Blow job under the stars

Blow job under the stars

I sat at the top of a big hill looking out at the darkness below me and the stars above. The grass, warm and soft beneath me. I sat hugging my legs to my chest, head resting on my knees just looking out. I was tired and wanted to sleep but the air was warm; I was content where I sat, alone.

I could still taste him, though he had gone already. How long had I sat there? I didn’t know – 5 minutes? An hour? I looked at the stars, more than I had ever seen before. I looked at the darkness below me: total, pitch. There was no moon that night to light up the fields around me so I sat in contented darkness, torch in hand ready for the moment when I finally decided to sneak back to camp.

About 8 hours earlier I had been with my Guide group at a party we’d organised for ourselves and a group of Scouts who were camping near our camp. I call it a party, but it wasn’t that exciting – no alcohol, we did have some music though nobody was really dancing. I was one of the older girls, on the cusp of joining the Senior Section. Most of the others were younger. The boys were similar ages, some young a few older ones like me. I’d got chatting to one of the older Scouts whose name was Robbie. We sneaked away from the others for a snog but there wasn’t much time because of the leaders looking out for any misbehaviour. We agreed to meet up later and swapped phone numbers.

The party had broken up at 10pm, the boys went back to their camp and we had to get ready for bed. I guess I was in my tent at about 11pm. I lay there in the darkness for ages waiting to hear the leaders tents zipping up. I’d doze off occasionally but my phone would buzz and wake me up. Luckily for me, there had been a one-man (or should that be one-girl) tent that I’d managed to grab so I was by myself, normally only leaders got a tent to themselves.

It was after midnight when the camp was finally silent. I pulled my PJs off and pulled my ugly blue Guide uniform dress over my head, which if you’ve never got dressed lying down in a small tent is really hard! I was still wearing knickers but I didn’t bother putting my bra back on. The dress itself is a blue thing, arm-less because it’s supposed to be worn with a top underneath it. There’s a zip from the neck that runs down your front to about your belly button. I slipped on a pair of trainers, not bothering with socks. I wanted to move before anybody decided to get up for some reason.

Very carefully, I unzipped my tent at the bottom and peered out. No signed of life. I could see the outline of the other tents, all in darkness. Still moving very slowly, so the zip wouldn’t make any noise, I opened the tent just enough for me to wiggle out then closed the zip just as carefully.

I’d picked my torch up but I kept it switched off, moving through the darkness using what dim light there was and my memory of where everything in the camp had been. I managed to make it without making any noise or worse, tripping over somebody’s tent. Once out of the camp, I switched my tent on and made my way to the meeting place.

Robbie was already waiting for me. We kissed right away. I hadn’t really known what to expect when we met. Quickly his hand found the zip on my dress and within minutes of my arrival and despite my protests I found my dress around my feet and myself naked save for my knickers and trainers. Robbie’s hands found my boobs and stayed there as we kissed. At the time, I thought he held on a long time and looking back I’m not sure any guy has ever clung to my boobs as much as he did – may they were his first pair?

We laid down on the grass at some point. I remember the softness and surprising warmth of the grass on that night. We kissed a lot. Robbie kissed my boobs and sucked on my nipples; he was the first guy to do that and I remember thinking it felt good but not exactly how I imagined it would feel. I felt him sucking the flesh of my boob into his mouth. It was a weird feeling, not unpleasant but not really what I was into. Still he seemed to enjoy it so I left him get on with it and looked up at the stars. He stopped and I didn’t think about it again until next morning when I found a bruise on my boob and eventually realised he’d given me my first love bite.

It took me a while to pluck up the courage to rub his cock through his shorts but when I did I felt a hard cock. It seemed quite big to me, though I didn’t have much experience of feeling dicks. He unbuttoned his shorts and guided my hand inside the warm, slightly damp environment of his pants. Robbie’s dick was hard and hot. I rubbed it a little, enjoying the feel of the bumps as my hand slide across it.

As I played, Robbie’s hand slipped to my crotch. I resisted his efforts to get between my legs at first, but even as I said “no” to opening my legs I knew I couldn’t resist for very long. My capitulation finally came when Robbie pushed me on to my back and lay on his side next to me, pressing against me, his arm under my head. My right arm was trapped on the far side of his body. He took my left hand, kissed it then gently guided it to his left hand, the one attached to the arm under my head. With a firm grip he took hold of my wrist, pinning my arm to the ground by my head. He kissed me and ran his right hand from my throat down my body until he slipped it into my knickers. My legs were still shut, but now I abandoned my resistance. Submitting to him, I parted my legs and felt his hand slip between them inside my knickers. His fingers found my pussy and slipped between my pussy lips and inside me. I lay there sighing and groaning as he fingered me. It didn’t feel like when I touched myself, it was different, better. Not controlling the fingers that pleasured me made being fingered more interesting, more exciting. I wanted to feel his cock as he touched me but both my arms were trapped. At some point during it my knickers came off… I didn’t even notice it happen. Not long after, at school, we had a lesson on sex and not letting boys push us around. As the teacher talked about consent, not doing things you’re not comfortable with and not putting up with boys who pressure you into things I thought back to Robbie and how could it felt being pinned down while he fingered and kissed me.

