Honey monster

Honey monster

Once upon a time, I had a great idea.

I was meeting Danny, a guy I’d know a couple of years. He’s fun, outgoing and loves sex as much as me. We never dated but we did fuck – a lot. He was one of my main fuck-buddies and our agreement was simple, if we were single and the other called we weren’t allowed to say “no”. Of course, we did say no – I mean he called me one time and I was in France or Spain or somewhere so I kinda had no choice. This time, I’d called him – well I text him – saying I needed his services. He text back saying I should come over but that he wanted to do something different, “what?” I asked. “You decide,” he replied. This was when I had my great idea.

Danny lived in a flat a short walk from me. I didn’t bother dressing up, he was never much into that sort of thing anyway. I’m pretty sure I was wearing a flowery dress over white cotton bra and knickers, nothing fancy just old clothes. On the walk over, I stopped at the shop and bought the biggest bottle of honey they had.

Danny’s flat was in the high street, high above the road over a post office. He once told me it had a concrete floor to stop anybody drilling down into the post office below. To get in you went around the back, down a dark little ally and across a dirty court yard to some black fire escape steps. Two floors up you were at on the roof of the building below, the door to his flat is just across the roof – it was a seriously charmless place that screamed hiding place for a mugger or a rapist. I always felt nervous walking to his place, partly because of the horribleness of it all but also because I always get butterflies in my tummy as I walk to a guys place – it’s like I’m delivering myself for him to use. The feminist Emily I used to be at school would be horrified I’m sure, but she died at pretty much the first feel of cock and the submissive, slutty Emily was born

Danny has a pretty nice body (maybe I should say had a nice body – its been years since I saw it), when I got to the top of the stairs he was sunbathing outside his front door completely naked. The benefit of his otherwise shitty flat is that it was entirely private, nobody could see you unless they came up the stairs and unless they were coming to see Danny why would they?

“Hey Emmy,” Danny said as I sat on the edge of his sun lounger. “You got something for me?”
“Uh ha,” I hummed producing the honey from my bag. Danny looked confused. Taking hold of my wrist and back of my neck he pulled my face to his, “what you gonna do with that?” He asked. We kissed while he held me tight.
“You’ll see,” I told him between kisses.

I slipped from his grip, ran my hand down his body and found his cock had started to grown. Rubbing it against the palm of my hand it quickly grew to full hardness. I flicked the lid of the honey open, held his cock upright and squeezed honey out over him. Danny propped himself on his elbows now to watch what I was doing. He was making some appreciative murmurs but his face was still non-committal.

I didn’t see his face when I lowered my face and began licking the honey from his balls but I heard the gasp followed by a sigh of pleasure as my tongue found his perineum and pressed hard. I love licking that spot on a guy tho I’ve met a few guys who don’t want it, probably because they all moan like girls when you get them in just the right spot – even the most manly guys do it. Danny though loves it and so I kept working that area until his dick was twitching like it as possessed – I don’t know if a guy can actually cum from having his perineum licked, can’t say I’ve ever managed to make it happen.

honey cock
The worlds sexiest lollipop?

By the time I finished my face and hair were sticky from the honey on his cock and balls so I didn’t think twice about burying my face in his balls and sucking them clean like my life depended on it. Next, I licked my way up his shaft to his still honey topped head. God, it tasted to fucking good with all that honey on him. For once I didn’t have to force myself to take it deep – I really wanted to see how much of his shaft I could get in my mouth and thus how much of that delicious honey I could eat as I sucked him.

He didn’t last much longer and I made a discovery that salty cum and sweet honey taste pretty amazing together! I drank that mix down and then licked his cock clean when he finished. It might sound odd but I’d been so focused on sucking that honey dick that I’d pretty much forgotten about the man attached to it. When I looked up at him he was cross-eyed and seemed dazed. It cleared a little and he took hold of my hair, yanked me to him to kiss me. He tasted weirdly cool and neutral (can’t think of a better word) after the super sweet, super salty mix from his cock.

