Screwing on the swings

Screwing on the swings

Need a fuck – u free? Danny was nothing if not to the point in his text messages.
I’m free, I replied. I’ll come over.
Nah, fams here – u place? That was unusual. Danny’s place was nearly always free.
Nope, mum and dad home.
They were in bed but even so I wasn’t brave enough to bring a boy over while they were home.
OK. Park by u place – 10 mins. Dress slutty.

Danny and I were fuckbuddies. We had an agreement. If one wanted sex the other couldn’t say no. That rule made life pretty exciting – never knowing if when my phone beeped if I was about to be summonsed to fuck. This time it was about 11.30pm, my parents had gone to bed an hour before and were either sleeping or fucking in their bedroom on the top floor of the house. My little brother was asleep so sneaking out shouldn’t be a big problem.

I was already in my PJs, which I quickly stripped off. I knew what I was going to wear. The moment I saw the text from Danny I knew what I was going to wear. I’d bought a tiny, skintight white Lycra dress – I’ve no idea why since it was too obscene to wear out anywhere but I was dying to put it on; to show my inner slut to the world. I slipped on a pair of sandals then stepped into the dress and pulled it up over my naked body. It clung tight to my boobs, barely covering them while the bottom end clung around my bum and hips; it was more a suggestion of clothing than anything that really covered my body. I checked myself out in the mirror as I pulled my hair back into a pony tail then I was out the door.

I knew exactly what to wear

I’d been so quick I was actually early – a real achievement for me. I stood on the corner at the top of my road by the entrance to the “park”. Although we call it a park it is really just a wide open green space. There is a playground for kids at one end but otherwise it’s basically just a huge field with a lawn.

Danny arrived looking menacing in a tracksuit with the hood pulled up over his cap, completely hiding his face in darkness so much that I was only half sure it was him. He smacked me hard on the bum as a greeting then told me I looked good and “real slutty” were the words I remember him using. I reached up and circled my arms behind his head, pulling him down toward my face. I slipped into the dark beneath his hood to kiss his lips. I felt a hand take hold of both my pony tail and the back of my neck while the other hand traced a line down my back and over my bum then slipped across my thigh and between my legs. I didn’t resist as Danny’s fingers found my bare, bald cunt then slipped inside me.

“Good, bitch.” He broke off our kiss to commend me, whether for the lack of knickers or lack of resistance I don’t know. “You a horny slut ain’t ya?”
“Mmmm,” I murmured in reply moving back into the kiss.
“Bitch,” he whispered threateningly jerking my head back by my pony tail. “I asked if you a horny slut?” Danny seemed to push his fingers a little deeper into me to emphasis his question.
“Yeah,” I nodded then decided to take the hint. “I’m a horny slut.”

We kissed again. Now I slipped my hand into his trackie bottoms and inside his boxers. Holding his hard prick I slowly jerked it up and down in my hand while Danny fingered me. We kissed like that for a few minutes, the whole time Danny kept a firm grip on my hair and neck. His fingers left me and a moment later the kiss ended. Danny looked down at me, still holding my hair and neck tight so I had no choice but to look up at him. I kept jerking his cock as we watched each other. He showed me his fingers, even in the dim light I could see them glistening with my pussy juice. I felt their wetness touch my lips, parting them so his fingers could slip inside. I licked and sucked my own juice from his fingers, looking into his eyes and trying to keep a dignified defiance in my eyes as I performed the humiliating act of being made to clean my own pussy mess from him. I knew it should be humiliating but, truth be told, I felt quite sexy doing it. I’ve always thought I taste quite sweet so its not too bad.

“I wanna fuck,” I said earnestly when I finished cleaning him up.
“Dirty slut!” There was a note of disgust in his voice as he looked at me. I thought I’d done something wrong but then he said, “come on,” and we walked into the park his hand still keeping a tight grip on the back of my neck.

The park was empty. Dark. Deserted. Silent. The air was still warm with no wind to rustle the trees and only the smallest sliver of Moon to light our way. We walked in silence, the only sounds our breathing and the occasional snap of a twig underfoot. Danny kept a tight grip around my neck as we walked. I didn’t object, some guys like to control a girl as she walks. Some girls like to be controlled. I’m one of those girls.

Out of the darkness I saw the playground, it was unlit but the metalwork was just visible shining in the weak moonlight. “You ever fuck on a swing?” Danny asked me. I shook my head then remembered he probably couldn’t see me so said, “no”. He told me some things he’d done with other girls in parks; it sounded like he’d fucked on just about every piece of play equipment ever invented – I had no idea he was so into playground sex!

