hold of my wrists and pushed me against the nearest wall then pinned my hands to the wall. I tried to resist but he was so much stronger than me I might as well have been chained to that wall. We kissed again – this time he was very much kissing me – while he took my hands above my head and pinned them there in one of his hands. I tried to free myself but his grip was iron. His free hand brushed my cheek then his fingers wrapped around my throat. “Dinnae struggle,” his voice soft but somehow menacing all the same. “Just be a good girl, will ye do that fer me?”
“Yes,” I nodded. He stared at me waiting for me to say something more. “I will, I promise.”
“Come on now, just say it.”
I gulped, took a deep breath and looked him in the eyes and said, “I promise I’ll be a good girl for you.” I felt like a little girl as I said the words; small, helpless in the face of a much stronger man. I liked it.

He kissed me again, holding my hands above my head for a few more moments just making the point that he was in charge I suppose. He let them go and guided me toward the bed. I felt the edge of it against my knees and sat down as Dave pushed me back on to it. Level now with his groin I reached out and unfastened his jeans pulling them off along with his pants to free his cock.

I found myself eye to eye with a pretty big cock. I guess it was about 6 inches long at most – not that impressive I know but it was the thickness of that thing that made me gasp. I have no idea how many inches or whatever it was around but I could only just get my lips around it when I started blowing him. David, my ex-boyfriend David, had been as thick as my wrist but this was thicker! I did my best to suck that thing but after a few moments I had to stop to rest my jaw, which was already aching. I looked at that thing, glistening with my spit on it, covered in bulbous blood vessels and for the first time since I lost my virginity I wondered how that thing was ever going to fit inside me – I had images of it being like trying to take a coke can sideways!

“I could only just get my lips around it when I started blowing him”

“What’s the matter, Emily?” He asked.
“You know,” I replied laughing nervously.
“I dinnae ken whit ye mean,” he said stroking my face as he spoke.
“It’s fucking huge,” I told him holding my forearm against it to demonstrate just how bit it was. Dave laughed and swung his hips slapping me in the face with his fat, heavy cock.
“Ye’ll ba fine lass,” he said pushing me down onto the bed. I didn’t resist, allowing myself to be pushed onto my back. Dave knelt on the bed straddling my hips, curling his back so that we could kiss. A moment of shuffling, re-positioning as we kissed left me sightly more on the bed, my bum a few inches from the edge and Dave’s feet back on the floor between my legs. The skirt of my dress hitched up; Dave’s hand pulling my knickers aside, his fingers stroked my pussy, teasing my lips apart then a finger was inside me. A second joined it; I looked in Dave’s eyes while those fingers slid as far into me as they could reach.

“Fuck me,” I demanded.
“Ye sure I’m no to big for ye?”
“No… but fuck me anyway.” I reached down with both hands taking hold of Dave’s dick once again marvelling at how fat that thing was. I held it, neither hand big enough to close around that thing by itself. I pulled him toward me. Dave let me guide him. I felt for my knickers with my left hand, dipping my fingers inside myself and smearing my pussy juice around my lips ready for the beast that was coming for me.

His cock found my pussy, I could feel the heat from the blood in his engorged cock on my wet pussy. It touched me. Electricity seemed to flow through my body; I held my breath looking at Dave, waiting for him to push himself into my body. I took a breath, relaxed and felt Dave push. For me it felt normal at first – I even had time to think this is easy – but then he got to the thick part. In my mind, I had an image of Moses parting the Red Sea as I felt myself being spread wide than even David and his giant cock had managed.

I took a sudden sharp breath, the sort you take when you stub your toe, as he split me open then I heard myself scream a loud guttural grunt of pain as his fat dick felt like it was tearing me in two. He didn’t stop until his balls rested against my backside. I lay there looking up at him panting as the pain subsided. Dave pulled back, beginning to fuck me. I gasped for air, panting as if I’d jumped into an ice cold plunge pool. It wasn’t hurting now but it was definitely uncomfortable. I put my hands on Dave’s chest preparing to push him off me if the pain came back, not that I’d have been able to.

“… his fat dick felt like it was tearing me in two…”

I lay there stunned as Dave fucked me. He kissed my face and it snapped me out of my reverie. Our lips met and tongues danced together as Dave’s massive cock fucked into me, a relentless fucking that made the most of every inch of Dave’s six inches. Moving my hips, I found the perfect position to take Dave. It was still a little uncomfortable but in a weird way that added to the pleasure. His dick felt so good that I was cumming within minutes. Dave kissed my face as I came, slobbering over me as he kissed.

