Bus stop

Bus stop

I’d been to visit a friend – I saw a friend but okay he was a fuckbuddy. We had sex in his bedroom at his parents house but it was time for me to leave. I was on the bus as he couldn’t drive me home – don’t ask me how I ended up buddying with a guy who can’t even drive me home on a chilly autumn evening but I manage it.

I’m not sure what time it was but it was dark outside and nobody was around. He lives in one of those weird parts of town that’s technically in the city but might as well be in the middle of nowhere because there’s fuck all in the area and its surrounded by farm land.

I got to the bus stop just in time to see my bus disappearing in the distance – I didn’t need to check to know it would be about 30 minutes to the next one if I was lucky. I thought about going back to his place but I’d left because his mum was on her way home and she hates me, probably because she knows I’m a slut who her son loves to fuck, which means he’s not her innocent lickle baby any more.

A guy showed up about 2 minutes after I resigned myself to huddling under the shelter and waiting out a boring half an hour. He was cute – a girl notices these things, well a slutty one does any way, I don’t know about the others – and he was pretty drunk. He started chatting away to me. I think he said his name was Lewis. His brilliant white teeth shone out from his smile against his black skin as we talked. His drunkness made him pretty funny and he was being nice to me. He told me I looked good – I knew I didn’t but it’s nice to be told. He asked about my boobs – why do the drunks always want to know if they’re real? – I told him they are real. He said he didn’t believe me, I’m too slight to have big boobs is what most people think. I get it, I’m like a size 10 but have E cup boobs (okay I admit they’re DD in most bra makes but the makes I buy come up small so I need an E, it still counts). He was telling me fake boobs don’t feel the same – I have to disagree with this, I’ve felt fake boobs and they feel pretty much the same to me. I laughed, unbuttoned my coat and invited him to check if he didn’t believe me.

They’re real

Lewis didn’t need telling twice. I was leaning against the back corner of the shelter, he stood in front of me; close. He had to be over 6 foot 5 inches tall, so he towered over my pathetic 5 feet and 3½ inches. I held his hands and put them on my boobs, inside my coat but outside my low cut dress. “Well,” I asked. “Believe me now?”
“Not sure,” he squeezed me and pressed them together.
“Really?” I pulled my bra straps from each shoulder then took Lewis’s hands again and guided them inside my dress and let him slide my bra down so he was hand to bare boob. “Are you sure now?” I asked sweetly. Lewis didn’t reply, just fondled me.

We looked at each other then he leaned down to kiss me. I kissed him back, enjoying having his tongue explore the inside of my mouth. I wasn’t leaning on the bus shelter any more and his hands searched my back and slipped down to my bum, pulling my dress up a little so he could feel my bare bum cheek. I could feel he was hard as it pressed against me and when I didn’t put up any resistance I felt one hand skirt around my thigh and between my legs, rubbing me over my knickers.

“Wanna fuck?” Lewis may be the most direct man I’ve ever met.
“Yes,” I nodded in reply. “Not here though,” I said looking up at the bright light above my head.
“Come with me,” he took my hand and led me around the back of the shelter into a small wooded area. There was a path and a wooden bench. It was very dark, so dark I had to feel my way onto the bench. I heard a zipper and felt my hand being guided to a pretty big hard cock. I really like seeing black cocks and I was a little disappointed I couldn’t see this one.

“You got a condom?” I asked.

I fished around in my bag, found one and put it on him. It’s surprisingly hard in the dark but I managed it. Lewis sat on the bench, I took my knickers off and straddled him on my knees. I found his dick and lowered myself on to it. He was thrusting up into me while I rocked my hips back and forth. I was enjoying it when I heard the bus come and go – I wasn’t about to get off of ready and working cock for a bus!!

He had me against a tree

Lewis took a tight hold on me and stood up with me still on his dick. We lent against a tree, I put my feet on the floor and we carried on banging. He couldn’t get very deep in this position but every movement rubbed his cock against my clit and it felt amazing anyway. I had a little orgasm – nothing earth-spinning but it felt good. I felt him cumming and I waited it out, letting him use my body to finish getting himself off. When it was over we kissed some more. His dick was still hard, pressing into my tummy. We took a few steps back to the bench, he sat while I knelt on the wet path. I went down to suck his cock, forgetting he was wearing a condom still; Mmmm me plus a strawberry flavoured condom is pretty tasty BTW!! I took the condom off him and put his dick in my mouth, making sure he’d enjoyed himself to the last and cleaning him up a bit. This is an end of sex ritual I always enjoy, probably a lot more than I should do.

I put myself away – my knickers had fallen into a puddle so they got left behind, they were only cheap black cotton ones anyway. We walked back to the bus stop when I realised I was still holding his cum-filled condom. I dropped it and licked the strawberry flavoured lube from my fingers. We arrived at the stop just as the bus arrived.

On the bus, we exchanged numbers. He never called and when I called him he’d given me a fake number, which I guess means he had a girlfriend already.

The joys of being a slut!