Bus ride: aside

Bus ride: aside

This is just a thought – there’s no sex in it so don’t get excited.

Being a slut can have its downsides – I mean apart from the risks of rape, murder and STIs – so far only one of those has happened to me. Maybe I’ll blog about what that particular tiny dicked prick did one day… but not today.

Being recognised is one downside I’m thinking off. It’s happened to me once. The first time, I got on the bus in the morning on my way to work. A guy sat opposite me and was grinning at me. Obviously, at first I assumed he was a maniac or a real perv but I also thought it was a bit early in the morning for either of those to be out and about, besides I was just in my work uniform (which isn’t attractive) so no reason he’d be perving over me.

Eventually the psycho spoke and what he said surprised me. “Hi, Emily.” He said. “How did you not see me here?” I kept my eyes peeled for chainsaws or whatever it is psychos use to chop up girls on the bus but he seemed normal enough and he knew my name. “Oh hi, how are you?” I asked in my best “yeah I totally know who the fuck you are” voice.

Turned out we’d hooked up in a club, I’d been back to his place and we had sex. To this day I do not remember fucking that man but he sure seemed certain. I kinda think he twigged that I didn’t remember him, which I’m sure didn’t make me seem classy at all. I hope he didn’t realise because it hurts when that happens.

I know it hurts because another downside to being a slut is being forgotten. This happened to me once too. I met a hot guy in a club – I mean really hot, like should be on the front of a magazine kinda hot. I really liked him and he seemed fun. I got back to his place and had this sense of déjà vu. I knew the place – like really knew it. It was sooo familiar.

The it hit me, I’d been here before. Sure enough his bed room was right where I expected. He clearly didn’t remember me, which hurt. I mean, not enough for me to not fuck him again – he was stunning and once I made the connection I recognised him even though our previous encounter still escapes me.

I remember the second time with that hot male model though. I’m not going to tell you about it because the action did not measure up to the looks! It was very forgettable sex.

Okay, so I’ll tell you a little. First we kissed and I stripped him off. His body was every bit as amazing as I’d expected. I undressed myself – girls this is a warning sign that he’s a wanker – and we got down to business. I sucked his dick a bit while he posed in his mirror. I put a condom on him then he got on top of me, put it in me and fucked me… for like 10 seconds.

That was it – no foreplay, a fuck so short it barely registered – oh and his dick did not measure up to the rest of his muscle bound body. I’ll go for a re-run with the bus psycho any day – he couldn’t have been worse.