Cab ride

Cab ride

I’d been out with friends, we were all dressed up. I wore a tight white strapless bandage dress and red heels. We started with a few drinks in a bar then some food. Another bar after food and we hit a club at some point. The details are hazy to be honest. Sometime in the early hours I lost my friends. I tried to call them but the battery on my phone had died. I was pretty drunk and decided it was time to go home – I assume I thought that, I don’t really remember making the decision. All I remember is heading outside looking for a cab. I stumbled up the street and a guy approached me, “you need a cab?” He asked.
“Yep,” I told him my address and he said £20. I followed him to his car and got in the front passenger seat.

The ride would normally take about 20 minutes. I’ve no idea what time I left the club or what was going on. I didn’t pay attention to the route we took, I was just chatting drunkenly to the driver. He was white, big build and covered in tattoos. The sort of guy who looks strong but not muscly and who you’d bet on in a street brawl. I remember he was bald and maybe in his mid-40s. It was summer and I’m pretty sure he was wearing shorts and a t-shirt even though it was the middle of the night.

The dress

The driver – if he ever told me his name it’s long gone now – was quite funny. Thinking about it now, I picture myself laughing the whole journey though if I was it was probably the drink I’d had more than his amazing comedy routine. I was turned in the seat to face him, chatting away and fiddling with my hair as we drove. I laughed, a big throw your head back laugh, then I felt a hand on my leg, just above my right knee. I remember that bit very clearly.

I looked at him, he had one eye on the road and the other on me. I bit my lip shyly though I didn’t try to move his hand away. He knows what he’s up to, I thought as his hand slid slowly up my leg and his fingers turned down to my inner thigh.

“You’re a really pretty girl,” he told me.
“Thanks,” I said. “Do I get a discount for being pretty?”
“Only if your good,” he laughed and slipped his hand further up my thigh. I just giggled and opened my legs letting him fingers brush against my knickers. “Good girl,” he said approvingly. I smiled in response.

I spread wide and tried to enjoy his clumsy left-handed fingering of my most delicate body part. Enjoying it was tough though  since he really wasn’t very good – in fairness the guy was driving at the time. But, I was horny now. “Pull over,” I demanded.

We pulled up a moment later. Outside the car was very dark, too dark to see when the headlights went off. It was silent too when the engine stopped.

Unbuckling my seat belt, I turned in my chair to face my driver. His hand met my breast as I pushed my mouth against his. He tasted of stale coffee and cigarettes. I didn’t care. I was drunk and horny. I wanted a man and at that moment he was my only option.

He fondled me awkwardly, playing with my boobs through my dress until I reached behind me, unzipping it just enough to let the top fall down. A couple of minutes later he unhooked my strapless bra; I felt his big rough hands on my bare breasts, stroking, caressing, squeezing and pinching my flesh. By this time, I was rubbing his prick through his shorts. It was hard; I wanted it free. The button on his shorts was annoyingly difficult to open, probably something to do with it being pressed so hard against his bulging fat stomach. His hands left my boobs a moment to open his shorts and pull them down just far enough for me to get my hands on that cock.

I wasn’t expecting much, he was overweight and his dick was probably tiny I thought. I was wrong. It wasn’t huge but it was a very decent size. I began climbing over the seats so I could lean down and suck it but he pushed me back in my own seat. Reaching down between my legs he must have found the control for the seat because he pushed me right back as far as I could go. Next, he reclined me so I was half laying. “Hang on a sec,” he said jumping out of the car, running around the front and opening my door. I wriggled around to let him in and much to my surprised he was able to kneel in the footwell while I put my feet on the dashboard as far apart as the interior of the car would allow.

He pulled my knickers aside, slipped two fingers inside me then began eating my pussy like a pro. His pussy-eating was every bit as amazing as his left-handed fingering had been awful. With one hand he managed to spread my pussy lips while using the two fingers inside me to hunt down and thrill my G-Spot. With the other hand he pulled that little hood of flesh that protects the clit back so that his tongue and lips had unfettered access. He used his whole mouth – too many guys get down there and lap at you like they’re a thirsty dog and you’re a bowl of water – he spent time probing me with the tip of his tongue. At just the right moment his lips created a suction chamber around my clit, putting it toward his mouth for his tongue to embrace. He must have felt me getting into the swing of things because his final change saw him taking long, strong laps at my clit with the whole length of his tongue. He kept that going at a steady pace while I pulled my legs back toward my body, hugging them as I felt myself cumming. I’m pretty sure I was loud when I came in his mouth and on his fingers. It was one of those where the orgasm builds slowly, you almost don’t know when it’s begun, it was just always there growing like a fire until it consumes your whole body.

He emerged from between my legs breathing heavily only to have me pounce on him, kissing his face and mouth. Enjoying the taste of myself on him, so much better than coffee and cigarettes. I rubbed his dick through his boxers as we kissed. “I want this,” I told him pressing my hand hard against his cock. “Good,” he mumbled in reply opening the car door. He guided me out; my legs felt wobbly after being in the air for a while. I stepped from the car and let him unzip my dress the rest of the way. “Take it off,” he whispered in my ear from behind. The thought of being almost naked by the side of the road didn’t even cross my mind.

