Tied, gagged and bent over before breakfast

Tied, gagged and bent over before breakfast

All of my stories so far have been old, this one isn’t.  This one happened less than an hour ago.

I’m at home, the home I share with my boyfriend, Richard.  I took a shower like I do most mornings while Richard went down stairs.  I finished in the shower and went into the bedroom, wrapped in a towel, to do my hair.  All of a sudden Richard bursts into the room. Doesn’t say a word just pulls the hair dryer from my hand and drops it on the floor.  An instant later I find myself pinned against the wall with my towel being ripped from my naked wet body.  One hand was around my throat holding me against the wall while the other stoked my thigh and his tongue prevented any words leaving my mouth.

I didn’t resist, I kissed him back and put my arms around his body feeling the sexy luxuriously soft cotton of his work shirt.

I feel a hand between my legs – he wants my pussy. I open my legs to let him get what he wants.  Strong fingers prise me open and stroke between my parted lips gently until he feels some wetness then a finger slides into my body and back out over my clit then back in.

Still wondering what has set this off when his lips leave mine.  I’m about to ask but Richard produces something from the pocket of his suit jacket and I know I’ll not have any answers right away.  He holds the ball gag up to my face and I meekly open my mouth while he inserts the big red ball and fastens the black leather strap around my head.

Next to appear from his jacket pocket are a pair of handcuffs.  I offer my wrists but he turns me around and pushed me against the wall then locks my wrists tight into the cuffs. There’s a moment when you feel the cold steel of the handcuff then hear the clicks as they close.  Then finally that moment when you feel the cuff locking around your wrist and you know you’re trapped – those little moments can be so exciting as you feel a man take control of you, realise you have just a second to free yourself then feel your last second of freedom pass as you turn from a free woman to a prisoner.

Gags are sexy

Once locked, he turned me around and kissed my face and neck.  His hands grabbing at my boobs and squeezing them just a little harder than I’d like if I had a choice.  A hand found my pussy again and performed pirouettes over my clit as he looked me right in the eyes. That’s another moment that I love, when he looks you in the eye and you look back up at him knowing you’re helpless, at his mercy.

Guided from the wall and into the centre of the bedroom, Richard took up position behind me. I could feel his cock nearby, hard, firm, hot – I did my best to rub it with my hands but its so hard when they you chained with your palms facing away from each other like that.

We both looked in the mirror, me wondering what was happening and, I have to confess, admiring my own body in the mirror. I do think I look good naked at the moment.  His chin rested on my wet blonde hair. His hand stoked gently down from my cheek along my neck, over my E cup boobs and over my toned tummy until he reached my groin. His hand slid between my legs and a finger entered me again. I watched helplessly while he fingered me. Enjoying it I closed my eyes for a moment and almost didn’t notice Richard’s free hand slide up my back under my cuffed wrists until he had a firm grip on the back of my neck.

He pushed me forward until I was bent right down at the waist. The hand that had been fingering me now took hold of my hair and pulled my head back so I was forced to look at myself bending over, gagged and bound with my man standing behind me. I watched him unfasten his trousers, pull out his dick.  I couldn’t see his cock but I felt it enter me all right.

I was so wet by this time that he slide deep into me easily and I immediately realised that he was wearing one of his bigger bars through his cock piercing – oh yes, have I not mentioned that yet? Richard is a straight laced officer worker who has a pierced cock!! That thing has always driven me wild and this morning I was helpless, bent over and being pounded as if he’d paid a fortune for me and had just heard that he only had 1 minute left to enjoy his purchase.

I’d like to give you an account of all the clever ways I used my body to fuck him, but I didn’t. There was nothing I could do in that position. He had my neck and hair in one hand pulling and pushing me about in time with his own thrusts. His other hand was spanking my bum and reaching around to finger my clit as he fucked me – and it was him fucking me. I really had nothing to do with it, I was just there. I looked at myself in the mirror and knew that at that moment I was nothing more than one of my own sex toys – I was completely controlled and just being used as something to please his dick.

I didn’t mind.

bound bj
Post sex clean up duty

I came pretty quick – if you’ve never been with a guy who has a dick piercing then I suggest you try! My knees felt weak and I wished I had something to lean on. Richard kept me on my feet long enough for him to finish with me then let me slide off his dick and on to the floor. I gazed up at him – he looked triumphant like a conquering hero from a Roman TV series.

He wasn’t quite finished with me tho – I was still his to command and he did so wordlessly. My gag was removed and quickly replaced by his cock, wet with my juices and his cum. I obediently sucked his cock clean – I wrote the other day about the humiliation I felt during my first spanking. This felt the same, I was submitting to him, accepting his mastery over me.

When I finished my gag was replaced and I had to wait ages to be uncuffed while he went to the bathroom to sort himself out. I waited patiently, leaning against the wall looking at myself in the mirror thinking how much I enjoyed what just happened.