Foregin fields

Foregin fields

Once upon a time I was a bad girl.  Not once but many many times.  In fact, pretty much from the ages of 16 until I turned 22 and met my current boyfriend I’d have a fantasy and I’d make it come true.  Now I’m a little more settled I look back on those days partly thinking OMG what was I thinking but also, most of the time, with a kinda nostalga for the unashamed fun I used to have.  I still have fun but it’s different, more grown up and sensible, which is ironic as all the things I was doing in those days were very grown up even if I wasn’t.

I have to start somewhere so I thought I’d begin with a short story about a holiday I once enjoyed.

I’d been seeing David for quite a while at this point and our relationship was nearing its end although neither of us knew it at that point.  He was older than me… a lot older.  I’d been 16 when we met and he was 32, by the time of this story I was nearly 18 and he must have been 33 or 34.  He’d had to go to Europe on business and I tagged along.

In the evenings we visited the bars, danced and fucked.  In the mornings, we’d fuck then he’d go to his work and in the afternoons we’d have lunch, fuck and go out to start all over again – we did a lot of fucking in those days.  I’m not even sure how we both managed it.

Bit extreme for me

This particular day I’d met him for lunch and after we went sightseeing (no fucking since morning that day… was like a drought to us).  The weather was nice and since it was a weekday and this wasn’t a really touristy town the place was fairly quiet.  We visited the local castle – a great big huge medieval thing (as I suppose most are).  We saw the dungeons, lots of restaints and torture devices.  I’ve never been into pain but David was (he probably still is) and I’d put up with some pain to please him, not that I’d ever agree to be put on some of the things they had in that castle!

By the time we left the dungeon we were both a little horny and there may have been some overt PDAs going on.  We reached the battlements – or the roof, I’m not sure what it counts as.  It was a big open area on the top of the castle which you have to cross to get to the next bit of the tour.  A heavy summer shower started shortly after we got on it.  We’d been looking over the battlements just as the heavy fat army of rain drops began falling.  He was in a suit (he’d come straight from work) and I was in a light summer dress, neither of us wanted to get wet.  There was a covered shelter close by so I ran in there and David followed.  We were pretty well hidden from view and we kissed and messed about.  He was hard and wasn’t afraid to make it clear what he wanted.

I was always happy to oblige in those days.  I fiddled with his trousers until I’d opened them then slipped my hand into his pants and felt his hot hard dick.  “Turn ’round ‘n’ bend over, babe.”  I remember him saying that, can still remember the quiet sexy whisper of his voice even no.  But, I shock my head and said, “no”.  You see David was a big guy – I learnt the hardway that quickies without lube are not good for me.  I’ll probably write about that another day.

Before he got a chance to object I dropped to my knees.  The hard rocky floor was cold under my knees but not uncomfortable – even now if I have to kneel down on bare knees on a hard stone floor I think about that moment.  The rain was still splattering hard on the roof of the shelter and all around us but I knew there wasn’t too much time.  I got his dick out, holding it up toward him I gently licked his balls then ran my tongue along the underside of his shaft until I found his bulging head.  Gently wanking him off I engulfed the head of his cock in my mouth and wrapped my lips around his shaft.

I knew just how to please that cock – it was an important skill as lock-jaw sets in quick with a big dick like his and no way do you want to slip up and let him feel teeth… not if you wanted to sit down again that week anyway!  I dipped my face towards his crotch taking that big cock as deep as I could then pulled out pressing my lips tight & my tongue hard against the underside of his shaft.  Once just the head of his dick was in my mouth I’d swirl my tongue over his head then repeat all the while using two hands to jerk him off. Occasionally, I’d slip a hand down to his balls to caress them – I never knew if he liked that or even noticed it tbh but I kinda like the way they feel.

After a few minutes of sucking his dick I happened to have  my hand on his balls when I felt them tense at the same moment my head was clamped tight between his hands.  I’d never once tried to get away from his orgasming cock but I guess he liked to hold me tight and show me who’s in charge – being the boss was kinda his kink.

I felt him explode in my mouth, his cum shooting to the back of my throat and filling me.  A moment later I was swallowing for all I was worth as my mouth filled with his salty cum and my hands pumped still more of it out of him.

That’s me

“Good girl,” he praised me when I’d finished sucking him and stood up again.  He was breathless and very very pleased.

The rain had stopped while I’d been working but neither of us had noticed.  We left the shelter, heading for the door.  As soon as we stepped out an older couple were there, smiling they said “hi” in that friendly way Americans sometimes do.  They didn’t say anything and I don’t know if they saw or heard anything, but David and I burst out laughing as soon as we were out of their sight.