I was quite enjoying Robbie’s attentions and the feelings of freedom, nervousness and exhilaration that came from being naked outside with a boy I’d only just met. I may have been making some noises of enjoyment as he fingered me, but I didn’t cum. Robbie was moving, I thought nothing of it at first and shifted about to let him move. Before I realised it, he was between my legs. He had both my hands in one of his, pinning them to the floor above my head. I realised then what was happening, Robbie was about to fuck me, His free hand was between our bodies, I tried to look down but couldn’t see anything. “No,” I said immediately. I felt what I knew had to be his cock touch my pussy lips as he rubbed himself against me. “No, I don’t want to have sex.”
“It’s okay,” he reassured me.
“No! Stop it!” I must have looked cross because he let my hands go pretty much right away.
“I’m sorry,” he seemed surprised I’d said no. He regained his composure very quickly, “you look so good, I really want you. Please let me have you.” His voice was so silky smooth and sexy as he said the last sentence that I immediately felt silly. Then he kissed me and I felt ridiculous for saying no to him. But, I knew I didn’t want to fuck him… I mean I did but I knew I mustn’t. His cock was still pressing against me, I knew he didn’t have a condom on – well I admit I wasn’t sure and I didn’t want to say anything in case he was wearing one. I know it’s stupid now but I wasn’t really sure when a guy put one on then or how long it took – I mean he might have just whipped it on while I wasn’t looking, I didn’t know how they worked!

The kissing turned me on and the constant warmth and occasional feel of his cock against my naked and defenceless pussy was driving me wild with lust and confusion. Another couple of seconds and I’m sure I would have told him to fuck me, but he spoke first. “If I can’t have you, will you at least suck it for me?” He sounded sweet and I was suddenly relieved that he’d accepted he wasn’t going to have me this time. I nodded and whispered, “yes”.

Robbie sat back on his knees, hips thrust slightly forwards so his cock pointed toward me. I looked at it for a moment and I have to admit it looked good. He offered me his hand as he stood up, he pulled me up with him. We stood together, me naked but for my trainers that I’d somehow managed to keep on and him naked from the waste down – I wasn’t even sure how that had happened. We kissed, I felt his cock. It was hot, the tip was wet and each time it brushed my stomach I felt his precum sticky on my belly. At first I thought that meant he’d already cum so when he gently pushed me down to my knees I thought my job was half done.

As it happened, my job didn’t take long. I put him in my mouth and felt his hands holding the back of my head. I didn’t like it and shook him off. I sucked his dick for a few minutes. Thing I remember most is the taste. It was very salty, fresh, the taste of sex. I realised that he hadn’t cum already as I heard his breath quicken and felt his hands on my head again. This time he didn’t take them away when I tried to shake them off. His hips began swaying back and forth, gently but enough to send his dick to the back of my throat a couple of times as our rhythms clashed. Another moment and his fingers tightened on my head. He wasn’t swaying any more but he was grunting. I felt him cum in my mouth, the first load shooting to the back of my throat making me gag but he held my head tightly in place. I didn’t choke, instead I learnt a valuable life-lesson: when your mouth is too full of cock and cum just swallow and it’ll all be okay.

His grip loosened after he pumped the first couple of shots of cum into my mouth and I was able to move my head freely again. I went back to sucking that cock until cum stopped squirting into my mouth, which I swallowed as I sucked. By the time I finished Robbie was breathing heavily and bending forwards. He sat down on the grass next to me, landing hard as if he were exhausted. He lay down next to me, still panting. I stoked his body and lay my head on his shoulder. I couldn’t catch every word he said because he spoke quietly but I got the idea he was thanking me and saying I was good. I sat up and watched him laying there, a dazed look on his face. He was muttering something about us meeting after camp and how he’d buy me some amazing gift when he next saw me. It was at that moment I realised just how much power I could wield over a boy through this simple act of sucking his cock.

After a while, Robbie got up and left, promising to call me in the morning. He did and we kept in touch a while but it turned out he lived a long way away so we never became serious.

For a long time after, I sat on the grass looking at the stars, thinking about the future.