I had a dream…

I had a dream…

“I have a dream that one day on the red hills of Georgia, the sons of former slaves and the sons of former slave owners will be able to sit down together at the table of brotherhood.”

Martin Luther King had a dream and so did I last night, although if I’d been giving that speech it might have gone more like: “I have a dream that one day on the red hills of Georgia, the sons of former slaves and the sons of daughters slave owners will be able to sit down together at the alter of big black cock.”

I took the train home last night, a group of black teenagers got on and sat on the seats around me. We talked a bit on the journey but nothing happened. In my dream I was back on the train, the guys are surrounding me. I’m sat against the window, one guy is next to me on my right and other two are opposite me, exactly as it was last night only this time instead of just talking things go further.

The guy to my right is turned in his seat to face me; puts his hand on my knee and gently slides it up my leg. Like a shameless slut I open my legs as his hand slides around to my inner thigh and keeps going up. He reaches my pussy and rubs me through my panties. He leans close, brushes my hair back behind my ear. I can feel his breath on my cheek as he whispers, “we all gonna fuck you baby!”

I’m nodding as I turn to kiss him but before my lips can find his my head is yanked back by the hair and I’m held there staring up at the ceiling. “Where are we gonna go?” I ask timidly. They all just laugh. Then my panties are no longer protecting me, he’s got passed the thin wet cotton; I feel his fingers inside me, I shuffle my bum forward to open myself to him and give him full access to my most private parts. I wonder what the others are doing as I stare at the ceiling being fingered by this aggressive black teenager I just met. His fingers leave me. I smell myself as his juice covered fingers pass under my nose and into my mouth. I don’t need to be told what to do, I suck them clean tasting myself as I submit to him.

Over the noise of the train as it clatters along the rails I hear the clanking sound of metal jiggling together. A moment later I’m on my feet, struggling to get my balance in my heeled knee length boots with the train jostling me around. It doesn’t matter though because strong hands grab me, spin me around to face my own seat. The boy who was sat next to me is now in front, holding me in place; one hand grasping my throat the other between my legs, fingers back inside me. Someone else has hold of my shoulders then my upper arm then my elbows. His hands sliding down, pulling my arms together. I don’t realise why until I feel metal touch my wrist then the unmistakable sound of the teeth and cogs of handcuffs as they close around my wrists, each click of the ratchet tightening them on me. I don’t resist as the second cuff is placed around my other wrist and tightened to make sure there’s no way for me to slip my hands free. The cold metal cuffs feel strong and when I test them its obvious that I’d never be able to break free from them.

I’m looking into the eyes of the guy holding me by my throat. I guess he’s 18 or 19, well built. He towers over my tiny 5 foot 3 inch frame making me feel even smaller and weaker than I really am. His eyes are cold, hard, merciless brown windows to his soul, which seems to take joy from inflicting cruelty on me. His face when he first arrived had been so full of joy and laughter is now expressionless but the more I look the more I realise his blank look isn’t indifference it’s determination and rage. I can see the rage inside him, so angry. Furious. The more I look the angrier he seems and the tighter his grip on my throat feels. I look away feeling scared for the first time. He’s still fingering me so I close my eyes and concentrate on that until it stops and I’m again sucking my own juice from his fingers. I look at him again. I have a feeling he wants to hurt me. Just as I think it a slap hits my cheek. I try to move away but his grip on my throat is too strong. Another slap and another. Slaps land until my face is burning but there’s nothing I can do to escape them. I hold out as long as I can manage but pretty soon I’m begging him to stop hitting me. “Please, please stop. Please”. Tears blur my vision but I’m just about holding it together. The slaps stop, any more and I’d be sobbing uncontrollably but I’m still just about okay.

The hands holding my arms are still there even though I’d forgotten about them. I feel them glide down to my cuffed wrists and a moment later my arms are being lifted up behind my back, pushing me forward. My throat is free now but I’m being pitched forward until I’m about level with my slapper’s crotch. I can only watch as he unbuttons his jeans, lowers them revealing a big bulge in his boxers. They come down and a big, heavy black cock flops out to slap me in the face.

Opening my mouth I reach out for him and find him immediately. He’s big, very big. So big I struggle to get him in my mouth, but I manage it. I’m sucking on his cock but I’m little more than a toy for him to use. My arms are high in the air above my back; I can’t move anywhere so all I can do is let him thrust himself into my mouth, catch him with my lips and lick him with my tongue.

As he is getting ready to face fuck me, the others guys are behind me. I try looking back but I can’t turn my head enough and between my legs all I can see are feet. I don’t need to see to know what’s happening though. I can feel my black skirt being pulled up and the hem tucked into the waistband. I feel more cold metal, this time on my back. It’s long and thin. It slips under the waistband of my knickers and instantly I see them fall to the floor between my legs cut open easily by what I now realise is a sharp knife.

Fingers slide inside my wet pussy only to be quickly replaced by a cock. It’s big, almost too big. It doesn’t feel like it should fit but it’s inside me and I’m loving the feel of being spit roasted by two huge black cocks.

The guy in my mouth pulls out. My head is jerked upwards by somebody pulling on my hair. I’m held in that position motionless except for the jog of the train as it flies over the rails. I briefly wonder how much further the next stop it. For the moment, all is black outside but sooner or later we’ll arrive at a station – will these guys stop fucking me if other people show up I wonder.

