Pit stop

Pit stop

I was planning to continue writing about the three rape dreams I had earlier in the week but I’m having so many vivid and intense dreams at the moment that it’s hard to keep track of everything that’s happening in my mind. This is a dream I woke up to this morning. Like the last one I wrote about it’s based on a real event although the dream turned out very different to the reality.

I had been in the car with David, my ex now but my bf at the time, for a good few hours driving off to a weekend away somewhere. David was horny, I could tell by the way he’d started stroking my leg as he drove and had now been rubbing my pussy through my knickers for the past 10 minutes. I didn’t object, it felt nice and I was a very horny teenager. This happened when I was about 16 and David would have been about 33 – he seemed grown up and worldly to me. I’ve always loved older guys.

“Are we stopping?” I asked as we pulled off the motorway towards a service area.
“Yep,” he replied.

We pulled into the services, stopping outside the Ibis Express. We got out, David took my hand and led me inside. This is where my dream and reality split. In real life I was wearing trainers, jeans and a t-shirt, we went inside got a room and I remember clearly David stripping me and us fucking in the hotel room for an hour before we left again.

In my dream, I was wearing heels, a short black skirt and a tight pink-sequined  low-cut crop-top, I suppose you’d call it a boobtube. I know, I’m classy in my dreams ain’t I?

I totter into the hotel foyer doing my best impression of an air-headed Barbie girl. David is at the counter speaking to the man behind the desk. He’s watching me, undressing me and devouring me with his eyes. I totter over feeling his eyes moving over me, taking in every curve of my body until his eyes finally reach mine and he sees I noticed him watching me. It’s my turn to look now and I like what I see. He’s a light-skinned black man, young compared to David, probably in his early 20s. He’s well over 6 feet tall, slim built, although I can see the arms on his shirt sleeves are straining against the muscles beneath them – maybe he’s not so slim under those clothes after all. His name badge says Andre.

I giggle as David asks bluntly whether Andre likes me. He looks me up and down before declaring, “sure she’s a hottie”. Still in full bimbo mode I’m grinning from ear to ear at being called a hottie.

“Show us to the room and you can fuck he,” David says wiping the grin from my face. This wasn’t the plan, although thinking back I realise there is no plan and I’m just going along with David.
“Serious?” Andre asks.
“Very,” David says pulling me in front of him and squeezing my boob as Andre watches.

I’m being given away. Nobody asks if I want to go with Andre and for some reason I can’t speak. In my dream I just know that I mustn’t speak, mustn’t interrupt the men, must let David make decisions for me like a good girl.

Next thing I know I’m following Andre along a long corridor that never seems to end while David walks behind me holding me tight and pushing me forwards. Sometimes he’s holding my upper arm other times he’s holding the back of my neck but always he has a firm grip on me reminding me that this is happening, I’m not leaving and he’s in charge.

“Who is she?” Andre asks turning back towards us as we walk.
“No-one,” David replied. “Just a little whore who needs fucking”. I want to turn around and walk out when I hear that comment but I can’t. I mustn’t speak and I definitely mustn’t try to leave.

Andre opens the door to a room at the far end of the corridor and David guides me inside. Once we’re in he lets me go and walks past me taking a seat on the far side of the bed. I can hear Andre closing and locking the door behind us and a second later he’s close behind me, one hand on my shoulder turning me towards him.

“Damn,” he says as I turn on the spot for the two men to watch like a rotisserie chicken revolving in its display case. “You sure you wanna share this?”
“I’m sure, have fun,” David replies sitting back to watch.
“Ok let’s do this,” Andre says more to himself than anyone else.

One thumb brushes gently across my cheek while Andre looks me in the eye grinning like a child who can’t believe what Santa left under the tree. His other hand briefly finds my hip but quickly skirts up to my boob. I remain still as my top is pulled down to hang loose around my waist and my boobs are caressed gently for a moment then squeezed roughly. Andre bends down towards me, I pucker up expecting a kiss but his face brushes past my cheek and his lips find my neck. My hands are on his body now, feeling him through his shirt. I was right, he’s not slim under there, I can feel his muscles through the soft cotton. I turn my head looking at David, my eyes pleading with him to stop this as I feel Andre sucking and nipping at my neck, marking me with a love-bite. David just looks amused.

Andre is still biting me but his hands are under my skirt now. He – and I for that matter – have discovered that I’m not wearing any knickers. I keep watching David as I slip my hand down to Andre’s crotch, finally curious about what awaits me. I feel it for only a second before I’m thrown sideways on the bed. I turn quickly trying to roll over and get up but Andre is there already, pushing me back on the bed. I’m laying on my front, he’s behind me, I’m facing David. I lift up on to my knees as I feel Andre pulling at my hips but my head is quickly pushed back down to a growl from behind of “get your fuckin’ head down.”

