Sweet hitch-hiker

Sweet hitch-hiker

Although I say that David was my first proper boyfriend, I did have boyfriends before him. I just say he was my first proper one because I lost my virginity to him, but I’d been out with boys before.

One of those ex’s was John, we went on a few dates, kissed a bit, touched each other a bit but nothing heavy.  That must have been when we were both 14.  By the time of this story, we were 17 and I was with David.  This encounter became one of those he found out about and caused our relationship to end.

I’d been to school and was walking home. It was a hot day – like a REALLY hot day. Temperatures in the 30s, which in my book is sweltering. I remember I was wearing this gorgeous yellow summer dress that I loved, partly because it looked super cute and partly because I bought it for about £5 so it was a bargain.

A motorcyclist road past me and beeped. I didn’t think anything of it, guys sometime beep girls. But then he stopped, turned around and came back on the other side of the road. He turned again and this time pulled up alongside me. He took his helmet off and, as you’ve realised, it was John. We hadn’t seen each other since school tho we’d got on well despite our failed childhood relationship. We chatted and he offered me a ride on his bike. I thought “WTF” and jumped on – he had a spare helmet that belonged to his girlfriend in a box on the back so I put it on and off we went.

I’d only been on a motorbike once before when I was about 10 and some riders were offering rides to kids at an event I went to with my family. This was nothing like that – we rode around the streets, passing cars and zooming between traffic. It was scary but pretty fun and the wind was awesome. He took us out on to a main road and went really fast. I’ve no idea how fast we went but two things happened. First, my dressed filled with air and ripped open – but I hadn’t noticed that yet. I hadn’t noticed because the second thing that happened was the vibrations. I was sat leaning forward against John, holding on around his waist. My legs straddled the bike and my weight was on my inner thighs. The vibrations were magical – I’ve never really got the whole leaning against a washing machine thing (and I’ve tried) but sitting on that motorcycle was amazing. I had to shift my weight a fraction but when I did it felt like I had a really powerful vibrator pressing on my clit – like my Jessica Rabbit had been given a “Go mental” setting. It felt so good I wanted to cry out and I did, not that anyone could hear me. The ride on the main road lasted just long enough for me to cum. That was an experience – cumming while holding on for your life at 100MPH (I’ve no idea how fast we went but it felt fast). When John finally slowed down I don’t mind admitting that I was extremely hot despite the cooling wind!

Oh yes please

He stopped by a Starbucks, turned and said we should get a coffee. That was when my now badly torn dress became obvious. I was hanging out of it so coffee was off the menu. “I live round the corner, you can borrow something.” John helpfully said and we were off before I could point out my house was also round the corner.

We pulled into John’s garage under a block of flats. It wasn’t well lit but it was enough for him to notice I was a little flush. “You enjoy that?” He asked his hands on my hips. I nodded.
“I really liked it,” I told him.

I knew he had a girl and I knew David would be waiting for me at his place tonight but WTF I thought, I was horny. I’d just cum on John’s bike and right now I really wanted to be bad. I kissed him – he kissed me back.

I didn’t mess around, in a flash I had his jeans undone and I was on my knees with his rapidly hardening cock in my mouth. I got it just in time to feel it grow. A couple of deep sucks to get him fully hard then out, licking his shaft down to his balls while jerking him off with my right hand. I tipped my head back to get under him. Sucking his balls in my mouth I licked them all the while wanking his cock. Balls out, tongue extended, licking a long firm line to the head of his dick. Timing it just right so I reached the head just as my hand was pulling his foreskin back. Another lick then envelop his head between my lips, flicking the head of his dick with my tongue.

His hands found my head and took a firm grip, holding me in place. Always a good sign that he likes it.

Now I took him back deep into my mouth, sucking him as I jerked him off. His grip tightened and he began thrusting his hips gently toward my mouth. Holding his balls in my left hand, jerking with my right and sucking all at once I could feel everything that was going on. First his balls tightened. Then his hands and hips pushed his dick a little deeper. I could feel his balls and cock throbbing in my hands and a moment later my mouth filled with his hot salty cum.

