Wake up call

Wake up call

Most of my stories are old but this one is very fresh – it happened just a few hours ago.

Last night, Richard and I went to bed early(ish). I felt exhausted. I’d been up early and at work until early afternoon then home for a while before we went to the gym together around 7pm when Richard finished work. I worked REALLY hard – a good 1,000 calorie burn session. It felt good afterwards but my body felt heavy and tired. We got home, had dinner and went to bed by 10pm.

We cuddled in bed, the cuddles led to kissing and the kissing led to love making. I say “love making” deliberately because this wasn’t the usual sex I’ve written about with other guys who fucked me. I didn’t get fucked last night and Richard didn’t try to fuck me. We spent time kissing, touching and caressing each other. He ate me until I came then he kissed his way up the length of my tingling throbbing body til our lips met and in one graceful stroke he entered me and filled me with his rock hard manhood. He moved gently but firmly inside me while my hips met each thrust. We kissed throughout and looked into each others eyes while we made love to one another. I watched his face as he came inside me, his face strained with the pleasure I was giving him. His eyes bore into mine as his orgasm triggering mine and we came together, him grunting hard with each thrust that pumped more of his baby making juice into me and me panting with pleasure.

For once we made love rather than fucked

When we were done we lay next to each other; neither moving, just holding each other as our bodies relaxed. I should have gone to clean myself up but I was so exhausted now I couldn’t move. We lay naked together until we fell asleep.

This morning I woke first, my thighs slightly sticky where last night’s deposit had oozed from me while I slept. I really should have cleaned up before sleep – oh well fuck it I’ll change the sheets later. The dried cum on my thighs and bed sheet reminded me of last night. I really enjoyed it even though it wasn’t the most intense experience or orgasm of my life. Those moments when you feel super-connected, where you literally feel like you’ve become one with your lover are far more special than any mind blowing orgasm, I’ve found.

Richard was asleep on his side facing me. He’d kicked the covers off in the night so I had an unobstructed view of his naked body. His cock hung limp from his groin, the bar in his Prince Albert resting against the bed sheet. Every time I see that I’m amazed that such a straight sensible guy decided to have his cock pierced – it feels amazing tho so I’m not complaining.

I wanted him again – I wanted a re-run of last night. Throwing the covers off myself I shuffled down the bed til I was looking his cock in the (Japs) eye. I propped my head up on my arm and carefully manoeuvred til my face touched his cock then I lifted it and took it into my mouth and gently sucked on it as it began to slowly grow until I had to shuffle back slightly to avoid choking on him. I’m not sure when Richard woke up, I realised he was awake when a hand touched my head and took a firm hold on my hair. I glanced up and saw his eyes open looking down at me. He let me take his cock from my mouth and climb on all fours then straddle him.

“I want you,” I told him. Richard grinned, reached a hand out between my legs and slipped a finger inside me. “So I see,” he replied. He was about to say something else but I kissed him feeling brave and sexy as I took control for once. His tongue slipped inside my mouth – guess I wasn’t taking complete control.

Reaching between my legs I took hold of his cock, it was hard and ready. I held it still while my pussy found it then I pushed down taking him inside me. I felt the now familiar coldness of his bar sticking out from his cock. It’s uncomfortable taking one of those things at first but it feels amazing once it’s inside. I felt a pop as the piercing entered me followed by the rest of his cock. I sat back looking down on Richard as I fucked him, taking every inch of his cock into my body then lifting myself and thrusting back down the length of his shaft.

Taking charge felt good

God it felt good being in charge for once. I reached behind me, putting my hands on his thighs then leaning backwards so the metal bar on his dick rubbed mercilessly against my g-spot (BTW if you think it doesn’t exist then trust me it does!). Richard’s fingers found my clit and rubbed it as I fucked him. The combination of fucking his shaft, the bar on my g-spot and his fingers rubbing my clit was too much and set me off like a rocket. I felt my whole body burning, I imagined it turning red as the orgasm swept through me. I came for ages until my clit was so sensitive it hurt to touch. I pushed Richard’s hand away and began to come back to Earth.

Richard sat up as the last of my orgasm subsided and held me close as we continued to fuck. I writhed on his lap, feeling his cock move inside me while we kissed. A few moments later his face screwed up as his own orgasm arrived. I felt the familiar sensation of warm cum deep inside me. He lay back down and I fucked him for a few more minutes until I was sure he was spent then lay down on top of him, his cock still inside me.

We lay like that for a few minutes while he shrank. I felt a pop as he became too flaccid to remain in me and his Prince Albert popped from my body.

We took a shower together, he dressed for work and left. I dressed for relaxing and came to write this story. I’m feeling the excitement of this morning’s action as I write and, I think. the last of his excitement has just left my body. So I shall go clean up and relax until he’s home and we can play again.