“Swings, I wanna do swings.” I had no idea what Danny was on about for a moment so I just nodded and said, “OK.” I let him guide me by the neck towards the swings in the playground, then I realised what he meant – I know, I’m a dumb blonde okay!

He pulled at my dress looking for the fastening. “It’s Lycra, it just pulls on.” I told him. His hands slipped under the top of my dress and in a moment it was laying on the floor, leaving me naked but for my sandals. Danny was fingering me again, pulling my hair, kissing me and pushing me backwards. I felt something behind me and was quickly pushed down onto it. I clung on and pulled myself onto the basket swing – if you’ve not seen one it’s like a big round rope basket that hangs from the frame and swings. This one could probably get two or three girls my size on it pretty comfortably. My body was inside the bowl of the basket leaving my head and bum propped up at either end. Danny took my ankles, lifted them and hooked my legs around the ropes holding the swinging rope basket in the air. I hope he wasn’t planning to fuck me like this – it would not be comfortable for me. He didn’t fuck me though, he went down on me. It was a quick, rough and ready act of cunnilingus but it felt good. I didn’t cum. I couldn’t cum not in that deeply uncomfortable position but it did feel good. Danny ate me, I think, just about as long as it took for him to decide I was ready to be fucked because then he pulled me up and guided me over to the normal swings.

Danny dropped his trousers and boxers, sat on the swing and beckoned me to climb on top. I have to admit he looked pretty good sitting there, rock hard waiting for me to embark – like the Titanic waiting for her passengers to board, the only difference being that Danny had already gone down with his passenger that night!

“You got a condom?” I asked. Danny just laughed. “You gotta wear one,” I told him.
“Bitch you know I only fuck bareback!” He grabbed my wrist and pulled me towards him. Holding me in place by the arm he took the hand of my other arm and put it on his prick. Fuck that thing felt nice. I wanted it so badly and he knew it. Fuck it! I thought to myself. I’d screwed Danny a hundred times before anyway.

It took some doing but in the end I was able to climb aboard. We faced each other, Danny on the swing, me on Danny. My legs sticking out behind him. I’m not even sure how I got on him, I think he must have held me up and helped lower me on to his cock but whatever, I got on that thing. I could move quite well but squeezing my thighs and pulling on the chain holding the swing up. Danny started us swinging and soon we were pretty high all the while I was impaled on his cock.

I had to be honest and tell him this position wasn’t working for me. I’d tried hard but I like a guy to be like the Holy Spirit – I wanna feel him moving in me – and while this position was fun I just couldn’t get off in it. Danny stood up with me still fully impaled on him. I guess one of the benefits of being small is that its easy for guys to throw you around during sex. Anyway, he stood up holding me. Danny managed to lift me and fuck me down onto his cock a few times as he stood there holding me up – I love that! More guys should get to the gym so they can do that to their girls!

Danny put me down then pulled two of the swings together. He told me to put my legs through them with my hands on the floor like I was doing a wheelbarrow. I wasn’t sure what was going to happen but I did as I was told. When he let go of the swings my thighs were pulled apart and I was left with my back end hanging in the air with my hands on the floor in front of me. Danny pushed in between my legs and then pushed himself back into me.

I’d read about the wheelbarrow position but I’d never done it. If you haven’t either then think of it as a murderous plank that burns your core, chest, shoulder and arm muscles til you wanna scream. If you’re like me then you end up first on your elbows and then with your head on the floor hoping your face doesn’t get a carpet (or whatever that stuff on playground floors is) burn while your beau enjoys himself fucking you from behind and (probably) spanking your ass til it’s red raw.

Riding two swings and a dick all at once

It was uncomfortable, difficult and physically exhausting. I was naked with my face, arms and chest rubbing against the dirty floor so much that I was filthy when I got up afterwards. But, for all that I’m so glad I did it. I was so close to cumming, right there on the verge of it. I felt Danny explode inside me and felt the warmth spreading as his dick filled me with cum; that was just what I need to push me over the edge of my own climax. I came grinding my mouth into my forearm in a bid to keep quiet.

Pretty soon it was over. Danny helped free me from the swings. I was still sitting on the floor when he took hold of my hair again and pushed his cock into my face. I opened my mouth and obediently cleaned his cock for him.

We kissed after and said goodbye walking off in different directions. I began walking home still naked carrying my tiny dress. It felt liberating to be in such a public area that I knew so well completely naked. I was tempted to walk all the way home naked but my road does have street lights so I pulled the dress on just before the edge of the park and made my way home.

I slipped back in the house and into bed without waking anybody, I needed a cleanup but I couldn’t shower now. It was 12.30am. It had only been an hour since Danny text me – there’s something sexy about a brief public hookup in the middle of the night while everyone’s sleeping. At least I think there is.

Good night.