The cock in front of me hovers in front of my face, I know he’s about to cum. I can tell by the way he jerks his cock toward me. Reaching out his left hand he pulls my tight red with black stripes off the shoulder top away from my neck. A moment later his cock is exploding with cum, more than I’ve ever seen in my life. I feel it hitting my neck and chest. It’s running down between my boobs and over my belly but still more is coming from his cock.By the time he finishes it feels like my whole body from my neck to my waist is covered in thick sticky cum.

At that moment I feel the guy behind me explode in my pussy. His huge cock is spewing forth hot cum deep into my belly. He keeps cumming and cumming until it feels like I’m getting a enema in my pussy. I feel full up and heavy. He’s still cumming as he pulls out of me and the last of his orgasm covers my bum in more thick sticky cum. The moment he withdraws my jizz enema pours out of me, running down my legs and into my boots until I’m covered and standing in little cum puddles in each of my boots.

This is how it felt to me in my dream

I drop to my knees as my arms are released. I look up to find the third guy standing over me, an unfeasibly large cock in hand ready to explode. I can do nothing but kneel helplessly on the floor of the rocking train as this huge black cock hangs over me, seeming to grow every second until at last its own grunts like a man feeling the weight of the world lifting from him. I try to close my eyes but I cannot. They are glued open against my will. As the man’s grunt reaches its peak his cock turns from a huge symbol of male supremacy to a gushing fire hydrant shooting forth litres of cum that drenches me from head to toe in a second. He presses his cock to my mouth and I try to gulp down as much as I can but it’s impossible. Somehow despite all the cum coating every inch of my body and clothes I can still see.

My whole world is now just a cummy mess. All I can see are three cocks so huge they blot out their owners faces. My whole body is sticky, white, dripping. The smell of cum fills my nostrils then something else. I feel that familiar sensation that I call “the drop” which happens after unprotected sex when you feel his cum leave your body. At that moment I remember that one of them had me and I had no protection – he pumped litres of cum directly into me and I know I’m pregnant. I look down and see my tummy expanding as the black baby he planted there grows inside me. I can feel it moving and kicking. My belly stops growing and I know that I’m suddenly many months pregnant.

Light catches my eye through the window as the blackness is replaced by the lights of a station. We’re slowing down. The train doors open and on get all my friends and family. My boyfriend is there. He looks at me, kneeling on the floor at the feet of three black men with the biggest dicks ever, covered in cum, handcuffed.

I want him. I want him to fuck me in front of everybody I know to prove that I’m still his girl.

I’m warm, comfortable and dry. I open my eyes; all around me is dark. Something is on top of me. It takes a moment to realise that I’m in bed. I’ve woken up. It was all a dream yet it still seems to real. I run a hand down my belly just to make sure I’m not pregnant; all is as it should be.

Richard is next to me sleeping.

The dream still feels so real that I’m actually shaking a little. Some of it at least is real: I still really want Richard to fuck me. He’s facing me. Gently I cuddle up to him, kissing his lips until he begins to stir. I sense life down below before he shows any signs of being conscious. I slip my hand into his shorts, slowly stroking his cock until it’s hard as a rock. He’s awake and kissing me back. “I want you,” I tell him. We kiss again. “No, wait. I need you,” I correct myself.

He’s tired, not yet entirely with it but that’s okay. I guide him onto his back as I climb up on to him. Slipping down the bed I pull his shorts down to free his cock then reach between my legs and to guide us together. I feel him against my pussy, I rub myself a little on him making sure we’re both ready then I carefully impale myself on his hard meaty pole. I lean forward as I ride him so my boobs rub against his bare chest as we kiss.

Richard managed to reach my little rabbit ear vibrator and used it on my clit as I rode him. I came quickly after that and once more when a few minutes later I felt him blowing his load deep inside me. I lay my head on his chest for a few minutes enjoying the feel of him inside me as we both caught our breath. I thought about the black baby I dreamed the random on the train had put inside me and wondered whether this was the fuck that would get me pregnant.

It was time to move, his cock felt stick so I slipped below the sheets for a moment and sucked his cock clean. I do try to be a dirty little slut for him whenever I get the chance! I lay down next to him; his arm cradling my head. My boobs pressing against his warm body.

“What brought that on?” He asked sleepily.
“I had a dream… a very naughty one.”
“Mmmm sounds fun. How naughty exactly?”
I thought about it for a moment then said, “you should probably spank me in the morning for having a dream this naughty!”
“I’ll do that… put you over my knee.”
“Okay,” I replied kissing his shoulder. We lay there happily dozing until the alarm went off and it was time to get up.

In the morning we showered together. I told him exactly what happened in my dream, I could tell it turned him on. “You’re going to need a paddling never mind just going over my knee,” he said. I’d forgotten about the spanking til then. I didn’t reply, I was already starting to suck his cock as the water rained down on us.

Richard went to work. We agreed he’s spank me with the paddle after work. That’s about 30 minutes away. Everything’s ready, the table is clear if he wants to bend me over that. I’m enjoying a sit down with a cup of tea since I figure that in about an hour’s time sitting down will be on the list of things I can’t do!

Wish me luck.