The morning after

I’m going to tell you about my weekend, well a small part of it that I enjoyed a lot.

On Friday night, Richard and I went out. We had a good night; dinner, drinks and a bit of a dance. We weren’t home particularly late, maybe around midnight I think. I bought some new clothes during the week, including a silky pink bed-time chemise from Victoria’s Secret.

Mine is this one in pink, sadly not me in pic

I slipped into the chemise while Richard got us some wine from the kitchen then came back downstairs to him. I don’t remember him saying he liked it but I’d barely taken a sip of my wine before I found myself laying across the pouffe, head hanging off the end, legs spread and Richard eating me like a starving man who’d just been handed the biggest juiciest steak he’s ever seen in his life. So I think I’m safe saying he quite liked me in the chemise.

He gave me two orgasms with his mouth, the second one arriving just as the first dissipated and both I’m sure were heightened by the blood rushing to my head as I hung from the end of the pouffe.

When he finally finished Richard had to pull me upright and I sat on the edge of the pouffe kissing that beautiful wet mouth that had just given me so much pleasure. Tasting the sweet wine mixing with my own flavour in his mouth is such a turn on for me – truth be told, I love cumming but kissing him then made me want him far more than either of the orgasms he gave me did.

I took the wine up to the bedroom climbing the stairs in front of Richard whose hands held my hips guiding me to our bed. Standing in the middle of the bedroom I downed the remnants of my wine and put the glass on the windowsill behind me. Richard handed me his glass, “drink this,” he instructed. I seem to remember giggling as I sipped his nearly full glass while he kissed my neck, nuzzling in reminding me of a teenage boy marking his girl with a love-bite (a¬†hickey to any Americans reading). I knew even then that I should stop him when I felt the discomfort of dozens of tiny blood vessels in my neck rupturing as he marked me. I didn’t stop him though so this week’s fashion tip is “wear lots of big collars and hope for a cold snap so I can get away with a scarf”.

By the time he was done so was his wine and I was quite drunk. From that point on my memory is hazy. I remember being told to take off my chemise. I slipped the straps off my shoulders and down my arms letting the whole thing fall very sexily from my body leaving me naked before my still fully clothed man.

Stripper falls down
I remember being sexy but I was probably more like this

I can’t tell you exactly what happened after that beyond that fact we had sex. I remember snippets – him on top of me, me riding his dick. I know he used a condom because I stood on it when I got up the next morning and I seem to recall a bottle of lube. I don’t remember him putting it in my bum but I’m not sure why else we’d have used those – I didn’t feel like he’d done that to me the next day and Richard says he can’t remember so I guess it’ll be a mystery forever.

I woke up in the morning feeling pretty good. Richard was sleeping all the way over on his side of the bed – we have a very big bed, it’s an Emperor size, which is 7’x7′ so he was nowhere near me. I got up, pulled on a bra and slipped my chemise back on. I thought about looking for clean knickers but tea was calling too loudly to be ignored.

I had a cuppa, relaxed by painting my nails in front of Saturday Kitchen then trying out some different hairstyles in the mirror. A couple of hours after I got up I heard Richard stirring. I’d only had three cups of tea since I got up so I headed to the kitchen to make us both a cuppa. Richard hugged me, kissing my shoulders. I could feel his excitement pressing into my lower back.

“Who said you could put this on?” Richard growled into my ear simultaneously pinging the straps of my bra and chemise.
“Me,” I said twisting in his arms to face him.
“Who’s in charge here?”
“You,” I admitted already knowing where this was going.
“I told you to take it off last night didn’t I?” His voice was gently like he was talking to a slightly stupid child who needed to be shown what she’d done wrong. I nodded in reply. “Did I tell you to put it back on?” I shook my head. “Did I, girl?” His voice was firmer now, his hands on my arms gripping me tightly.
“No, Sir,” I answered meekly. I didn’t wait to be told; I slipped the chemise over my head and put it on the worktop behind me then did the same with my bra. “Am I going to be punished, Sir?” I asked hopefully.

Richard nodded, we kissed and his hand found its way between my legs. “Someone’s wet,” he commented. I hadn’t even realised quite how turned on I was til he touched me but he was right – I was very wet.

I stood patiently, legs a little more than shoulder-width apart while Richard fingered me. Being fingered while standing isn’t bad though it’s not the best. But, even though he kept a tight hold on my hair forcing my head back slightly so I had to look up to him the whole time, it did give me a very pleasant feeling of being dominated.

