The Unscratchable Itch

The Unscratchable Itch

Ever have one of those days where you just can’t get enough of something? It could be a chocolate cake from the coffee shop or a new album from your favourite artist. It’s like an itch that you scratch but no matter how hard you scratch it the itch just keeps coming back stronger. That was me yesterday. I went out with friends drinking the night before and woke up horny… and stayed horny all day long!

I blame my boyfriend – not the fact that I’m always horny the day after drinking, it’s his fault – I woke up just after 6am, he was in the shower. I lay in bed, awake but wishing I could sleep some more. Richard walked in looking hot with just a towel wrapped around him. Right away I wanted him. I beckoned him to join me in bed, he was wet but he happily climbed on the bed next to me. He pulled the covers off me and, for the first time, I realised I was naked. I must have got into bed that way. His hand was instantly between my legs and within moments two fingers were pressing into me. I pulled his towel away and took hold of his cock – it was hard.

“Fuck me before you go… please,” I must have said “please” about 10 times – I was begging for sex and I felt no shame at all; I wanted it too badly to care.

Richard kissed me without answering my pleas. I knew he was teasing me. “Pretty please,” I said again when his lips left mine. No answer as he kissed my face. “Please baby, please fuck me before you go. I’ll do anything you want later.” Okay, so I was promising stuff now, I hadn’t seen that coming before the words left my lips. No answer still but he began kissing my throat then my chest. His mouth explored my breasts for a moment before continuing their journey south across my belly. Down and down travelled his mouth until finally he’s between my thighs. My eyes are closed, I’m enjoying every moment as first his fingers prise my pussy lips apart then his other hand snakes around my thigh to press into the mound above my pussy and pull my hood clean away from my clit. I realise I’m holding my breath for the moment his tongue touches me – it seems like I’m waiting forever. “Ahhhhhhhhh,” it’s there. His tongue gently laps at my clit. He works up the pressure and speed until he gets it just how he knows I like it and eats me while his fingers slip inside me and search for that special Golden spot that drives me wild. His fingers find that G-spot just as his tongue finds the perfect rhythm.


I wanted to lay back in comfort and enjoy a long sexy oral session but I don’t get the chance. My alcohol induced horniness has clearly affected me. I came quick. Instead of building up to it, climbing the mountain of pleasure until I reach the peak and climax, this is more like being hit by a truck – sudden, all consuming, unavoidable. I’m aware of what I’m doing it but I’m not really controlling anything. My right hand is squeezing my boob so hard I know it should be hurting. My left thumb is in my mouth being sucked. I’m momentarily a child again, a horny, thumb-sucking, orgasming child.

Suddenly, the thumb is ripped from my mouth and my hand pulled from my boob, both are pinned to the bed above my head. In an instant, my wrists are locked into the cuffs that live permanently just behind the head board for just this purpose and I’m locked to the bed. Richard pulls me down the bed by my hips, stretching me out.He lifts my legs, forcing them back toward my chest. He’s upright now, I guess he must be half standing on the floor, half kneeling on the bed.

My orgasm has subsided as I watch him, waiting for him to take me. I’m nodding approval for him to fuck me – like my opinion matters at this point. I’m chained down with my legs in the air; I’m completely defenceless, what happens next is his choice, not mine.

He’s in me. A single, powerful thrust and his buried every inch of himself inside me. I know instantly he’s wearing one of the heavier bars in his piercing – I can feel the metal inside me as he begins pounding me mercilessly. I don’t know what feels so good but everything is amazing and for the second time in about 5 minutes I’m cumming. I can see this one coming a little more than the first but it’s still fast and furious. I feel Richard cumming inside me and it extends my orgasm.

It’s over, Richard stands up puts his dick on my face. I know what he wants and I’m pleased to oblige. I open wide and suck his cock for a moment, cleaning my own mess and the last of his cum from him. “Good girl,” he says when I’m done. A kiss on the forehead and with that he left the room leaving me still chained to the bed.

He came back half an hour later dressed for work. He wears a suit to work. I love men in suits. “I think I might leave you here today,” he said. I thought he was joking but I wasn’t sure.
“Let me up,” I demanded.
He thought about it for a moment, “no.”
“Please, don’t leave me here all day.” I realised what he was doing, making me beg for release. “I’ll be a good girl, I promise.” I don’t mind begging if I’m honest. Richard was convinced, I thought, as he uncuffed me from the bed. But, instead of removing the cuff from my other hand he locked them back together, in front of my body, then kissed my lips and told me he’d see me later. I don’t know what I was thinking – my mind was racing, first thinking he was joking then realising he wasn’t. He was half way to the door before I even set off chasing him, completely naked except for the silver handcuffs binding my wrists together. He waited for me at the door, holding it half open do the only thing screening me from the street was him.

