I am, for the most part, pretty normal I think but I do find domination a real turn on and I’m not sure just how normal that is, probably more normal than most people will admit to but even so maybe its not a completely everyday kink. This, short story is something that happened to me years ago when I was 16, or maybe 17, and dating a much older guy called David. I’ve written a lot about him in this blog so you may already know that he was my “first”, he was in his early 30’s when we started dating and he was very domineering. This was probably the first time I ever felt properly dominated, sure I’d been tied up before but being physically controlled and mentally dominated are very different things, in my opinion anyway.

We were at his house and I was in a mood about something or other that had happened at school that day. My mood had only worsened when I got to David’s house and found him too busy to pay my angry teenage rant the attention I thought it deserved. I went off on one. I can’t even remember what I was hollering about now but it feels like I was raving for quite a long time and was becoming more and more angry with David who just sat at his desk typing away on his keyboard as I stormed around the ground floor of his house screaming.

I walked into his office still screaming at the top of my voice. His chair whipped around and I instantly knew I was in trouble as he sprung from the chair and launched himself at me. David’s finger stopped a centimetre from my face, right in front of my eyes. His face was directly behind it a few inches from mine.

“No,” he bellowed.

That one word, so loud and ferocious, it stopped me dead in my tracks. I didn’t think it in that moment but I was no longer the grown woman I felt like when I was with him, I was a little schoolgirl being censured by an adult. In truth, that’s exactly what I was. Even though we were sleeping together David must have been 33 at that point and older than quite a few of my teachers, I was still studying for my GCSEs in school.

“Emily, I’m busy working. I have things to do. Important things. I don’t want to hear you complain about who did what or who said what, okay?” I was still angry as David lectured me. I wanted to tell him that he’s my boyfriend and he should make time to listen to me. I wanted to scream in his face and tell him that he should want to listen to everything about my day. I felt so angry, no not angry, I was furious and I wanted him to know it. But, I was just a little girl before this big angry man so “okay, okay, okay,” was all I said as I looked down at the floor.
“What do you say?” David asked holding my chin in one hand, making me lift my head and look him in the eye.
I choked down my rage once again to reply, “sorry, Sir.” Adding the sir more through force of habit at school than anything else even though he did love me calling him that.

Being made to look up into David’s eyes only fuelled the impotent rage I felt. I’m sure I was actually shaking with fury, I remember squeezing my hands into fists so tight that my nails dug into the palms of my hands, but David didn’t comment on it.

“Stand there until I’m ready for you,” David ordered me as he shoved me face first against the wall next to his desk. “Closer,” he said gently kicking my feet forward. “Toes touching the skirting board please,” he said please but it wasn’t a request. I shuffled my feet forward. “Closer,” he demanded in an almost sing song voice. He was satisfied only when my toes were contorted against the skirting board, my nose touched the smooth white wall and my boobs were squashed uncomfortably against the hard surface. I was silent now but no less angry just a lot more humiliated. David sat back down at his desk to my left and slightly behind me. I knew he could see me but I couldn’t see him. My whole body burned with the joint fires of anger and embarrassment. Every little tap tap tap from David’s keyboard stoked both fires. I desperately wanted to step away from the wall but I didn’t dare move even to scratch the several itches that were bothering me.6189f0a5c05aca9c5bdadc4b6cb78406

Tap tap tap went the keyboard. Every tap drove me madder with rage. Every time I felt my rage rise so did the humiliation of knowing I was being treated like a child by the only man to have ever been inside me and that there was nothing I could do about it.

I think I stood there about 10 minutes although it felt a lot longer. Finally the tapping ended and I heard David stand up. He put his hand on the back of my neck holding me tightly. His face appeared closed to my left cheek. “Are you ready to behave now?” I nodded in reply not trusting myself to speak. “Good girl, now turn around and kneel down.” I turned on the spot and knelt down fully expecting to have to swallow my pride and David’s cock. I was surprised when he knelt down too. We were very close, me facing forwards, him in front of me but to my right a little with his left inner thigh touching my right leg. “Spread your knees a little more,” he instructed and I obeyed looking at him nervously. I was still angry and feeling self-conscious not knowing what was coming next. But, I was curious too. This was new to me, he’d never done this before and I wasn’t sure what to expect.

“I know you’re still angry,” David said, his hand stroking my inner thigh. “I can see in your eyes,” he told me his hand disappearing further up my skirt. “That you want to tell me off, maybe shout and scream again. Don’t you?” I nodded in reply. His hand reached my knickers, pressing against me through the thin material. “You’re not going to stop me doing this though, are you?” He asked in a deep darkly rich voice. I shock my head. David smiled, “say it,” he ordered.
“No, Sir,” I replied feeling more self conscious even than the first time he saw me naked.
“Good girl,” he cooed softly in my ear.

The anger was still there but I was aware of something else now, a feeling of longing and desire for him, the man who had inspired much of the rage and who had humiliated me by treating me like a child. His fingers pulled away the damp cotton, finding me beneath and entering me without ceremony. I looked silently into David’s eyes, my will drowning in the ocean of power this man had over me. I felt two fingers inside my pussy but my mind felt as though it was being held tightly in David’s hand, his to control and dominate however he wished.

In that moment, I was his. Completely his and I would have obeyed any command he gave me.

He gave me no commands though. Instead he knelt next to me, staring deep into my eyes until his fingers brought me to orgasm. Even the pleasure of climax was a humiliation that day. Normally, I would close my eyes, maybe even hide my face as I existed in my own little pleasure bubble for a few brief moments. But David allowed me no such privacy. His face was just inches from mine. He demanded I keep my eyes open and there was nothing I could do but obey him. For the first time in my life I looked deep into the eyes of a man as he brought me to orgasm and I knew that I belonged completely to him.

The rest of evening I had David’s undivided attention and we pleased each other’s bodies until it was time for me to go home. I slept naked that night just as he liked me to sleep when I stayed over and just as I do to this day!