Blind, deaf and dumb

Blind, deaf and dumb

I lay in my silent dark little world waiting for something to happen, wondering whether it was already happening and I just wasn’t aware of it yet. There was a chill in the air causing a layer of goose pimples on my naked flesh but I was comfortable enough despite it. I don’t know how long it had been since I’d laid down, I guessed an hour but time moves so slowly when you are completely alone with nothing but your own thoughts to keep you company. At least I thought I was alone – maybe I wasn’t.

Around three o’clock that afternoon I had opened my new blackout blinding contact lenses and nervously put them in, depriving myself of the ability to see as I did so. I put them in in our bedroom and at first I could see a bit. I could make the general shape of myself out in the mirror and I could see a bright squareish light where the windows were. David was with me. Once I was happy with the lenses being in properly he gently took my hands and secured them behind my back, locking each wrist tightly into a steel handcuff. “Take my picture,” I asked. I wanted to see what I looked like with black eyes when I had a chance. There was an immediate snap of a camera phone taking its picture – David must have been about to take a picture anyway.

Guiding me by the elbow he led me out of the bedroom into the hall. As soon as I was away from the window I was practically blind. I made out a bright light here as I passed a light fitting or a window but I couldn’t see anything beyond the brightest of lights.

Going down the stairs would have been scary enough as a newly blind woman but having my hands locked behind my back made it a lot worse. At the bottom I felt the stair carpet give way to the harder, colder wooden floor. David kissed me on the lips it took me by surprise because I couldn’t see him. And when he pulled away I felt my lips chasing his not realising for a moment he had gone. He seemed pleased I hadn’t been able to see his face centimetres from mine so much that I could practically hear him grinning as he spoke to me.

He stripped me naked. It only took a second because I’d been wearing nothing but a thin halterneck summer dress. He quickly untied the halterneck behind my neck and the dress fell to the floor. He was so close I could feel the heat from his body and I’m sure his hands were poised to touch me but he managed to resist. Instead he led me by the elbow again. I heard a door open then felt the cold air hit me. For a moment I panicked thinking he was taking me outside naked and handcuffed but he reassured me it was just the cellar. I allowed myself to be guided down the rough wooden stairs until I felt the cold damp concrete at the bottom that formed the floor of the cellar. In the cellar I was completely blind. No light reached me from anywhere. I guessed there must have been lights on but even unblinded the cellar was a dark and dank room.

I knew David had been working on something down here but I didn’t know what exactly. I mean, I knew David and I knew that anything like this would be something he’d enjoy, which probably meant I was in for a difficult, uncomfortable and possibly humiliating time. I’d submitted now and all I could do was wait and see what he had in store for me. I was excited and scared; horny and nervous.

“Here,” he beckoned guiding me forwards by the elbow. I felt something thin but sturdy brush against my thigh. I rested against it – the thing was made of wood I was sure. I was heavy, I couldn’t move it when I pushed against it. “Hop up,” David turned me and helped me up onto what I know guessed was a table. I sat on it, legs dangling in the air; waiting.

David helped me get fully on the table, turning me so I was sat up with my legs straight out in front of me. “Stay right there,” he said. He held my right ankle, gently lifting it and strapping what I immediately knew was a leather cuff around it. I heard faint footsteps as he walked around the table then my other ankle was locked into a leather cuff. He took hold of my handcuffs and unlocked my left wrist. “Lay down,” he ordered. I obeyed and instinctively put my hands above my head. David removed the cuff from my right wrist then locked each wrist into a big leather cuff, which he tightened as tight as they would go so there was no possibility of escape.

The ropes attached to my leather cuffs were tightened one by one until I was stretched in a spread eagle position – hands far apart from each other, legs spread wide.

“How is it being blind so far?” I remember him asking. He kissed my lips as he spoke.
“Sexy,” I said knowing it was sexy even though I felt more nervous than sexy at the moment.
“It’s time to be deaf too.”
“What?” I felt something soft and foamy being pushed into the canals of both my ears. The ear pieces expanded slightly inside my ear and lodged there. I could hear enough to make out David say, “I love you,” before a pair of ear defenders were places over my head, covering both ears and rendering me both deaf and blind.

“I don’t like it,” I said – or tried to say – I couldn’t really hear myself except as a deep weird echo of my normal voice. I wasn’t sure whether any sound came out of my mouth at all. I certainly couldn’t hear anything beyond a dull noise that kind of sounded like the blood going around my head.

David kissed me again, I opened my mouth and our tongues played together for a moment before he pulled away. I closed my mouth, laying still waiting. David’s fingers rubbed my lips and pulled gently on my chin enticing me to open my mouth again. I complied knowing I was probably about to be gagged. I felt something being inserted into my mouth. It was wooden, pear shaped, quite big at the top but tapered down to a rounded point about half way into my mouth. I sensed David was holding it in position as he adjusted something. Later on I would find that this device has a screw on the top, which, when turned, causes the two halves of the pear to open until the device is too big to pass the backs of your teeth and thus too big to be removed from your mouth. The thick end of the pear prevents you shutting your mouth or moving it to form words while the point of the pear protrudes just far enough into your mouth to prevent your tongue moving normally meaning that it is impossible for you to produce any noise that sounds remotely like a word.

I was now naked, bound, blind, deaf and dumb.

I felt something cold touch me. A cold gel had been poured on my groin and was trickling between my legs. A hand touched it, sliding it down and pushing it inside me. For the first time I realised I was quite wet – being helpless has always turned me on a lot. I expected to feel David climb on top of the table and have sex with his helpless girlfriend. Instead I felt something cock shaped but definitely not alive touch me. It spun around slowly as it pressed against my pussy. Fingers, I assume David’s, pulled my pussy lips apart and the dildo entered me. It was thick and long and David seemed determined to put as much of it as possible inside me. It felt like he was determined to push it right through me and out my mouth. I could only grunt in complaint. Eventually, the pushing stopped and I was impaled on this unseen shaft. I waited a moment then squeezed trying to move it but it wouldn’t budge. Later I would see that the dildo was on a long metal pole that went through a block of wood on the table and could be locked in place with a screw – I had no chance of moving it. Now my lower body was pinned in place by the presence of a good 8 inches of thick hard dildo inside me.

I law still waiting for the next humiliation to arrive but nothing did. I guessed David had gone away, leaving me to contemplate my fate but I was going to have to wait to find out what that would be.

I lay still in my silent dark little world waiting for something to happen, wondering whether it was already happening and I just wasn’t aware of it yet. I knew it would happen. I just didn’t know what or when. But something was coming for me.