I’d switched from confused to angry now; I wanted these cuffs off. Richard wasn’t bothered. He held me by one arm, cupping a boob in the other and kissed me. He told me, “be good and if you behave when I get home we’ll see about taking those off.” I didn’t have time to reply before he was gone and the door locked behind him.

I looked at the door for a moment and thought about going after him, but I was naked and it’s a busy road. My nose itched, I went to scratch it and jerked my other hand with the cuffs – this was going to be a long day! I bit my lip and waited at the door a few minutes hoping he might come back. He didn’t.

I gave the cuffs a tug, testing their strength against mine… they won. I looked at slipped my wrists out but it was hopeless. I was trapped. I decided to go back to bed.

I know how she feels

I slipped between the bed covers on my side of the bed. The bed was cold now and the longer I lay there the more aware I became that I was laying in a wet patch. I guess something had leaked while I’d been tied to the bed. My thigh and bum were sticky now. I wriggled over to Richard’s side of the bed. I could smell him on the pillow. Wriggling about I got comfy. The handcuffs made comfort difficult and I couldn’t help but replay in my mind everything from the moment he tied me to the bed to the moment I stood in the hallway realising I’d be wearing these things all day.

My hands were out in front of me, I rolled on to my back and let them slip between my now open and bent legs. Gently I touched the warm flesh of my inner thigh. I was reluctant to touch myself, reluctant to admit I was horny, reluctant because I knew I was horny and that it was Richard tying my up like this that had made me horny. I should be angry, I should be on the phone demanding he come home and free me, but I wasn’t. I was in bed about to play with myself because a man had taken away my freedom, chained me, ordered me to behave for him and that turned me on. I felt like such a traitor to women everywhere who fought for equality.

I got over myself and opened my pussy lips gently, holding them apart with my right hand while my left caressed around my clit. I hadn’t realised how wet I already was. I pushed a finger inside myself. I rarely play with myself like this, just for my own pleasure instead of as a show for a man. Sliding my fingers into myself I thought how it is that Richard must know this part of my body better than I do – he feels it with his fingers, tongue or cock pretty much every day whereas this was the first time in months my own fingers had touched this spot. I took great care to keep my long painted fingernails away from the sensitive flesh as I explored the inside of my body. My hands couldn’t stray more than a few inches from one another but that was just about enough space to allow me to finger fuck myself while simultaneously rubbing my clit. I felt myself shake as I got closer to cumming, but I resisted the urge to push myself and I took my hands away. Out from under the covers they were a sticky mess of my own juices. I was so horny I wasn’t even thinking as I put my fingers together and sucked them clean, tasting myself and a little of the cum Richard left in me earlier.

Rolling back to my side of the bed, I reached into my bedside drawer and fished around for my rabbit ears. If you’re not familiar with these they’re soft rubber “rabbit” ears, about an inch or two long. Bendy, but fairly stiff. As sex toys go these look very unimpressive but they’re not built for looks. They can vibrate in a lot of different ways and those ears are just firm enough to press your clit but not so hard they’re uncomfortable. I started with a continuous medium speed and applied it to my clit. It felt good but I wanted something different. I switched it to a setting that starts really light and then builds up intensity depending on how powerful you set it. I set it to max this time and waited as it stopped completely then I felt it buzz sooo gently and slowly the power built up in stages til it was almost too much to bear. The final stage on full power buzzes you for a minute then stops and the build up starts again. It’s frustrating because each time you reach max you’re a little nearer cumming but then it stops before you get there. On about the 7th cycle I couldn’t take it any more. It hit max and I knew it was going to stop, I switched it to continuous max power and tried not to scream too loudly as I came. I held it there as long as I could stand and when I’d had all I could take I laid back panting hard, clutching the vibrator on my tummy. It was still buzzing away but I couldn’t move, I just lay there my whole body throbbing as it came to terms with the orgasm that seemed to have destroyed me.

