David’s birthday treat

David’s birthday treat

I talked about my ex David in my first post.  He was into some kinky stuff and he loved fucking me in costume – lots of sexy stuff like nurse or secretary but his favourite was schoolgirl.  That was the easiest since I’d only left proper-school a couple of months before we met so I had my actual school uniforms plus I was still in the sixth form so I kinda was a schoolgirl.

When I was about 17, my sixth form was mostly separate from the main school and students would often be about after the rest of the school had gone home so nobody would question if I was there late.  Since David’s birthday was coming up – his 33rd – I had an idea to make a fantasy of his come true.  We were going out for a night of food, drinking and fun but I had school during the day so I arranged to meet him at the school.  Nothing unusual in that, lots of kids were picked up in cars by parents and boyfriends.

The school’s uniform is black blazer, skirt and shoes, white shirt, tights or knee-high socks and the school tie.  I couldn’t exactly wear that to class but I had a plan and had worn a black skirt and white top with black boots to classes that day.  It was close to the school uniform but not so similar I looked out of place in the sixth form where there was no uniform.

David got to my school about 4.45pm so not many people were about and we still had 45 minutes before the school would be completely closed up.  He called while he was a few minutes away, which gave me just enough time to get to the entrance of the building and to slip into my old school blazer and throw my old school tie around my neck and voila I was a schoolgirl again back in my old school!

The building was empty as I made my way to meet him, feeling very nervous should anybody I know see me.  I found him just inside the door to the building; he was very pleased when he saw me!  I led him through the deserted school and up a back staircase that was hardly used by anybody except the 6th formers but they had mostly all gone home.

I’d been planning where we’d go for a while.  I really wanted to take him to a classroom but those are very risky because the cleaners come around and all the classrooms have windows that look out on to the field or road and those were all busy at that time of day.  I’d chosen the girl’s toilet.  Not the sexiest place I know but it had its benefits, such as the cleaners never seemed to venture in, there are no clear windows that people can see in through and there is a lock to the main door.  Don’t ask me why there was a lock on the door but there was.

Totally me

Inside the toilets, I checked nobody was in any of the cubicles then locked the main door and we were all over each other in seconds.  I wouldn’t say he was totally predictable but let’s just say I wasn’t surprised my boobs and butt were both being squeezed a little roughly right away.

“Mmm, you are a little slut, aren’t you Emmy,” he whispered between kisses.
“Yes, Sir,” I nodded in reply.  “Just for you though, Sir.”
“I’m going to fail you in English, Emmy.  Unless you can tell me why I shouldn’t,” his voice was firmer now, no longer a lover but now the teacher we’d planned he’d be to my schoolgirl.
“Please don’t fail me, Sir” I begged.  “I’ll be a good girl, I promise.”
“What are you going to do for me?”
“Suck on this, Sir?”  I did my best to sound sweet and innocent as I rubbed his hard cock through his suit trousers.
“Not good enough,” he told me.  “I’m going to fuck you!  Have you ever been fucked before, Emmy?”

I shock my head playing along with my part as a sweet innocent little schoolgirl being corrupted by her older teacher.  “Lying slut,” was his response.

We kissed again.  Before it was just kissing my boyfriend but now it felt like we were in character.  He really was my teacher and I really was a little girl again.  As we kissed I felt like I was kissing my English teacher from when I was 14 or 15 – I’d had a massive crush on him – and the whole thing turned me on like crazy.

We had somehow got to the sinks.  There were 4 or 5 of them all in a row directly opposite the toilet cubicles.  The sinks were set into a long unit that made a table between the sinks and there were big mirrors above the sinks.  I found my self now looking at myself in a mirror.  My shirt was open showing off my still bra’d boobs.  David, or Mr English as I now thought of him (yes my English teacher was actually called Mr English), stood behind me his face against mine and his hands holding me against him.  In the mirror, he looked into my eyes as his hand slipped under my skirt and found my pussy, freshly shaved that morning.

“Where are your knickers, Emmy?”
“Sluts don’t wear knickers, Sir.  Isn’t that what you told me?”  I was doing my best to sound coy.

I spread my legs slightly to let him feel me.  A slightly chilly finger slid forwards along the length of my pussy, gently parting my lips until he felt my wetness and was able to gently slide a finger just inside me.  All the time looking into my eyes.

I turned my head slightly and kissed him.  “Sir?” I whispered.
“Yes, Emmy?”
“Please don’t fail me, Sir.  I’ll do anything, Sir… anything if you’ll give me a pass mark, Sir.”  I was serious; for a that moment I really was 15 again and I really was begging to be allowed to pass – our role play felt so real.
“Bend over like a good little slut,” Mr English ordered.

I obeyed, leaning forwards.  My arms outstretched to the mirror, my hips pressing against the edge of the unit that housed the sinks.  I watched fascinated as my skirt was unfastened and dropped on the floor leaving my lower body clothed in just my boots.  David took hold of my hips and thrust himself into me in one long firm movement.  I was wet… I was not wet enough.  I wouldn’t say it hurt but it wasn’t comfortable.

I arched my back as he entered me, lifting my upper body up to a near standing position where David couldn’t get so deep – it wasn’t deliberate, just a reflex I guess.  He wasn’t going to stand for that.  A strong hand took hold of the back of my neck while his forearm rested on my back and pushed me back down then held me there while his other hand had a firm grip on my waist.  In this position, his dick slid deeper into me and while he wasn’t being rough it was starting to hurt.  I was sore already and every thrust of his big dick was making it worse down there.  I know I was making noise and even now it feels like I was crying out in pain, tho I don’t think I was because he didn’t react and I’m sure he would have stopped if he thought he was hurting me unintentionally.

I closed my eyes and sucked on my thumb trying to blot out the increasing pain.  You may be wondering “why not just tell him to stop?”  It was his birthday and I’d promised him this treat – I didn’t want to blow it.  I wanted to please him so I took the pain.  It wasn’t a bad pain anyway – I had worse from spankings – but it’s not how I like sex to feel.

David came and you have no idea how relieved I was to feel him blowing his load inside me.

I sank to the floor when he pulled out and turned around leaning my back against the units that house the sinks.  His dick was right in front of me, still hard tho starting to flag and glistening with a mix of my juices and his cum.  I was surprised there was no blood – I was really sure he was going to pull out and realise I’d been in paid from the blood but there wasn’t any.

I took his slowly deflating cock in my mouth and gently sucked the last of his cum from it. He liked it when I used to do that… in fact every guy I’ve ever sucked off right after sex has loved it!

We left the room after a few minutes and went on our date.  I felt really sore and when his cum found a sore bit inside me it would sting just a little.  We went back to his place and he wanted to sex again.  I couldn’t get him do it to me and I couldn’t let him down.  In the end I knew what would turn him on – I offered him my bum… scrub that, I actually begged him to fuck my bum!  And yes, we used LOTS of lube!!

I spent the next few days rubbing Intimina Feminine Moisturiser into myself but I learned an important lesson that I’ll pass on to any lady who happens to read this: don’t have quickie sex with a guy who has a big dick unless you use lube!!