The gym

The gym

I like the gym. I like exercise in general – it’s a bit like sex for me. You work hard, you build up a sweat and you feel good afterwards. Like sex a good workout can have its own climax – that point where your muscles are exhausted and you feel like you can’t do another thing but then you force yourself to do two or three more reps. You grunt and moan and maybe even scream as you force yourself over the edge of your endurance. Your muscles cry out to your mind telling you to stop, you’ve had enough, you can’t take any more but you can’t stop. You have no choice, you have to finish and you do. The blood pumps around your exhausted muscles furiously and you feel the satisfaction of reaching a true climax as your whole body throbs and you begin to relax.

I like to workout with Richard – we don’t spend much time together inside the gym because we’re doing different things but it’s good to have somebody there to encourage you and to relax with you afterwards.

How I like to imagine I look when I work out

At our gym they have a family changing room so we can often change together – I like that too.

We’d spent an hour and a half in the gym. He’d done some running and weights while I’d spent half an hour on the cross-trainer, another half an hour doing some weights and the final half hour on some body weight exercises and stretches. I was sweating, I was tired – my heart rate monitor said I’d burned almost 1,000 calories and I felt so good.

The changing room was deserted – we almost always go off-peak when there are no families about. We got our things from the locker and headed into one of the big cubicles that take up most of the space. Richard peeled his top off while I stood back and watched. “How many calories did you do?” I asked, his heart rate monitor reminding me of my own impressive score.
“1,500 I think,” he replied.

Not fair, I thought. I’d worked so hard for my 1,000 while he’d taken it relatively easy and just burned more because he was a lot bigger than me.

He unhooked his heart rate monitor and dropped it in our bag. I had a plan to even the scores up a bit and I pounced as soon as his was off. I kissed him, guided his hands on to my body knowing he loved me in my tight lycra gym outfit. Sure enough his hands slipped from my thighs to my bum, which he squeezed through my black running pants. I stroked his chest, enjoying feeling the muscles move beneath his flesh. Richard’s hand slide over my bare back tracing a line up my spine til it reached the tight pink Emmy sports bra I like to work out in. He pulled me close to him while we kissed trapping my hand between our bodies. My other hand was free and working its way to his shorts. I felt his dick hardening inside them – not quite fully erect but it was getting there.

Richard no longer held me tight, he cupped my breast briefly – pressing it as his hand moved purposefully to the black zip between my boobs that held my bra together. He unzipped it with one pull then reached behind me to pull it away leaving me topless except for my heart rate monitor. He moved to free me of that but I stopped him – I was keeping that on.

He whispered in my ear that I was a bad girl and a slut. I couldn’t disagree. He told me he would teach me a lesson. I wanted to be taught so bad at that moment. Even as he spoke my running pants and sweaty knickers were being peeled from me. I kicked my trainers off as he knelt down and pulled the last of my clothes off.

“Sit down,” he ordered softly. I obeyed silently taking a seat on the edge of the bench. Richard was between my legs, he pulled my forward so my bum was in contact with only the smallest edge of the bench and he lowered his head towards me. Spreading my legs as wide as I could I allowed Richard free reign over and complete access to the most intimate and sensitive part of my body. He didn’t disappoint. His mouth and hands found all the parts of me that felt good. His tongue explored me, lapping away eating my pussy with such enthusiasm I might have been a fast melting ice cream on a hot summer day such was his eagerness to devour me.

Feels so good

I could feel my heart racing, pounding in an effort to escape my chest and fly away. That’s what I wanted because I knew my heart rate monitor would be recording this and improving my score. I wanted to keep going, keep feeling the pleasure of being devoured, I didn’t want to cum but I couldn’t stop it. I could feel myself being forced to the point of no return, the point where I’d not be able to hold on to any resistance and my mind would give into the inevitable before being swamped by my own orgasm. I tried to push Richard away to give myself some breathing space, “stop” I told him and tried to push him away. He held my hands in his barely even slowing down. I struggled and got one hand free but it was too late, I was about to cum. I could feel it. Even if he stopped now it was going to happen.

I stroked Richard’s hair for a moment. I’d been good at keeping myself quiet so far but I knew I couldn’t keep it up and I had no idea if anyone else had come into the changing room I didn’t think so but I couldn’t keep up with the outside world now. I clamped my free hand to my mouth, sucking on my thumb like a child as wave after wave of sexual tension exploded inside me and swept like a tsunami through my body bringing relieve to my tense and tired muscles.

For a few moments – I don’t know how long, maybe seconds, maybe minutes – my entire world was nothing but the rush of orgasmic pleasure that consumed me like a forest fire overwhelming and consuming a dry helpless sapling.

I became dimly aware or Richard standing over me still holding my hand. He took the hand from my mouth and pulled me to my feet. I stood on wobbly shaky feet, my dazed mind unable to take full control of my jelly legs. I clung to Richard as he kissed me. That tongue that had moments earlier been eating my pussy was now roughly exploring my mouth. I could taste myself on him – I knew he wanted to make me taste myself and I didn’t care. I kissed him back.

I felt myself being turned around, felt his hard cock brush against my thighs and lower back. I wasn’t sure I could stand up for what I knew he planned to do next but I allowed myself to be pushed forwards, planting my hands on the bench in front of me. A hand pushed my lower back, I dipped the curve of my lower spine, tilting my pelvis down and making my pussy an easier target for him. He found his mark, a moment later he had filled me.

Richard’s dick slipped deep into my body making me sigh as it went and somehow strengthening my weak, wobbly legs. I held on to the bench, my head dropped forward so I could see him as he pounded himself into me over and over. He held on to my hips with one hand while the other reached under my tummy. He was fingering my clit as he fucked me.

I came again. My legs and arms wanted to collapse but somehow both held out. I felt myself squeezing Richard’s cock as I came then I felt the telltale hard thrusts as he got close. A moment later, I felt his cock throbbing  as he buried himself as deep inside me as he could get and I knew he was pumping his hot thick mess into my body.

He withdrew and I collapsed on the bench panting for my breath. Richard took hold of a fistful of my hair and pushed my face toward his cock. I tried to resist but I wasn’t going to win. I opened wide and let him put his sticky still pretty hard cock in mouth. I sucked it clean until he released my head then I was able to sit back and rest. Even as I sat there I was looking forward to seeing what this had done to my score on my heart rate monitor.

“Spa?” He asked.
“I need a few minutes but yeah,” I nodded in agreement wondering how long it would be before I was capable of walking normally again. My legs still felt like jelly. Richard handed me my bikini.

A few minutes later I was in the sauna hoping the cum he put inside me wasn’t planning to come out too soon.