I don’t know how long it took but I eventually summoned the energy to move. My legs felt heavy and weak in the way they might feel after a hard run. I noticed a very large wet patch where I’d been laying but I didn’t have the energy to change the sheets and besides it would be difficult with my hands cuffed together. I grabbed a towel and headed into the shower where a few minutes later I stood enjoying the feel of the warm water on my naked flesh.

If you’ve never done it, showering while handcuffed isn’t all that easy. For a start, you can’t scrub your back at all. As I clumsily sprayed the water between my legs I realised I was still horny; the rabbit ears had been good but I was missing something and I knew exactly what it was.

Shower hair

Hopping out of the shower, I ran naked and wet to the bedside drawer from which I pulled a box marked, “Real Rock”. From inside I took a very realistic 11 inch long black dildo and ran back to the shower. Skidding back into the shower, under the still running warm water, I dropped to my knees, wiped the wall and pushed the dildo’s sucker cup onto the tile where it stayed stuck firm. Feeling the water rain down on me, I spread my knees and began fingering myself while I carefully sucked that big dildo as if it were a real man standing over me. I sucked and fingered til I was sure I was wet enough for it and only then did I stand, turn my back on the toy and bend over at the waist. I reached between my legs and carefully guided myself onto that big black dildo. I felt it on my pussy lips, I waited with the tip just poised between them then reached forward and took hold of the rail opposite me. I pushed back gently at first, easing myself backwards until it felt like it was about half way inside me where I stopped. It felt big… it is big! I waited a moment, plucking up my courage then I forced myself back on it quite hard, in one second I felt the wall against my bum and every inch of that dildo was inside me.

Truth be told it was too deep for me. It hit my cervix so hard my legs nearly gave out and I might have fallen down if I hadn’t been holding on. I was proud of myself for taking it all but now I let some of it out and just enjoyed fucking myself on it as the warm water rained down on my back from above. I was enjoying myself but I just couldn’t get off in that position. I exhumed the big black dildo from my pussy, pulled it from the wall and headed back into the bedroom. Still wet I jumped on the bed, lay on my back and pushed that big dildo back inside myself. I held it in place with my feet as I reached for my vibrating bunny ears again. Now I was able to fuck myself and get my clit teased at the same time – it was awkward with my hands tied together but I managed it and I cannot even begin to describe the feeling as I came this time. In my mind, I was picturing myself with a guy I knew years ago. He was black, a gangster who had a reputation for violence that made him very scary but he was also incredibly sexy and I loved going with him. I pictured him once again between my legs, fucking me hard. I felt the little pang of fear I always used to feel when I was near him, part of which came from never knowing whether when he finished with me that would be that or if he’d give me to one of the other men in his gang who were never far away from him. I fantasised that his hands were roaming my body, his dick pounding my pussy. I heard myself whimpering as I remembered how he’d hold my throat and kiss me when he was close to cumming. I was so close, I knew I’d cum in a moment. I imagined myself cumming on his hard black cock and I pictured the joyful grin that always spread on that hard man’s face when he saw that he had made me cum. I came in my fantasy. I came in real life. Suddenly the fantasy melted away and I was laying on my own bed, wet, cuffed and stuffed full of rubber dildo but feeling completely satisfied.

After that I spent the day in just some knickers since I couldn’t get anything on my top half easily I didn’t try. I got horny a lot that day – I guess it was the cuffs. Each time I’d get myself off.

Finally, evening came and it was time for the boyfriend to get home. Any anger I felt at being chained up all day had passed now and I was just keen to get the cuffs off.

I’d have done anything to get free

When Richard came home, I was once again totally naked. I helped him off with his jacket then offered my hands up to him, saying just one word, “please.” He laughed at me. I got down on my knees, still holding my hands up, “please uncuff me,” I begged. His hand moved to his waist and unfastened his trousers. “I don’t want to,” he said. No argument, no fuss, I took the hint. I unzipped his trousers, pulled them down just enough to get to his dick and then freed that from his boxers. I knelt on the cold wooden floor, looking up at the love of my life as he made me humiliate myself sucking his cock for the return of my freedom. I knew he could feel my humiliation and I knew he loved it… so did I.

He came in my mouth. I swallowed everything he gave me then held my hands up again, “please will you unlock me now?”
“No,” he said pulling his trousers back up and walking past me.