David keeps watching, a smirk on his face, as this strange black man pushes his girlfriend’s head down, pulls her ass up and prepared to fuck her.

I lay on the bed, my ass high in the air, my face buried in the bed covers and my arms out in front of me. I spread my legs as wide as I comfortably can, accepting my defeat and my fate. Almost. I suddenly remember something – a condom – and I find my voice. “Wait,” I cry loudly. “Put on a condom.”
“Nope,” says the voice behind me. I try to edge away but Andre is holding me in place.
“David, please!” I shout trying to get up on all fours.
“Shut up,” David tells me suddenly close. He holds my wrists and pulls my arms out from under me putting me back face down on the bed.

Andre’s dick is pressing against my pussy and I feel him enter me in one easy thrust that takes him from the outside world into the deepest depths of my body. He’s so big, so long and so thick. He actually seems to be growing inside me, getting thicker and thicker as David looks into my eyes saying, “you like it don’t you?” I can only nod and squeal as Andre’s ever growing dick begins to moving inside me. There’s an easy strength to his movements, I can tell that even though there’s a lot of power in each thrust this is nothing close to what he could do if he chose to. His dick reminds me of a piston on an old-fashioned steam train, sliding endlessly in and out, gathering speed all the time as Andre works himself up to full speed.

Pretty soon I’m gasping for air as my body is pounded hard by this man I just met a few minutes ago and who I’ve not exchanged even a single word. I want to move, I want to finger myself but David is holding me down. Having control being taken away from me isn’t as good as being able to play with my clit as I’m getting fucked but it sure is a big turn on for me. It was enough and I was cumming.

My orgasm was so vivid in the dream that I’m not sure I didn’t actually cum in my sleep!

I felt so helpless one moment as I lay pinned between the two men who had made a pact to fuck me without either bothering to ask if I was ok with their plan and even forcing me to take Andre bareback when I’d insisted he had to wear protection. The next minute I was feeling a tension building up inside me. A tingling in my tummy that spreads through my abdomen as the tension keeps building up. I feel the tension spreading until my whole body is tense, every muscle flexed in anticipation as the tension in my body consumes my mind. I feel so close now that I know I’m going to cum. It’s no longer a matter of will I get there, it’s going to happen and all I can do it hold off the moment of bliss as long as possible, until the tension is so unbearable I can stand it no longer. I’m shuddering, my whole body is red hot, shaking uncontrollably. I’m holding my breath, eyes tight shut as Andre’s huge cock pounds into me over and over. I’m hissing as the tension becomes too much and my body strains to withhold the tension within. I’m picturing myself as a dream jar – dreaming within my dream – looking into myself, watching myself through the glass of the jar. Suddenly I see myself explode into a thousands bright colours filling the dream jar with the most beautiful display I’ve ever seen.

I’m cumming so hard I barely know what is happening. My insides are throbbing, clinging to Andre’s cock as its blitz on my pussy continues with no signs of letting up. I can hear myself whining as I cum. I’m squeezing David’s hand as he holds me in place. The orgasm is spreading like wildfire throughout my body, consuming me in its wake.

I don’t know how long it lasts but when it finally eases up it leaves me feeling joyful; I’m laughing with the pleasure I just felt and the post-orgasmic throbbing ache in every muscle of my body.

David lets go of my hands, stand up and undoes his jeans. I’m up on all fours, nobody is pushing me down now. Andre reaches forward, he grabs my ponytail and pulls my head back. David has his dick out now. Andre is pulling my hair, David holds my head. Even if I wanted to escape I can’t, all I can do is open my mouth and let David inset himself.

Both men are fucking me now, Andre in my pussy and David in my mouth. I’m doing my best to suck that dick as well as I can given Andre keeps pulling me back as he thrusts his dick into me.

I know both men are enjoying me, I can feel their pleasure radiating out and filling the room. Andre’s hands dig into the flesh around my hips, pulling my onto him. David’s hand clamp around my head pulling me onto him and stretching me out between them. Simultaneously, David fills my mouth with thick, hot cum while Andre floods my unprotected pussy with his baby-juice. I can feel Andre’s cum spreading inside me, warming me from the inside while I gulp down David’s never ending stream of cum.

Both men cum inside me for a ridiculously long time til I feel I must be more cum than girl. They finally finish with me and I get a chance to lay back on the bed and recover. Andre disappears back to his work and I’m alone with David still stunned that he just gave me away to a complete stranger.

I woke up feeling dirty, unable to shake the idea that I’ve cheated on Richard, my current boyfriend. The room was still dark, Richard was asleep but I cuddled up to him trying to put everything straight in my mind. Even now that dream feels so real to me that it’s hard to remember it’s not a real memory.

I fell asleep. When I woke Richard was in the shower. I snuck in next to him and gave myself to him.