My first blow job

My first blow job

This is the story of the first time I sucked a dick… but it’s also a warning not to be as desperate as I was for some male attention.

So, it was the night before my 14th birthday. I was out with friends for a fairly standard night out. It would begin by telling our parents we were doing something sensible & responsible like going to see a film or spending the night at somebodies house. We’d go out dressed like good little girls then meet up and change into our real clothes that we’d hidden in our bags. We’d then hang out for a while and eventually find somewhere to buy alcohol then head to the park for a booze picnic.

I had a few groups of friends I’d see and so did all my friends. So, I might meet one lot who’d bring another lot who’d bring yet another lot of people until there was a decent number of us.

On this occasion, one of the other girl’s friends had brought some girls who brought some boys who brought some other boys. We all sat in the park getting along, chatting and messing around.

I fancied one of the guys – I fancies a few of them really but one in particular. He was about 18, good looking (well I thought so at the time) and seemed interested in me after one of my friends told him I fancied him.

I talked with him about stuff, he told me he was looking at uni’s. I pretended I was 16 and was thinking about uni in a couple of years time – he seemed to believe me; we were all tarted up and even at 14 my boobs got attention from boys so why shouldn’t he believe me.

As the night went on we focused on each other more and the others less. He sat close to me, put his arm around me and we eventually kissed. It was my first proper kiss. I caught one of my friends watching me and I could see the jealousy in her, so I kissed him some more. Kissing felt so brave, exciting and a bit dirty – I was so naive.

He asked if I wanted to go for a little walk, holding hands, away from the others. I agreed, it was getting dark but going somewhere alone with him sounded fun. We walked a little way off and quickly lost the others as darkness fell quickly around us. We headed toward some trees at the edge of the park.

We stopped and kissed again. He pushed me gently backwards toward a big tree. I didn’t really know what to do with my hands while we kissed; I put them on his waist and experimented running my hands up his back. He wasn’t so unsure. His hands explored my back, my side and quickly found my boobs.

Because I was classy… and probably wanted to show everyone I was a grown up not a little girl, I’d elected to wear a boob tube that zipped up the front with a super short skirt that barely covered my bum – both had been purchased on an unaccompanied shopping trip with friends, much to my dad’s annoyance. I was wearing knickers but no bra.

Classy girls keep everything on show


My new beau’s hands found the zip on my top and a moment later I was topless, my boob tube now somewhere in the undergrowth by my feet. I didn’t feel entirely comfortable but I said nothing and kept on kissing him. I wanted to be a grown up and I definitely did not want him going back and telling everyone what a little prudish child I was. So, as he played with and kissed my boobs I stood there trying to enjoy it; in all honesty it wasn’t that hard as it did feel quite good even though I was scared of being caught.

Kissing my lips again he took my hand and pushed it down his jeans. That was the first time I experienced the hot pocket that is the inside of a guy’s pants. I found his dick but had no idea what I should be doing with it. I gave it a rub and he seemed pleased.

He told me he wanted me to give him a blow job. Now, by chance we’d had sex education at school and we’d talked about different things that people do to each other. Oral sex had come up and I knew blow job meant oral sex. I was a good student in those days so I carried on my research at home – I typed in things like “blow job” to Google and quickly found images of women sucking cock. I didn’t focus on it much – I found other things that were way more exciting if I’m honest.

I must have thought about it for a minute while he kept kissing me, fondling me and pressurising me to suck his dick. I agreed and he seemed genuinely delighted – he said I was a “good girl”, which I kinda liked.

I knelt down and found my boob tube – I grabbed it and tucked it into the waist of my skirt. Funny the small unimportant details that take over at times like that and that you later remember. He undid his jeans and presented me with his cock. It was dark now but I could make it out in the moonlight. I could feel it in my hands too. It felt big – very big to me but then I was a 13 year old girl about to suck the cock of an 18 year old man so maybe it wouldn’t seem quite so big today.

I knelt there, his cock in my hand just a few inches from my face. I didn’t really know what to do. I hesitate long enough for him to realise something was up – “don’t worry,” I remember him saying as his hands held on to my head and he pushed his dick toward me. I knew I was expected to put it in my mouth so I did. From there on in I was running on instinct, nothing else.

It’s called sucking cock, so I tried sucking on it but that didn’t feel right. In the end, I just bobbed my head along his shaft, with a little help from his hands on the back of my head.

I must have done something right because suddenly warm liquid shot to the back of my throat almost choking me. I’d have got off his dick right then if he hadn’t been holding me in place. I could feel more of it in my mouth and for one terrified second I thought he was pissing in my mouth (I would have to wait a few years before a guy did that to me) but I quickly realised he must be cumming. I remembered the nurse who came to school to give us a talk telling us that cum didn’t taste nice. I thought it tasted okay. I swallowed instinctively – I can’t say I thought about what to do; I had liquid in my mouth so I swallowed it. I kept working until the cum stopped and he seemed to have had enough.

He told me I was a good girl again and an amazing cock sucker. I was kinda pleased since it was my first time. I put my top back on and we walked back over to our friends.

I never saw him again after that night – I think he said his name was Gavin but I honestly don’t remember.

I was pleased with myself for a little while even if all my friends kept jokingly calling me a slut (if only they’d known what was to come). But, later on I realised that I’d given something to a guy I didn’t know for nothing. He’d had his fun, but I’d given away an incredibly intimate first moment to a guy I knew literally nothing about in exchange for nothing more than a tummy fully of tum.

Even then I wished I’d waited to perform my first blowie on a guy I cared about. It would be years before I touched another man’s dick.