The Christmas Eve gift

The Christmas Eve gift

It was Christmas Eve, about a quarter to three in the afternoon. Richard was in the living room watching TV. I was in the bedroom preparing a gift.

I’d showered, dried myself off and now I felt the soft warmth of our bedroom carpet beneath my bare feet. It felt good to stand warm and naked in our bedroom looking through the window at the cold outdoors. I jumped a little as the hot radiator touched my bare thigh. There was no mark though.

I looked at myself in the mirror. I enjoy seeing myself naked. I’d shaved in the shower. I knew I was bald from the neck down but I couldn’t resist a look to check and the pleasure of running my fingers over my smooth hairless flesh.

Reaching up on tiptoes I could just get hold of the package I’d bought Richard for his Christmas Eve gift. The large padded envelope came down easily. I emptied the contents onto the bed, it didn’t look much for the amount it cost but it had the feel of top quality.

I pulled on the skirt, long at the front and back but completely sideless, showing my thighs and held up by a large belt. I put on the bra top next – its solid quality felt good and it really showed off my boobs. FREE SLUT TIP: Always get a size or two too small to really make your boobs pop! Next the arm rings. The only other part to my costume was the collar, which had been a soft Velcro thing and came with a small plastic chain. I’d upgraded the collar to a leather one with a ring for the chain and the plastic chain to a metal one I got at the DIY shop. It was now long enough to walk me with. Have you guessed who I am yet? I’m Princess Leia.

I found out that Richard is a big Star Wars fan. I’m not interested in it myself but turns out he loves Princess Leia so his Xmas Eve present was a total no-brainer.


Checking myself out in the mirror I liked what I saw. Sure the skirt that hung between my legs like a limp table cloth looked pretty stupid to me but I guess my totally exposed legs and thighs were hot. The bra top was definitely hot – even I fancied myself in it! The collar was tight around my neck, I had pulled it as tight as I dared then been brave and pulled it one notch tighter. I could feel it pressing all around my throat. I loved how the dark leather looked against my skin and how the metal chain glinted in the light as it ran from my throat to my left had. I strapped on some strappy sandals that Richard always calls my slave sandal. They are flats, open save for a gold strap across the bridge of my foot. The body of the sandal rises up like a boot with a cord crisscrossing my leg and tied in place behind my calf just below my knee. I tied my hair back in a ponytail, I know that’s not how Princess Leia’s hair looks but I have no idea how to do those doughnut things she has on the side of her head.

I was ready, just one more thing to get. I opened Richard’s bedside draw, searched around and quickly found three pairs of handcuffs – I know right, why does he have so many?? Two were quick release that I can take off without a key if I can reach the switch. The third were normal cuffs that once on need a key to unlock. I took those but deliberately left the key – once these go on they’re staying on! Don’t ask me why but knowing I can’t get out of something turns me on way more than knowing I just need to flick a little switch to get free.

I was finally ready.

“You’re present’s ready,” I called to Richard. “Close your eyes and stand up.”
“‘k,” came a muffled reply from the living room.
“Are your eyes closed?” I asked again pausing by the living room door.

I slipped into the room as quietly as I could, standing in front of him. “You can open your eyes now, Master.” I kept my voice soft, pleasing, submissive. He opened his eyes. I loved his surprised face that quickly turned to desire. “What do you think?” I asked turning slowly for him. His answer was a garbled mix of sexy and awesome so far as I could tell. “Slavegirls should be restrained, Master.” I whispered handing him the cuffs I took from the bedroom. That seemed to focus his mind. He pulled my head back by my ponytail, kissed me then whispered in my ear, “turn around slave.” I obeyed, watching myself in the mirror as Richard pulled my arms behind my back and the cold metal cuffs were locked tight around my wrists.

Turning back to face him, we kissed while his hands explored my helpless body. His fingers were inside me within a few minutes and I was enjoying it so much I had to remind myself that this was his gift not mine. I broke away from the kiss, “Master, please may this slave girl suck your cock?” He dropped his jeans, stepped out of them and stood in front of me in tshirt and boxers. “Get it out with your teeth,” he told me. I knelt down. “Do it in 30 seconds or I’ll spank you… hard.”
“Yes, Master.” I went to work.
“Every 5 seconds over you go is another smack,” he said as I struggled to get the elastic of his boxers between my teeth. “10… 9… 8,” He was counting down and I was struggling to pull the boxers down. “5… 4… 3,” half a second later I had his cock in my mouth and was struggling not to laugh at my victory.

I worked hard on that cock. Kissing the whole length of it. Sucking it in and pretty much using my mouth to fuck it until my face and his cock were wet and slobbery. I sucked on his balls, letting his shaft rest on my face as I moved from cock to balls and back again. “Sit down please, Master.” I asked sweetly looking up at Richard and wondering just how messy I looked. He looked down, holding my head in both his hands and stroking my face with his thumbs. Right at that moment I felt like a real helpless slavegirl gazing up at her owner. I wanted him so badly but I had to keep reminding myself that I was his gift and what was happening wasn’t for my pleasure.

He sat down; his cock stood up. I wanted to jump on that thing and ride it sooo badly. I think that’s what he expected. Instead I walked across to him on my knees, knelt between his legs and took his wet, spit covered cock in my mouth again. I looked up at him, making sure he was watching me. I’d been planning this part for a week and I wanted him to pay attention.

I took his dick into my mouth, about half way just to the edge of comfortable. I paused, took a couple of breaths to get control, swallowed and pushed myself down on his cock. I couldn’t tell when it passed from my mouth to my throat but once it was in I definitely knew about it.

