My first (real) sex toy

My first (real) sex toy

I wrote about my first sex toy a while ago – okay I was slightly taking the piss with that one since it was a cucumber not a “real” sex toy… tho I did have sex with it so it counts to me.

David and I had been together about 3 weeks. He was desperate to sleep with me but I was still holding it back. Partly, because we’d only known each other 3 weeks, partly because I was a virgin but mostly because his cock was 9.5 inches long, as thick as my wrist and scared the crap out of me! We’d done everything short of sex. I’d sucked him, he’d been down on me. He’d even rubbed his massive cock no my pussy but I hadn’t let him put it in me.

This is exactly how I dressed for school… honest

It was Friday and my parents were out for the evening and were taking my little brother with them. David came over – it was the first time he’d been to my house as I’d not introduced him to my family largely because I was 16 and he was in his 30s. He picked me up from school and drove me home, making sure to park around the corner just in case they came home early. In the house I started to show him around but my bedroom was the only room that interested him.

We were kissing – he was kissing me would be more precise – his hands were all over me. Inside my blazer, feeling my breasts over my shirt then slipping around my waist and down to my bum. I’m not even sure how it happened but I was quickly naked but for my knee high socks that he left on me. David was still fully dressed. “How’d you get me naked so quick?” I asked noticing for the first time his swift work. He just grinned and pushed me on my teddy bear covered bed with its cute pink sheets that I really wished I’d changed before he came over to see them – at least I wished that later when it was all over.

He was down on his knees at the side of the bed eating me out. I glanced at the cock as his tongue slipped between my pussy lips. 4pm. Just 30 minutes ago I was in my uniform in school waiting to be released at the end of the day. Now I was practically naked being eaten out by a grown man. I laughed at the juxtaposition of myself as the schoolgirl and what was happening now.

“What?” He asked as I laughed.
“Nothing, keep going.” I replied. “It’s good.”

He went back to work. I was quite nervous at this point in my life and worried what he’d think of my body – I knew he’d been with plenty of women and here I was just a little virgin schoolgirl not quite half his age. I half laid, propped up on my elbows, watching as he ate me. God I wanted him but the thought of that massive cock as I watched his tongue work still scared me.

“I want you to relax,” he told me stopping for a moment. “I’ve got you a present.” He went back to work with his mouth while he rummaged for something with one hand. Stopping now, he came to kiss my face. I was still weary of tasting my own juices on him back then so I just let him kiss my cheeks and nose. “I bought you this,” David said producing a vibrator still in its box though I noticed the box had already been opened. He gave it to me and let me take it out.
“Oh my God,” I laughed. “Where did you get it?”
“Ann Summers.”
“What do I do with it?” I asked taking it from the box and examining it. It was a pink vibrator, maybe 8 inches long in total but the base end had another bit sticking out that formed the rabbit ears of what I now know is a Rampent Rabbit vibrator. It was nowhere near as thick as David and putting it inside me seems an altother more realistic proposition.
“I’ll show you,” David said patiently. He was already used to my naive, childish questions

He slipped one finger then another inside me, gently fucking me with them. I watched him roll the tip of the vibrator against his fingers where they entered me, coating it in my juice. He moved his fingers away and carefully pushed the vibrator into me until the rabbit ears pressed against my clit.

He smiled at me, a sweet soothing smile that said everything would be okay. Everything was not okay though. Everything was fucking amazing! He turned on the shaft and I felt it rotate inside me. I laughed, “that feels weird.”
David grinned, “here try this.” He pressed another button and the ears began vibrating gently against my clit. He turned the power up. “Uhhh, ohhh.” I felt like my jaw had dropped open at the sudden pleasure the vibrating ears delivered. “More?” David asked.
“Yeah,” I was gasping a little already. He turned the power up one more notch and I heard myself grunting a little louder.

David sat on the bed next to me, an arm around me he guided me back until I lay on my back with him at my side. I opened my legs wide and let him work the vibrator for me. It felt even better laying down. My head was propped on David’s arm like was was cuddling me while the other hand worked the vibrator’s magic. We kissed and the vibrator worked harder, more power to the rotating shaft and more speed to the vibrating bunny ears.

For the first time in my life I couldn’t keep quiet; I was cumming too hard

I had to break off the kissing as I started to cum. Usually, I held it in, keeping quiet and not letting him see what he was doing to me – I don’t know why but I found it embarassing back then. For one of the first times in my life I couldn’t hold it in, couldn’t keep quiet. I was cumming hard and loud. A hand clamped over my mouth quietening me down but not silencing my cries.

David kept the vibrator working on me to the point I had to push it away. I kissed him madly – I wanted him so badly but I wasn’t ready for it. His cock still scared me.

I looked at the clock, 4.25pm. In less than an hour since I left school David had stripped me naked and reduced me to a quivering wreck of a girl. I think that was when I first began to realise just how much pleasure I could have if I turned over control to him. It didn’t happen quickly but it did happen over the coming months.

My parents were due back around 10pm. When David left at 9pm my virginity was still intact, just about. I’d kept it by providing two jaw-achingly long blow jobs.

My virginity and a new vibrator wasn’t the only things David left with me that night. He also left an ultimatum. “I like you Emily,” he told me. At this point he took hold of my throat and gripped tight. “I’m going to fuck you,” I began to protest that he had to go but he kissed me. “Shhh, not now. You’ve got one week to give that pussy to me,” he spoke softly. A threatening edge crept into his voice as he finished, “if you don’t give it up, I’m going to take it. One week. Next Friday. You. Are. Mine.” He kissed me and left.

A week later he got what he wanted.