“Bend over,” Richard instructed.
“Okay,” I whispered meekly wondering if I was about to be spanked. Sometimes, I thought, being a girl is so unfair. I mean here I am wearing a sexy little chemise and I’m about to get spanked for my efforts. I was feeling a little annoyed at the idea and, because I’m weird, horny at my own helplessness to prevent the pain I was sure was about to be inflicted on me.

I laid my head and shoulders on the kitchen worktop with my head resting on my arms. Richard must have taken up position behind me because I felt a sharp smack on my bum then his hands holding my hips. Feeling his dick on my pussy I curved my back tilting my hips forward and making it easier for him to penetrate me. In one long powerful movement I felt his Prince Albert piercing cold against my warm pussy then slipping inside me as he thrust his whole length into me in one go. I felt myself being pulled back as he slid back out of me only to drive himself all the way back in sending me sliding forward along the worktop.

Richard leaned forward over me grabbing at my arms and pulling them behind my back. I didn’t try to resist, not that I could have if I’d wanted to. He held both of my hands in one of his. With his other hand he grabbed a length of my head pulling my head back. Now he began fucking me. He definitely wasn’t making love – there was no love in this. It was hard, brutal. He was fucking me, pulling my hands and head toward him each time he drove himself into my pussy; the only thing I could do was take it. I’m flexible enough that having my arms forced up high above my back isn’t too uncomfortable, though having my hair pulled so hard and so often hurt a bit. In fact, because I was bent over and being pulled back and slightly up each time he thrust in, his cock (and the piercing in it) were engaging my G-Spot, sending shivers through my whole body every time the cold hard metal of his piercing and the soft warm flesh of his cock touched it. God it felt good and I made all the noises I thought he’d want to hear – grunting to show I was feeling what he was giving, frustrated little groans every time he went deep and cowed little whines to prove I was finding this hard, angry fucking difficult to take, which I guess I was a bit.

He pushed me down onto the worktop, almost squashing me. I really did grunt then as he leaned on my back forcing the air out of me. His thrusts were harder but slower then they paused for a moment with him buried deep inside my body. Another big hard thrust and another then a pause. I could feel the warmth spreading inside myself as he emptied himself into me.

When Richard finished I lay there bent over the worktop still panting to get my breath back. I’ve never understood why sex takes my breath away like that. I felt as if I’d sprinted a mile even though all I’d done was stand bent over while Richard did all the hard work. I got my breath back before standing up stroking my head where Richard had kissed me before he left the kitchen.

I washed my hands then went back to making the tea thinking about it. I’d been surprised by the suddenness of what happened. I hadn’t expected Richard to react that way or to fuck me like that – that fuck had been entirely about him, I wasn’t anything more than the toy he had used to make himself cum. I don’t know why but going over in my mind how I’d just been used turned me on again

Richard tried to ignore me as I walked in with his tea but I was still completely naked and even though he sees it every day he still couldn’t help but look; that made me very happy. I put his tea down then climbed on his lap. I knelt on the sofa facing him, my knees either side of his thighs and my boobs at his eye level, more or less. I wanted him again so badly I couldn’t help rubbing myself against his dick through his shorts. I felt it grow bigger as his mouth found my boobs, licking and sucking on my nipples. I scrunched myself down to kiss Richard’s lips. Our tongues met and played. His slipped into my mouth filling it giving me the weirdly sexy sensation of an alien tongue running over my teeth. God I love kissing – it really can be one of the sexiest things you can do with your clothes on… though of course I was naked already.

“Please fuck me again,” I whispered to him. I lifted up slightly while Richard pulled his shorts down, waiting impatiently until I felt his hard dick rubbing against my wet pussy. Rocking my hips I lined up his dick with my pussy then gently lowered myself on to him, impaling myself on that hard thick shaft, filling myself with him. We kissed as I rode him. Rocking my hips back and forth to start with then lifting myself up and down on that shaft felt so good. Richard’s hands reached around me so I lent back in his arms letting him support me while I slipped one hand between us to finger my clit. I was so horny I came riding that dick real quick. I lent forward resting my forehead on his laughing for no real reason except I felt so good to have cum on him. I was done – content and happy to collapse on the sofa and revel in the warm satisfied feeling that was spreading through my body.