Now I was annoyed. I stomped upstairs complaining as I went. I didn’t really have anything to do so I just went in the spare room, slammed the door, laid on the bed on my belly and played on my phone. A few minutes later, Richard came in. I had my back to the door and didn’t turn around. Richard sat on the bed and threw something down next to me, his warm hand stroked the cold skin on the backs of my legs. I ignored him. “I was only joking,” he began, “But, now I’m going to have to teach you a lesson.” His hand was on my bum, I stayed still and quiet. I knew what this meant but I didn’t respond. His other hand took hold of the back of my neck while he kept stroking my bum. “Are you ready?” I nodded. “Well? Are you ready?” He asked again, forcing me to speak.
“Yes, Sir,” I whispered.

I closed my eyes and waited. A moment later the first blow struck me. He was spanking me with his bare hand. The blows rained down hard and fast. It didn’t hurt at first but after the first 30 smacks I really began to feel it. The spanking stopped, I’d lost count but I guessed he must have hit me at least 50 times between my town bum cheeks. He picked the thing he dropped off the bed. I felt it touch me and I knew instantly it was the belt. Richard has a thick, heavy, black leather belt with a big metal buckle on one end that I pray I’m never made to feel. “Twenty,” Richard said. “Count.” He was kneeling back a little way on the bed now. I wanted to get up and run but that was only going to make the punishment worse. I had to concentrate, I’d been told to count and if I made a mistake the spanking would start again from zero no matter how close to the finish were were. The first stroke hit me like a heavy weight had been dropped on my bum. “One,” I said confidently. I took the next eight blows without error despite the fact my backside was now on fire. I was congratulating myself on making it half way that when number ten landed I got muddled and shouted, “eleven”.
“Nope, that was ten,” Richard told me matter of factly. “Start over.” He didn’t seem bothered, why would he be? Apart from a slightly achy arm this wasn’t hurting him at all.

I thought about begging him not to start over, telling him I was sorry, asking for mercy. I knew all that would do would be to delay the inevitable and maybe even wind up with a harsher punishment.

This time I got to number four before making a mistake and having to start over. “Third time’s the charm,” Richard said gently stroking my hair. Now he climbed off the bed and took up position standing over me. I still had my phone in my hand, it was still on. I looked at the Facebook post I’d been reading, trying to concentrate on it and block out the real world. I couldn’t tear my mind from the thought that I was going to be hit a lot more. For some reason my mind suddenly got good at maths and I realised I’d had 14 smacks from the belt and there was at least 20 more to come so I wasn’t even half way there and my butt was hurting badly already. I wanted to run, another minute and I think I would have run.

I heard a swish of leather cutting through the air fast. I glanced around too late to see anything, but I felt the belt bite into my flesh for the 16th time that afternoon. I almost forgot but just in time I called out, “one”. After that the blows rained down on me but I kept up with the count this time. I’m not sure when the tears began but by number 7 my face and hands were wet with tears. After a few minutes I wiped my eyes. Swish, crack. A blow landed on my burning bum; my mind was blank, I’d lost count. What number was it? I scrabbled around desperately in my mind trying to work it out. I knew I was about to run out of time; I was sure I’d had number 16. “Seventeen,” I said.

“Good girl,” Richard patted me on the head. The next three smacks hit painfully, but I got the count right.


I let Richard roll me onto my back without resistance. He climbed on the bed, between my naked thighs. Only then did I realise that he was just wearing a tshirt and boxer shorts. He was hard, I could feel the tip of his cock pressing against me and feel the heat coming off him. “Did you enjoy being spanked?” He asked. I shook my head. “You know what to do to make sure it don’t happen again, dont’ you, Emmy?” I nodded in reply. “What do you have to do then?”

I didn’t want to speak but clearly silence wasn’t going to be an option. “Be a good girl?” I asked softly.
“Behave and don’t be a little bitch in future.” He wiped the tears from my cheeks and as I lay there I worked out that he’s spanked me with his hand maybe 50 times then he’d hit me with his belt about 34 times. My bum was on fire and I knew from experience that I’d be feeling it for at least a few days, maybe even a week. It hurt now, but I also knew that when I stopped feeling it I’d be kinda sad, like something had been taken away from me.

Richard was kissing my cheek now. I felt a hand between my legs and its fingers disappear into my pussy. He was going to fuck me and I knew I wasn’t going to refuse the man who had just beaten me so painfully. A few moments later he entered me.

I wore the cuffs, and nothing else, the rest of the night and more than once Richard found himself unable to restrain his excitement at my predicament.