My first… golden shower

My first… golden shower

I can’t remember how the conversation had started or how David had convinced me to do it – probably with the threat of a very hard spanking if I refused – but one Saturday I found myself naked, my arms¬†cuffed behind me at the elbow and wrist (very uncomfortable if you’re wondering) being led through my then boyfriend’s house to his wet room on the ground floor.

I don’t think I was scared but I was nervous. I had knots in my tummy and my legs felt like jelly. I didn’t think I was going to be hurt but it did feel like I was a condemned woman walking toward my execution. Each step brought me closer to the execution chamber.

In the wetroom, David ordered me into the shower area and to kneel down. I walked across the large(ish) room, unable to take my eyes from my own tightly bound body. My blonde hair was tied back in a pony tail. My boobs, big anyway, now thrust out from my chest by the bonds pulling my arms back. I was completely hairless below the neck, having obeyed another order to come into this room earlier that day and shave everything off. I got to the large glass partition at the end of the room, stepped behind it and turned to face David then knelt down.

“Stupid bitch,” I heard him mutter to himself. He told me to turn around to the side. He was filming this and wanted it just right.

Standing in front of me now, David positioned the camera close to me then slapped my face and asked, “what are you?”
“Your slave, Master.”
“What is your purpose, girl?”
“This girl exists to serve You, Master.” I told him dutifully.
“Open you’re mouth, whore.” I obeyed.

He moved the camera back a little behind the glass then unbuttoned his shorts. His dick was limp, tho even limp it was bigger than some guys I could name. I looked up at him nervously then back to his cock. Experience of being on my knees in front of men made me expect to see it grow bigger – a bit like when you step on to a stationary escalator and stumble – but it didn’t.

I could feel my heart racing; the tension almost unbearable. My jaw ached where I was holding my mouth open wide and I just wanted to scream, “hurry up”, but I knew better.

Shower time

I glanced up at David’s face and missed the stream of piss begin. I saw it from the corner of my eye a half second before it hit my chest and I felt the warm liquid run down my belly and legs to the ground. I couldn’t take my eyes off his dick now, watching the pee appear seemed odd for a moment, like it was magic or something. He aimed higher and his stream of pee licked up my chest, splashed on my shoulders and barely touched my neck before it rained down on my cheek and then into my open aching mouth. Feeling proud of myself I kept my mouth and eyes open wide as David filled my mouth with his piss. I was struck by how much I sounded like a toilet – I could hear the pee forming a pool and splashing loudly as it hit the pee already in there until it overflowed.

The trail of pee stopped momentarily as David squeezed his dick. “Swallow,” came the order I’d been expecting and dreading. I obeyed and only as I gulped the stuff down my throat did I realise that I hadn’t even noticed the taste. I’m not sure how to describe it – there wasn’t really a taste at all. It was slightly salty, maybe, and warm. It wasn’t disgusting but I wouldn’t order it in a bar

I opened my mouth to show it was all gone then the pee started again with a pressurised blast to my face. I kept my mouth open but he wasn’t aiming there any more – now he coated my face and hair – my gorgeous hair that was the thing I hated about it, getting it in my hair. I was covered now. The pee that landed on my head ran down my face, neck, chest then down my tummy. I felt some roll down my legs and form little puddles around my knees while more of it went between my legs and I could feel the occasional drip leaving me. More of it rolled down my back. Some of that went down my arms but most of it ran to my bum and it felt like a river was running between my bum cheeks.

He took a step closer to me and rested his cock on my lower jaw peeing the last few drops directly into my mouth. I made a seal around his dick with my lips, like I was drinking from a straw and swallowed it as it arrived.

It was over and now I felt David’s cock growing in my mouth so I turned from a piss whore into a cock sucking slut. By a process of licking and sucking I got him fully erect and began bobbing my head on his shaft.

He took it out of my mouth and helped me stand up. David flicked on the shower, took the shower head and directed the spray in my face, down my front and between my legs – he obviously didn’t want any piss on the bits of me he planned to touch.

Pinning me against the wall he lifted me up and helped me wrap my legs around his waist then he lowered me onto his cock. If you’ve never done it in this position you should really try it, especially with a big dick. The feeling of sliding down his 9 inches of fat hard cock is incredible – you are literally being impaled on a cock. Like I say, if you haven’t done it then try it. It’s not like being on top where you can control how deep he can go or being on your back with him pushing it into you – there at least you can slide up the bed to escape most of the time. When gravity it pulling you down that shaft and its your own body weight driving you further onto him there’s nothing much you can do about it. Sure you can squeeze your thighs to keep yourself up a little but its not a natural position and your legs will tire soon and you’ll sink further down his shaft until its all inside you. He’ll pound you into the wall, pulling your hips away to give himself just the right angle to thrust into you and then he’ll slam his cock into your body making you shudder and shake as his big dick hits your cervix and tingly ripples spread through your abdomen. At least that’s what happened to me.

He used every inch of that dick on me, fucking me hard. My arms, still bound behind me,¬†were being slammed into the wall with every thrust and my insides were being abused by that big hard cock. But it felt so urgent, so exciting, so good. I don’t know how long it lasted – they say time flies when your having fun but when I’m fucking time becomes meaningless. I exist completely in that moment and it feels like it’ll never end.

against a wall
Wall sex


I remember cumming. I felt like screaming – I was screaming. The tingling in my abdomen turned into tension then exploded inside me and turned into waves of warm pleasure flooding my body from my pussy up through my tummy to my brain and down through my legs to my feet making my toes curl. I don’t know how long it lasted but it felt like an age through which my brain wasn’t quite connected to what was happening around me. I was just an orgasm happening, nothing else.

It subsided and I came back to the room. David was still fucking me and I could see he knew I’d cum and enjoyed watching me. He looked tired, I don’t blame him either. His face was red and I wanted to kiss him but his lips were too far away. I recognised the look on his face. His jaw set, his eyes staring at me; concentration. Sudden hard fast thrusts burying his cock as deep as it would go inside me and I knew he was about to cum. The hard, short thrusts kept coming then he stopped deep inside me and I felt his dick throbbing. I closed my eyes and he started again, fucking his seed into me. I knew what was happening. I liked what was happening. I lost it again and came with him. This orgasm wasn’t as intense but it seemed like it lasted longer, carrying my mind on a sea of pleasure until I reached the shore and rested, exhausted.

David was close to me now, kissing me again. I was still impaled on him but we were both done.

Slowly, he pulled himself from me and lowered me to the floor. I dropped to my knees, mostly because my legs hadn’t enjoyed being in that position but also because I always finish sex by sucking my man clean. I used my mouth to clean his dick and balls of our mess – his cum and my juice. I knelt there after imagining standing up – thinking it was impossible. David helped me up and walked me back to the bedroom where he untied me. My arms were sore and weak from being tied to uncomfortably. It didn’t matter, we laid on the bed and cuddled.