I’d forgotten Richard had cum a few minutes before we started. I forgot that this little fuck wasn’t going to be enough for him. I felt him trying to thrust into me but I guess it’s hard doing that while sitting down with a girl on top of you and he wasn’t really getting what he wanted. He held me close to him, turned us both and laid me down on my back on the sofa, my head on a pillow against the arm rest. Richard was still inside me. He had my legs in the air and held them there against his shoulders. He pulled me around, positioning me til he was happy. He was stood on the floor, still buried inside me. I just watched and let him get on with it, knowing what was coming. Richard was ready and began thrusting into me. I’d enjoyed riding his dick in a soft gentle way at my own pace but now he was in control. The pace was fast, the thrusts hard. He was slamming his hips forwards pounding his dick deep into my body with every thrust. I couldn’t resist rubbing my clit with my right hand and squeezing my boobs with my left.

I was so excited, more than I’d realised when I’d rode him. I lifted my legs in the air, pressing them against his torso with my knees bent out and away from each other. That felt good; I felt more open and his dick seemed like it was even deeper inside than before. I giggled, “I can feel you all the way up her,” I told him pointing to the bottom of my rib cage – I know he wasn’t that deep but it sure felt like he was! I kept fingering myself, switching hands occasionally as my fingers tired, all the while Richard was fucking me. I kept my eyes on his face, enjoying the look of concentration there. I could see sweat forming on his brow then begin to trickle down his face as the effort took its toll. I loved watching him during it, but looking back I have to admire his effort. My fingers were tired and aching but he was using his whole body to fuck me and he never let his effort levels drop, if anything the longer we went the harder and faster he got. I remember cumming and seeing the grin on his face as he saw what he’d done to me.

Pausing for a moment, Richard took my hands, which were now hovering limply over my chest while my clit was too sensitive to touch, and pulled me to my feet. His dick slipped out of me as I moved. We kissed, me on tip toes to each his mouth, him bending down while his still hard but now wet cock pressed into my tummy. The kissing only lasted a moment before I felt myself being turned around; Richard whispered some sexy words into my ear as he held my upper arms and guided me a few feet to the back of the armchair. I leaned forward over it letting my head hang down, my arms outstretched and my legs slightly parted. His hands held my hips and his cock searched out my wet and well-fucked pussy. He was inside me again, thrusting himself into my body and pulling me back onto his dick by my hips. He wasn’t as deep now but he felt bigger, maybe I’d tightened up or maybe it was the position… maybe he just got bigger somehow? I don’t know but I liked it. I wiggled trying to find the position I liked best. I lifted my upper body, arched my back the bowed my spine until I had it just right. Richard had let go of my hips now, maybe satisfied that I was doing a good enough job of thrusting back onto his cock. I felt his hands on my shoulders, they slipped inwards til he had hold of the back of my neck and was once again pulling me backwards on to him at his own pace. Allowing my head to sag forwards I watched my boobs swinging in time with our fucking before Richard took a handful of my hair and roughly pulled my head back, forcing me to look at the ceiling. His other hand slipped around my neck and took tight hold of my throat. His grip was tight though he wasn’t choking me, but it’s impossible to be held like that for long and not understand that you are breathing only because he is allowing you to breath! I was still bent over but standing a little more upright in just the position to engage my G-Spot perfectly.

If I haven’t made it clear enough already, I really get off on the whole control thing and having a dick inside me, a hand around my throat and my hair pulled really did it for me. I came again. This orgasm felt different to the last one, maybe because I was standing, I don’t know. It spread out and seemed to travel down so I felt my feet and legs throbbing as I came. My head swam as the climax took over my brain. I can’t say I was particularly aware of anything outside my body as the orgasm flowed threw me. I was aware of the guttural grunting I was making until the orgasm eased off just as Richard let go of my throat and hair. I bent down again, catching myself on the palms of my hands. His hands were on my hips again, I was still thrusting backwards onto him as he fucked me but now his fingers dug deep into the flesh around my hips and held me still. A hard thrust into me and Richard held still a moment, his grip loosened and I went back to thrusting myself onto his dick. I could feel warmth spreading inside me as he came. He was moving again, more slowly but still with a force. With each thrust I felt his dick throb inside me several times and the warmth of his cum filled my insides. My own orgasm returned, not as strong but enough.

It was over. I flopped forward feeling the effort of our fucking. Richard held me from behind, his dick still inside me.

We were both buzzing for the rest of the day and there was a lot more sex, although that morning was definitely the best.