Richard let out a grunt and suddenly his hands were on my face and his hips were moving back, just a little. He was getting a better view. Perfect. I wanted him to see everything. I slide back up his cock. Spent a few moments kissing, licking and sucking the tip of him. I wasn’t out of breath but I was definitely breathing harder. Back to my starting position. Few breaths to control it. Down. Impaling my face on his dick. This time he slide a further down my throat. Just a bit but enough. I held my breath – not that I could do much else – for as long as possible then slide back up. His whole shaft was wet with my slobber now and I could taste the salty pre-cum flowing. Richard was pleased. I could hear him babbling some degrading filth that I would normally love but right now I was so focused on that prick that I didn’t hear more that the odd word. Maybe a, “suck it,” here and a “bitch” there.


I could feel my heart pounding in my chest. My breathing was heavy but under control. I wanted to touch his balls with my lips this time. I’d been so close before, my nose almost touching his naval. I took him out of my mouth, licking a line down to his balls then back up his shaft tasting my own spit all the way. In my starting position, half his cock in my mouth the tip at the back of my mouth. I was ready.

Down I plunged.

So close.

A hand on the back of my head encouraging me down.

I forced myself. Pushed myself down until every inch of his hard cock had disappeared into my throat. My nose touched his naval. I was sure my lower lip must be on balls. I held it. It felt easy. His grip tightened on my head, holding me in place. His hips moved. Not much but just enough to make a tiny thrusting motion in and out of my mouth. He was literally fucking my throat now. His hands moved my head, moving me up and down on his shaft. I held it together for what felt like eternity but was probably a few seconds. I felt like I was going to throw up. I pulled back and Richard let me up. I heard the most gross and unlady like retching noise as that dick left my throat. I wasn’t sick but I’m still not sure how tIO held it together.

Doing my best to get control back I panted, taking deep breaths, controlling myself. I wanted to finish. In my fantasy plan, I deep throat him til he cums in my throat. That wasn’t going to happen now, Richard was standing. “Stand up,” he ordered pulling me up by my ponytail.

He held me to him, wiping sweat, tears and God knows what else off my face. He kissed me. “You make a great slave, Emmy.” He spun me around, holding me from behind, kissing my neck. I could feel his cock against my bum and lower back.

A hand on the back of my skull, another pulling my hands up by the short chain that bound them together. I had no choice but to bend forwards. Richard marched me around the room, to the back of the sofa which I was pushed over.

I’d wanted to make him cum with my mouth but now I was bent over helplessly. The thin skirt covering my backside was being brushed easily away and a moment later Richard was inside me, filling me with the same rock hard cock that had filled my throat just moments before. He was fucking me hard and slow. I knew he wouldn’t last long if he was already doing that. “No… no… no,” I wasn’t even aware I was speaking at first.
“What?” He asked leaning forward, which buried his cock even deeper into me.
“I wanted to finish you with my mouth,” I said craning my neck around to peer at him from the corner of one eye.
“I’m in charge,” he said. “I’ll fuck you if I want to. Problem?”
“Okay… no.”
“No what?” Several smacks slammed down hard and fast on my right bum cheek. I thought for a minute not sure what he meant.
“Master,” I said remembering our game. “I’m sorry, Master.”

He spanked me a few more times then fucked me again. Each thrust was hard, driving me forwards, slamming my thighs into the back of the sofa. I shifted my position a little to take the hard back of the sofa more comfortably. His cock now found my cervix, reaching just deep enough to hit with each stroke. It felt good. My legs were shaking it felt so good.

“Up slave,” he had my hair again and was pulling me backwards. His cock slipped out and I allowed myself to pushed down to the floor. I was eye level with his cock. It glistened with the mix of my cum and spit that covered it from head to balls. I reached out to suck it again. Richard was stroking it. His cock slipped briefly between my lips and I could taste salt stronger than before. He was about to cum I could taste it. The look on his face confirmed it; just seconds now and he’d blow.

I opened my mouth, tilted my head back a little. A moment later I saw him explode. My eyes closed instinctively as a line of thick, heavy cum shot across my face. I felt it on my eyelid then on my forehead and nose simultaneously. Some landed in my mouth and more on my chin. More lines came after and were followed by two big heavy drops of cum that seemed to cover my nose and cheek.

Richard’s cock was back in my mouth. I sucked it clean and opened my left eye, which had survived without a direct hit from the cum cannon. I wanted to wipe my other eye clear but my hands were still cuffed tight behind my back. Instead I sucked cock and felt the biggest of the cum drops that had landed on my cheek move. It started slowed but quickly picked up pace. Sliding from my cheek bone over my cheek besides the corner of my mouth and down to my jaw bone where it began dropping off to disappear for a moment only to reappear on my boobs where it kept travelling until it formed a little well between my boobs.

I ate the last of his cum from his cock enjoying the unique flavour of him and me mixed together.

“Stay there,” he ordered. I obeyed. Richard walked away, returning a moment later with his phone. I held still, watching him from my one open eye as he took photos of my cum splattered face and boobs.

Much to my surprise, he was hard again within minutes as he watched his own little porn show staring his girl and his cum on his phone. I really wanted to clean the cum off my face but instead I straddled his lap riding his cock until we both came by which time most of the cum had dried on, tightening my skin like a facial pack.

The deepthroat was supposed to be the star of the show but I think he enjoyed the facial as much, if not more. For me, I’m proud I managed it after being so bad at deepthroat my entire sexual life. Proud even though I had a sore throat all Xmas Day!