I swallowed it as quick as he could pump it out. He came for a long time and I was starting to wonder if I hadn’t set off some kind of never ending orgasm – was I destined to spend the rest of my life on my knees slowly drowning in cum? But then he was done. He left go of my head. I looked up at him as I carefully licked and sucked the last of his cum out – squeezing his dick to make sure I got every last drop – all of it swallowed.

It’s gotta be done


John was definitely pleased.

In his flat, I half expected to see his girlfriend and have do to the “oh hi, lovely to meet you” routine while still tasting her man’s cum. She wasn’t there – I was quite pleased about that.

John took me into their bedroom, opened her wardrobe and produced a very short mini skirt and a slutty top. He handed them to me – I’m going to look like a prostitute, I thought but took them gratefully since at the moment I looked like a mad woman who’d been in a fight.

“I’ll wait outside,” John said.
“Why? You’ve seen it all.” I dropped the tattered remains of my dress on the floor. John watched me in just my underwear. “You like what you see?” I asked flirtatiously. I didn’t expect what came next. With a loud, “oh fuck it” John grabbed me and threw me on the bed. A moment later he was on top of me pinning me down.

“You gonna put up a fight?” He asked.
“No,” I shock my head.
“Good girl,” with that he knelt back and pulled my knickers off in one go then dived head first between my legs.

I’ve had better oral sex but he wasn’t bad – his motorbike was better. He didn’t make me cum but I don’t think he was trying, he just wanted me wet enough to fuck. When John was satisfied with his work he was back kissing me. He fumbled with my bra until I sat up and unhooked it for him.

Now it was my turn to fumble, try as I might I could not undo his jeans from this angle. He laughed and did it for me then slipped them off. We kissed again, I was making all the purring noises I could to tell him I was ready. He was mumbling something in my ear. Then he was in me. It took a couple of jabs for him to find my pussy but he managed it and he was in.

He knelt back, still inside me, took my ankles and pulled them up to his chest then pushed forward and fucked me. I remember him talking about my boobs bouncing and being big or something they were certainly getting a good work out. I would have held on to them because it’s a little uncomfortable when they bounce like that but he was enjoying it and it’s not ever so bad.

John’s dick felt good and I was definitely crying out for some cock after that motorcycle ride.

I was getting close to cumming and I could see he was too. I slipped a hand between my legs to give myself an extra little boost. It tipped me over the edge and I came for the second time in about half an hour. This one felt good – better than the bike – John could hear my moaning this time and I like being heard.

Think positive thoughts

My clit got too sensitive so I stopped rubbing but I was still cumming. I sucked my thumb while John kept on fucking me. Suddenly, two very hard and very deep thrusts made me focus on him then suddenly he wasn’t in me any more. I looked down, his dick was pointing at me, he came and I saw a thick heavy drop of cum fly through the air quickly followed by another and then a stream. I lost track after that when the first dollop landed on my face and made me close my eyes. I felt more land on my boobs and tummy until finally a great heavy pool of the stuff seemed to be gathering around my belly button.

John wiped his dick clean on my inner thigh – I wasn’t happy but I was too exhausted to complain now.

I lay back and felt John wiping up his cum with a soft cloth. I realised after he was using my own fucking knickers!! I was not impressed. When he left the room I wiped the cum on my face off on one of the pillows – let him explain that!

I pulled on his girlfriend’s skirt and top then fished around for a clean pair of knickers but decided the idea of going home in a mess with no undies was less gross than wearing stolen underwear from a girl whose boyfriend I just fucked on her bed.

When John came out of the bathroom I was dressed and told him I had to go. He seemed pleased to see the back of me – weird how guys can be so into you one minute and then the next you’re just a whore in the way.

I went to David’s place, let myself in and took a shower then waited for him to come home in my stolen outfit. When he got back I told him I was from “the agency” and had been sent as a gift from his wife who thought he’d need something young, cheap and worthless to take his frustrations out on while she was away on business. He loved the fantasy and we played it out til bed time.