The air was still warm and I noticed for the first time that we had stopped in a lay-by among trees. The only sounds were leaves rustling in the light breeze. I didn’t recognise the area at all. “Where are we?” I asked.
“Take it off,” he said pulling my dress down and ignoring my question. I did as I was told then took my knickers off for good measure. They were good ones, I wasn’t losing those so I put them in my bag.

My driver held my hands and took a moment to stare at my body, now naked but for my heels. “Mmm you like,” I purred.
“Oh fuck yes,” he mumbled more to himself than me.
“Take these off,” I reached toward his shorts, which were already falling away from his waist. A moment later they were on the passenger seat with my dress. I rubbed his dick again through his boxers, purring with satisfaction as I slide my hand inside and took hold of his hot, hard manhood. “I want this,” I said forcefully staring him in the eye and jerking his cock in his pants.
“I bet you do.”
“Give it to me,” I demanded.
“Where d’you want it?” He had one hand on my face, his thumb slipping between my lips as he spoke. I guessed that was a hint about where he wanted to put it.
“Uh uh,” I shook my head. “Here.” I took his hand from my face, pushing it between my legs.
“Mmmm,” he murmured slipping one finger into me and taking hold of my throat with his other hand. He held me tight, squeezing my throat just a little, looking into my eyes then he kissed me. I was rubbing myself on his finger, desperate to get more than just a finger into me.

As we kissed he pushed me back til I was pressed against the side of the car. “Turn around,” he instructed, guiding my movement as he spoke. I turned and allowed him to position me by the side of the bonnet (I think that’s the hood if you’re American – could be wrong tho).

If only I were this classy

“Bend over.” I was already bending forward, but I went deeper, laying my naked torso across the surprisingly warm and smooth car metalwork. Spreading my legs wide I pushed my tummy on to the car and lifted my bum up to present myself to his cock. I tried to look around to see him but I couldn’t get a good view. His hands held my hips, his thumbs in the small of my back. His cock touched my pussy, I just managed to squeeze one hand under myself to guide his dick into me. His cock found me. His fingers tightened, gripping the flesh of my back and hips tight. He pulled me back slightly as he eased his cock into me. He was gentle, unlike so many guys he didn’t rush to impale me on his shaft. He took his time, a long slow luxuriant stroke taking him from the outside world deep into my body; letting me feel every inch as he gave it to me.

Once buried to the balls he took a moment to get himself comfortable. I waited, resisting the urge to fuck myself on him, letting him dictate what happened next. His hands stroked up my back, one found my breast and took hold. The other wrapped itself around my hair, pulling my head back causing me to lift away from the car. He pushed me back down, pressing his fist into my back while still pulling my hair. When he was happy with my position I felt his dick slipping out of me only to take another long slow journey back again. His dick stroked back and forth slowly inside me, picking up speed and power with each stroke.

God it felt good.

I picked up the rhythm of his thrusting, matching his timing as I bucked myself back on his dick enjoying every thrust, every sensation of him inside me. I like to finger my clit when I’m being fucked from behind, this time though both hands were stretched out in front of me on the car. It didn’t matter, his positioning was perfect. Every stroke of his cock traced a line over my G-spot as if he was packing a laser-guided pussy missile down there.

The warm metal of the car body rubbed against my tummy and boobs as we fucked. It felt nice, I don’t know why but it really caught my attention and felt super sensual. My thighs banged into the side of the car, until I bent my knees slightly pressing them into the car making myself more stable. Once I did that I was suddenly able to really get into the rhythm of the fuck. We thrust in sync until I felt myself cumming on his cock. A moment later, I felt the unmistakable noise of a man about to cum then felt his cock throb inside me his thrusts became faster, harder and shorter. His weight shifted forward, leaning into me and putting his weight through the fist on my back that still held my hair tight. He was cumming inside me. Feeling it prolonged my orgasm a little longer.

He bent down laying over me, pinning me to the car beneath him. His cock still inside me but both of us spent. Pulling my hair he made me turn my head to the side exposing my throat; he nuzzled into the soft exposed flesh. I could feel him sucking on my neck and my flesh being ground against his teeth – he was giving me a love bite, marking me as his. I couldn’t stop him, I was pinned by his weight and my head was being pulled back by my hair. I asked him to stop but he carried on a moment longer then stopped but by then the damage was done. I had his cum in my pussy and his mark on my neck.

I was too tired to shower when I got home and so drunk I’d mostly forgotten about the fuck by the side of the road. In the morning, I knew I’d had sex from his mess in my PJs that has leaked in the night but I remembered nothing until later in the day when the memories came back. Over time I’ve remembered pretty much all of it.

The thing that still pisses me off is that he charged me for the journey!