“Enjoyed that did ye?” I nodded in response still enjoying the gratifying remnants of my orgasm. I gasped in surprise as Dave suddenly pulled his cock out of me. “Get up,” he ordered taking my hand and helping me to my feet. “Over there,” he half guided, half pushed me toward a small makeup table that stood beneath a large mirror on the wall. I watched in the mirror as Dave unzipped my dress and tugged it down my body to the floor. Dave pulled my knickers off and threw them on the floor. I allowed myself to be pushed forward another couple of paces, Dave cooing sweet comments about how good I looked. “Bend over,” he demanded. I obeyed, reaching over the back of a small chair and leaning on the make up table. Dave pressed the small of my back down, tilting my hips to expose my pussy to his cock more effectively. One hand on my hip and a moment later he was inside me again. This time it was much easier. I still felt like I was being split open and very full of cock but it felt good.

Dave tugged my arms. He was talking but I can’t remember what he said now. I put my arms back allowing him to take complete control of me. He held my arms behind my back, my right arm held in the tight grip of his left arm leaving my left arm trapped against his left arm. His right arm was free and he took great pleasure exploring my body as he fucked me. He’d picked up the pace now, his thrusts were stronger and coming in faster. I enjoyed watching myself being fucked in the mirror. I watched his face, red with effort but a look of controlled enjoyment on it. He slipped a finger in my mouth and I watched myself suck it then I watched his hand slide down my throat to my breast, which he held for a moment slipping his hand inside my bra. His hand left my boob but I kept watching my breasts swinging back and forth hypnotically in time with the powerful thrusts Dave was delivering.


It was the noise that caught my attention more than the pain. I didn’t even notice the pain until after I heard the second SMACK and saw Dave’s hand in the mirror raising up to deliver a third SMACK. He sped up his fucking now, excited by the spanking he was giving me. He hit me hard on the bum another seven times. Normally, I suppose my bum would have been screaming in pain for the spanking to stop – it hurt but my mind was more concerned with the pounding my pussy was now receiving from Dave.

He finished spanking me then reached for my boobs again. Just a moments squeezing then his hand was between my legs rubbing my clit.

I watched myself in the mirror as Dave expertly fingered and fucked me. I watched as I came for the second time on Dave’s cock. The sight of my own cum face actually turned me on even more. I saw myself gasping for air, grunting like an animal and shouting as the orgasm Dave gave me took hold.

“I watched myself in the mirror… as I came for the second time”

Dave released my arms letting me stand up as his dick slide out of me again. I turned to kiss him. Hugging him and resting my head against his shoulder I felt so good but I knew his cock was still hard. I couldn’t believe it, we’d been fucking about 30 minutes now and most guys would have cum long ago.

To be honest, at this point I was thinking I needed a rest but Dave wasn’t about to stop. “What’s ye favourite position, lass?” He asked.
“Here,” I replied guiding him to the bed, removing my bra as I went. I sat down on the edge laying diagonally across the bed with my bum hanging over the edge. “You stand and hold my legs against your chest.” He did as I told him. The bed was perfect height – hotel beds always are – so he was able to slide himself straight into me.

He held my legs wide apart as he entered me then brought them together once I was impaled on him. Closing my legs like that made him feel even bigger. I gripped the bedsheets as he began fucking me. He wasn’t messing about now, this was a fucking. A pounding. He was pounding my pussy with that fat cock of his. He pushed my legs toward my chest.

I love this position because it adds to any man’s length – just lets him get so deep that it feels like he’s going to rearrange my internal organs. That’s how I felt now with Dave inside me. I was being split in two by his girth and my cervix was in the firing line too. His dick hit my cervix making everything down there tingle.

I came again, really quickly. I couldn’t hold it in – not that I wanted to. I felt my legs being pushed toward my chest more and some weight on them as Dave leaned into me. I felt him cumming inside me, that fat cock throbbing and pulsating as it spewed his jizz against my cervix. I remember feeling the warmth of his cum spreading inside me. My orgasm had only just subsided when he came but feeling him orgasm inside me gave me my fourth climax of the night.

We lay together on the bed. I don’t know how long for. Eventually, he kissed me and said he had to go back to his room. “Good night,” we both said. “See you in the morning.”

In the morning, I was up at 8am, my friends were collecting me at 9am. I went out to get some breakfast and as I did I noticed a note that had been pushed under my door. “Emily, I knocked but you didn’t answer. I have to get going. Call me,” and then his phone number. I sat in the bar, at the same table Dave and I shared the night before, eating a bowl of cornflakes. I typed his number into my phone saving it as “Dave the bus driver” when I realised I had no idea what his full name was. I thought about things for a few minutes then text him, “Hi, thanks for last night. I really enjoyed it, tho I hope you’re not going to give the passengers on your coach such a rough ride as you gave me ;o) I’m a bit sore but very happy! Text me when you can, Exxx”.