I felt a hand searching for the zip on my dress – I helped him undo it and let him pull it off me. We swapped position so it was my turn to lay on the sun lounger, the back of which Danny now raised so I could sit up. He found the honey and squeezed it out over my chest and boobs. My bra pushed them together so a pool of thick honey formed, slowly growing as more ran from my chest into my cleavage. We both watched for a moment – Danny snapped some pictures on his phone. I could feel it slipping between my boobs, sticking them together as it went. Danny kissed me then quickly buried his face in my cleavage, licking, sucking and biting the honey from me. When he came up for air his face was coated in honey and I had to laugh. We kissed again, out lips felt like they were being glued together; he tasted so good.

Off came my knickers and I spread my legs either side of the lounger. Danny’s fingers slide into me while I watched, holding the sides of the lounger feeling the tension building inside me. I realised as he gently finger fucked me that my body had been crying out to be penetrated – like an itch that needed scratching, now it was the release felt amazing. The honey bottle poised over my belly. A trail of thick runny honey slowly descended from the bottle from about 2 feet above my belly. I watched transfixed as the weight of more honey from the bottle made the trail speed up and then it touched me, so gently I barely felt it. It filled my belly button and moved across my belly then between my legs where it met Danny’s fingers that were waiting with his finger tips just inside me. Once his fingers were coated he slide them inside me and used his thumb and little finger to expose my clit to the honey.

She’s lovin’ it

He went down on me and literally ate me out. His tongue searched out every last drop of honey inside me and on my clit until I was in a near-orgasmic state of hyper-tension. My head felt like it was going to explode, I was so close to cumming, I just had to get there. It was so close I wanted to cry that I was stuck on the edge unable to get over it. I don’t know what he did but he did something with his fingers inside me and I came. I remember being aware that I was screaming, shrieking at the top of my lungs – I knew I was outside and high up and that probably everyone in the high street below could hear me but I couldn’t stop. It felt like every cell in my body had just exploded, every muscle in my body was tense while my pussy and clit sent out wave upon wave of mind numbing pleasure to every part of my mind and body.

Danny was on top of me, grinning and saying something about did you like that? I think I nodded or maybe said something. A moment later the back support on the sun lounger dropped and Danny carefully lowered me down.

He was between my legs, there was nothing between my pussy and his dick. I was saying no I need a rest, or at least I think I was – I’m not totally sure. Either way it made no difference and Danny entered my defenceless pussy, inserting himself far deeper than his fingers had reached. I didn’t want it but it felt good. I wanted to rest but his dick felt good. I didn’t think I could take any more for a few minutes at least but I was being fucked anyway. I kissed his chest and stopped complaining.

I was still coming down from my climax when he entered me and his dick sent me back up the mountain to the summit of orgasm again. I came again, not quite so hard maybe but it was still very intense. He was in full swing and didn’t slow for a second while I came. I was holding on around his chest and I’m sure I left some nasty finger nail marks in his back. He kept going. There was nothing I could do, I was being fucked and he was in control; he wasn’t listening to me and I knew I couldn’t stop it if I wanted to – I don’t know why helplessness turns me on so much but it does and I came again for the third time.

I saw a flock of birds flying over us and an aeroplane high in the sky. I felt his dick throb and knew he was about to cum. I felt detached now. Detached from the sex. Detached from my own body. I felt him cumming inside me, I looked at the plane in the sky and felt my vision lose focus as I came for the fourth time.

It was over. Danny squeezed next to me on the sun lounger, his wet limp dick resting against the front of my thigh. I couldn’t move. I was sticky from the honey, exhausted from cumming four times in what must have been a just a few minutes. I just wanted to relax. We fell asleep holding each other in the sun. We couldn’t have been out that long but when we woke we were both a little burnt down one side.

Danny offered to come into the shower and clean me off – I begged him not to. I’d wanted a fuck. I’d got it and now I didn’t think I could take any more sex that day, especially shower sex, I’d probably fall down and crack my head open.

I left his an hour later feeling great. My itch had been scratched and I’d had a good cardio workout – I felt like I’d been to the gym as I made my way home in the afternoon sunshine.